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17/08/2023When pulling a Nominal transaction HISTORY from March 2022 - Feb2023 she is getting a blank reportREV
10/08/2023when doing a grn with freight and import split and the optionto include freight in cost is enabled, the cost would doubleREV
10/08/2023Reprint of audit trial in past period showed duplicate entries on some transactionsREV
10/08/2023forex age analysys not printing correctlyREV
08/08/2023changed the input analysys to show the journal name instead of the first acccno name to prevent confusion if the transaction was an journalREV
18/10/2021The user reported "printthru" of button clicks when doing statements that selected options on the main ProWin menu?????? Removed the BANNER display in case that is what caused it???REV
18/10/2021Transfer IN. If you leave the Supplier InvoNo field blank, the Nominal REF code is also blank. Rather used the incremental Transfer IN number instead.REV
30/09/2021When using the [F6] key during Payment Allocations (Open Item Drs/Crs), it works correctly until the LAST invoice in the list. It calculates the correct amount, but makes it a MINUS amount. Fixed.REV
19/09/2021The ROSI report also included Asset and Odd items in its calculations. It should only include actual stock items. Fixed.REV
30/08/2021The Advanced Stock Report (Min/Max/ReOrder, etc) did NOT align or treat the OnHand column as a Number when exporting to Excel. Caused by the Align() value being incorrectly set in the Reports.mdb/mdf DB. Just programmed around it.REV
19/08/2021When selling to a Debtor in the POSTouch module, it did NOT check for Credit Limit Exceeded and call for the Supervisor Password. Fixed.REV
13/08/2021When printing the Valuation report in Category sequence in a multi-warehouse environment, it misses printing the Negative Totals for the LAST Category. Fixed.REV
12/07/2021Increased the length of the Nominal AUDITLINK field to 15 (for Caseware).REV
01/06/2021If you changed a Creditor Account Number, if did NOT update the Supllier AccNo fields in Stock records.REV
11/05/2021User Override Passwords: If you leave a User Password blank (SysSetup), but still tick the "Allow this password as a Supervisor Override Password" box, it saves the 'blank' password as a User Override password. When prompted for a Supervisor Password, it allows you to just press [Enter] on a blank Password field and accepts it as a valid password! Fixed. Added code to ProLoad startup to check for blank User Override Passwords and remove them.REV
06/05/2021The pressing of F6 to give a Settlement Discount in the Allocation screen did NOT always calculate the number of Days properly and gives the 'date falls outside the settlement discount allowed date range' error message. Fixed.REV
08/04/2021If you disabled the printing of Prices on Transfer OUT documents (on the [General] tab under System prefs), it still printed the prices on BRANCH ORDERS. FixedREV
05/04/2021When you input a Superceded item into a GRN and it displays a Warning prompt, if you now click [No], it will replace the superceded item with the New item. It only aborts that line now if you click [Cancel].REV
05/04/2021When putting an ODD item (=O) onto a GRN or Purchase Order and the Creditor a/c involved is a LOCAL Currency a/c, but is set to NOT Pay Vat, it put the Foreign Currency Zero-Rated Taxcode (04) into the Tax Code field on the Odd Item screen. Should just be the standard Zero-rated Code (02).REV
17/02/2021When a Rental package tries to connect to the FTP Server to confirm payment, if fails and hangs. Seems to be caused by recent changes that cause problems with FTP Comms in ACTIVE mode. Changed it to PASSIVE mode and it now appears Ok.REV
18/01/2021Do NOT print Currency RATE on Foreign ProForma Invoices (only Currency NAME). Fixed.REV
17/12/2020When in the Receipt ALLOCATION screen and you simply press [F6] in the Allocate field (to calculate a Settlement Discount), it sometimes produced a strange discount amount. There was a bug in one of the obscure Discount formulas (I used a divide symbol instead of a multiply symbol - oops...). THIS WAS ALSO PRESENT IN ACCESS REV - ALSO FIXED.REV
02/12/2020When printing a MOVEMENT report for a selected LedgerType and a selected Account No, the print code assumed that the LedgerType string was a SINGLE character (N,D,C). However, sometimes it also includes the MTranKey Transaction Type Prefix. This causes the search engine to fail because it is searching the LEDGER field which is only ONE character (eg: Internal Movements has a LedgerType of "NA".REV
27/11/2020When adding extra Expenses to a GRN (using the Import Split option), the Total shown at the bottom of the first Import Split screen should be the Rand value of the actual GRN PLUS the sum of the Expenses entered into the Import Split screen. It only showed the GRN Rand Total. FixedREV
14/11/2020Since the most recent mods, there are problems when printing DEBTOR SALES Slips in the POSTouch module. It also sometimes updated the wrong Debtor a/c. Fixed.REV
04/11/2020When I made mods to the System Preferences screen on 2020/09/14 to add the Preferences Help/Search screen to assist users to find Preference options, I left a bug behind which prevented any of the tickboxes on the [Advanced] tab from showing as ticked. Fixed.REV
04/11/2020Some of the Debtor reports use an SQL Query, but when Rev checks the SQL Query string for 'RepCode', etc, it does NOT check for 'ORDER BY RepCode' and this causes weird handling of some reports (eg: Past Age Analysis).REV
03/11/2020A bug found in Past Period Nominal BANK Journals in SQL Rev was also present in Access Rev (where it updated the Brought Forward amount in the Month of the actual posting instead of only from the NEXT period onwards). Fixed.REV
27/10/2020When printing the Year End Audit Trail report, rather use the PREyearend.mdb instead of the YearEnd.mdb as some of the figures are incorrectly calculated because the YEAREND.MDB has already been modified and some of the figures include hangover totals.REV
26/10/2020ADDED: A button on the [Cost/Markup] page of the Stock Master record to [Recalc On Order fields] .REV
24/10/2020Problems displaying Drs/Crs Inter a/c Journals Contras from BOTH a/c's. One a/c works fine, but the other shows weird transactions. Fixed.REV
17/10/2020Added change to Slip Print to print Account Balance for Debtor SalesREV
02/10/2020When doing a Manufacture on the Fly in an Invoice and you post the SAME item more than once on the invoice (each with a Qty of 1), it keeps accumulating the Cost Price over each successive line causing the Latest Cost of the item to go completely outREV
30/09/2020At some point the "Display all records in a selected Rev database table" option on the [SQL] dropdown in the REPAIR program started giving an Illegal Function Call error. Fixed.REV
17/09/2020The mod made on 2018/12/03 to add a PostCode retrieved from POCO to whatever was on Address line 4 backfired if there was already a Postcode there. Now I check for an existing postcode as well a numeric value - it true, I overwrite Address line 4 with the postcode.REV
17/09/2020A mod made on 2019/11/20 in the Nominal ANALYSIS report was supposed to exclude the 'hangover' value of entries (Current) in the NEXT Financial year if you were in the LAST period of the Current year, but it did it for every period resulting in a negative Brought Forward value in all Expense accounts. Fixed. Access and SQL.REV
14/09/2020The new [Help - Find] option for finding System Setup parameters did NOT work properly for items on the [Advanced] tab under System Prefs (Access only). Fixed.REV
02/09/2020A mod made to the Movement Report in March 2013 seems to cause a miscalculation of the starting value (BrFrwd) when printing Movements using the Running Totals option. Fixed.REV
24/07/2020When doing a Branch Transfer OUT where the Auto Transfer IN has been enabled and there were Serialised items on the Transfer Out, it did NOT do the Auto Transfer IN. This is only supposed to happen when it is a CreditNote. Fixed.REV
17/07/2020When clicking the [Import Sales order] button on the main Invoice screen, it sometimes imported a ProForma Invoice. Fixed. Turns out that ProForma Invoices have the same InternalOrdNo number range (also stored in OrderHdr/Trn).REV
16/07/2020When you flag a FOREIGN Debtor a/c as a CASH SALES ONLY (COD) a/c and you process an Invoice for it followed by the forced Payment, it did NOT write the TILL a/c Nominal leg (only the Debtors Control a/c leg). I also created a Fix option (on the [ClientFix] dropdown) to correct the 0.00 leg entry to the Till a/c from past postings done this way (goes back as far as the beginning of the LAST Financial Year).REV
14/07/2020In the Barcode Label Designer in the Stock Reports module, the radio button settings at the bottom of the form to print the human-readable Barcode either above or below the actual Barcode on the label did NOT get saved in the Barcode Template file for the Zebra, Eltron, Argox label printers. Fixed.REV
19/06/2020If Rev is set to NOT allow Negative Stock OnHands and you selected to sell an Out of Stock item in the ProPOS module, Rev warns you that it is out of stock. However, if you select the "Supply OnHand..." option, it still supplies the Quantity requested. Fixed.REV
15/06/2020If you are running a SPLIT database and you select to print a Transaction report for a Balance Forward Debtor/Creditor from the Transaction screen on the Supermenu, the Brough Forward is incorrectly calculated (because the Report module did not see that it was a split database). Fixed.REV
09/06/2020The Creditors TERMS parameter (Days) never printed on Purchase Orders. Fixed.REV
04/06/2020For some reason, Quotes/Orders save a Drs AccNo in upper and lower case. This causes the DISPLAY Quotes/Orders option on the Debtor Master window to show NO quotes (because the AccNo in the Master record is ALL Upper case)?? 2020/06/09: removed this because users reported it really slows down going into Rev.REV
04/06/2020In CAPTURE Mode, if you set the Financial Periods to 1 and capture Open Item Drs/Crs and then select to go to Daily Operations, you get a bad subscript error. Fixed.REV
02/06/2020When the option to allow the Cost Price of items on Transfer OUTs is ticked (SysPrefs > {Advanced] > Transfers), the entire amount was posted to the Stock Control a/c leading to an imbalance between the Stock Control and stock valuation. Modified the code to post the value of the items based on the current Average Cost to the Stock Control and the difference to the Stock Adjustment a/c.REV
28/05/2020When displaying the [Movement History] tab for SERVICE and ODD items, the OnHand showed values (should always be zero). Fixed.REV
24/05/2020Made changes to Stock Valuations calculations to rather use a stock item's CURRENT Average Cost if a movement's !ExclPriceAfterDisc is more than 3 x the Average Cost. There was a problem in the Invoice module's on-the-fly Disassembly program that seems to cause this?REV
20/05/2020If you go to User Preferences >> [System Access] >> [Recurring Charges] and UNtick the 'Setup/Amend Charges on individual accounts' box, the Recurring Charge button(s) on the Debtor Master record screen will be greyed out.REV
20/05/2020For Nominal Transaction IMPORTS, modified the number of Import file columns to cater for up to 104 columns (in Excel A to CF).REV
22/04/2020The 'Sales by Invoice' report (on the [Sales & Rep Reports] button) as well as the Vat by Source account report sometimes erroneously reported that there were NO transactions to print. Fixed.REV
09/04/2020If you print a Vat Transaction report BY SOURCE A/C for LAST month, it did not change to Archive mode (to look in the VatTransARC table), so it reported NO Vat transactions (becaulse it only looked in the Current (Vat Trans) table. Fixed.REV
06/04/2020Fixed problems using the [Browse Transactions] button when prosting Crs Payments. You could keep selecting the same amount over and over. The hilight bar now moved to the next line when you select a line.REV
06/04/2020Finally fixed the problem where the 'Select option...' title message displayed at the top of ALL Rev menu's (in MiniMenu.frm) used to get truncated if it was longer than the longest menu option text.REV
01/04/2020The Reprint of the LASt YearEnd Audit Trail report did extract the YearEnd Income/Expense Totals from the correct database resulting in the figures being wrong. Fixed.REV
20/03/2020In a multi-warehouse environment, when you select to Transfer Stock TO/FRM a warehouse, you could actually go and edit the Warehouse Name field at the top left of the Transfer form on the screen. You should only be allowed to edit the Branch NAME when you have selected a remote Branch (NOT a warehouse). The same applied to the Branch Order module. Fixed.REV
09/03/2020When using the Manufacture On-the-Fly and/or Disassembly functions together with the Price/Quantity in the BarCode in the POSTouch module, it seems to soetimes miscalculate the Vat. This causes numerous '*' appearing on the Vat Transaction list (indicating incorrect Vat) as well as Totals on the Vat Summary report bein incorrect. Added a CheckTotals subroutine that runs after clicking [Save] that recalculates all the totals on the invoice.REV
07/03/2020When printing a Stock Movement report in a company with a Split Database, Rev looked at the Current Movements in the wrong database (YearEnd.mdb) when trying to back-calculate the Brought Forward value for each stock item (it needed to look in the default ProWin.mdb in the company folder). Fixed.REV
04/03/2020If a User set the indent on the [Invoicing] tab to a number (like 30), it crashed the print routine when printing LQ Transfer OUT and IN. Fixed.REV
19/02/2020Sdded an option on the TeamViewer dropdown in Rev (Access and SQL) to "Download the latest version" of TeamviewerQS. I have uploaded the latest TeamviewerQS to the CLIENT (for Access) and CLIENTSQL (for SQL) folders on our website. This is where Rev downloads it from. REV
13/02/2020On LANs when you FIRST point it at the LAN Server, the 1st line in the USER Datapath file is left pointing at the LOCAL drive. When ProWin exits, it updates DataPath.GAP from the User DataPath file. When you next run Rev, it tries to access Rev LOCALLY because of that. So, if a LAN address or Mapped drive is selected, just copy the .GAP file to the User DataPath file before activating ProWin. REV
13/02/2020There was a loophole in the 'Convert a Delivery Receipt to a GRN' option which alllowed operators to use the [Shift]+[Delete] key combination in one of the PRICE fields to delete lines from the Delivery Receipt when you were converting it to a GRN. Fixed.REV
09/02/2020If you call up a Debtor or Creditor from the Supermenu, select and copy the contents of a field and then click on [Find] and select ANOTHER account, the original accounts data stays in the displayed record. Fixed.REV
01/02/2020When you select [Sales & Rep Reports] > [Sales by Invoice] and specify a DATE RANGE, the report still includes ALL invoices for the specified month regardless of the date range specified. Fixed.REV
30/01/2020Removed the check for 'Allow amend of QUANTITY' on Purchase Orders (that used the GRN setting on the [GRN] tab under System Prefs).REV
23/01/2020The Recalculate Min/Max Levels and Reorder values in a Multi-Warehouse environment did NOT calculate the values correctly. FixedREV
28/12/2019Standard Bank made changes to their BEST downloadable Bank Statement text file structure causing Rev to display garbage. Fixed.REV
18/12/2019ADDED: You can now set the MS Outlook Bitness as a Terminal setting by clicking the new [MS Outlook Bitness] button on the [PDF Files] tab under Terminal Prefs. If set, then Rev does NOT scan the Registry to find out the Outlook Bitness (sometimes does NOT work).REV
13/12/2019If you process a GOODS RETURNED Note where there is not enough OnHand to meet the Goods being Returned, you get a popup warning about the stock item going into negative. If you click [No] to Cancel that line, it only partially clears the line and drops you into the PRICE field. Fixed.REV
09/12/2019Mods made on 2017/10/01 and 2019/08/27 (if Cancel of Partially Completed Job, then get Recipe component quantities to calculate how many components must be booked back in) did NOT allow for Added Costs being added to the Job where it added more of the same components. The later mods also booked the same Component Qty back into stock as the Qty Completed?? Fixed.REV
04/12/2019If you used the 'Recalculate Till Totals...' option under Cash Till Recon in the Audit module and then went to the [Cash Up] option in one of the Invoice/POS modules, the MIXED TENDER Total was NOT shown in the various Tender Totals. This also meant that, if you did an Auto Transfer, it did NOT transfer the Mixed Tender Total out of the Till a/c. Fixed. It now lists that amount under [Other].REV
03/12/2019When importing stock from a CSV file where only some of the fields in the file were imported, the imported fields data used to get mixed up in the database. Fixed.REV
29/11/2019Made mods to the Custom Bank Statement Layout file engine to cater for the modern trend of only having a LINE FEED as the line separator in the downloaded Import file instead of the traditional CarriageReturn + LineFeed.REV
29/11/2019There were some anomalies when using the option to email an existing Purchase Order as a QUOTE REQUEST to various email addresses.REV
24/11/2019When closing/invoicing a Job that has Vat on it, but the Debtor master record is set to NOT charge Vat, Rev tries to backcalculate the EXCLUSIVE values as if the Totals on the Job are INCLUSIVE which makes the Invoice Totals LESS than the Job Card total. Fixed.REV
22/11/2019When Invoicing, if you entered a date that was outside the current and next period, Rev reported and error and prompted for the date again. If you then entered the wrong date again, it accepted it. Fixed.REV
21/11/2019When posting a CASH IN or OUT entry in the Invoice and POS modules, it did NOT use the VAT code in the selected Nominal account (it always used Taxcode 01). Fixed.REV
19/11/2019The Batch Journals option (Sales and Purchases) did NOT populate the TaxCode field in the grid with the contents of the Taxcode field of the Nominal a/c that you specify for each line in the grid.REV
11/11/2019Under certain conditions, a Quantity Discount would NOT be calculated correctly on a CASH SALE invoice.REV
08/11/2019When using the NAEDO Debit Order engine under Recurring Charges (Debit Orders > Create Debit Order files > Other - Bankserv), you are now prompted for your OWN Banking Details that need to be placed in the NAEDO.XLT spreadsheet file that you will submit to Naedo.REV
02/11/2019It you typed in a DELIVERY DATE for an Order that was LESS than the ORDER DATE, Rev accepted it without comment. Fixed.REV
29/10/2019The code to prevent operators from bypassing the OnHand limits by inputting the same stock item on multiple lines in Invoices, etc did not work properly. Fixed.REV
28/10/2019If you print an Outstanding SALES Order report in Stockcode sequence by Debtor for a SINGLE ACCOUNT, it does NOT print anything. Fixed.REV
23/10/2019On the [DocNums] tab under System Prefs, the Workshop Job No, and the Internal Batch Number fields did NOT allow you to type in anything. Fixed.REV
16/10/2019Made more changes to try and prevent the FIRST Drs or Crs account being overwritten when opening a NEW account.REV
08/10/2019It has been reported over the years that the list of companies reflected in the [Select Company] window sometimes included duplicates of companies with the company number being less than 3 digits long. Fixed.REV
08/10/2019When AMENDING an existing Sales Order or Quote where the client had a Credit Limit, Rev would compare the a/c Balance + OLD Order Total + AMENDED Order Total with the Credit Limit sometimes causing rejection of the amended order.REV
03/10/2019The Download Bank Statement option for the NEDBANK (.CSV) format does not appear to work. It just hangs the computer (goes into a loop) after selecting the .CSV file. Fixed.REV
18/09/2019Code added during 2018 to prevent the VAT being recalculated (if you amended it on the Vat Amend screen) when you click the [Save] button caused the Vat to be constantly recalculated to weird values if you repeatedly clicked the main [Amend] button. Fixed.REV
06/09/2019When entering a Debtor/Creditor Manual Invoice, Credit Note or Adjustment Journal, it allowed you to type in a non-existent (invalid) TAX CODE and it accepted it and saved it resulting in error 9's when printing Vat Transaction reports. Fixed.REV
30/08/2019When displaying an Sales Invoice in an enquiry and you click the [Profit] button, the calculated Profit Margin is incorrect. Fixed.REV
27/08/2019Mod made on 2017/10/01 (if Cancel of Partially Completed Job, then get Recipe component quantities to calculate how many components must be booked back in) did NOT allow for Added Costs being added to the Job where it added more of the same components. Fixed.REV
08/08/2019If you used the Reps Commission ADVANCED option to calculate Rep commissions on Sales the formula did not always work if it had to calculate a commission on the 2nd FROM...TO tier. Fixed.REV
08/08/2019If you selected to Setup Rep Codes in Debtor Master File Updates and you selected a Rep to amend and then clicked the [Setup Reps Commission] button and amended nothing and you simply clicked [Cancel] to escape, it corrupted the current Rep's Commission settings (since a mod in June 2017). Fixed.REV
22/07/2019With Serialised stock items, the GRN module did NOT allow you to put the same serialised stockcode onto a GRN more than once. It rejected it when you clicked [Save]. Chnged this to no only check for DUPLICATED Serial Numbers when the serialised stock item appears more than once on the GRN.REV
16/07/2019The option to copy ALL Past transactions in Open Item Drs/Crs a/c's has been moved out of the Postings modules to the Fix module.REV
16/07/2019The Info Message in the IMPORT NOMINAL GROUPS section referred to Nominal 'Cost Centres'. Fixed.REV
12/07/2019When you zeriose a company and tick the box to remove all users and only leave User001, it copies the USERDEFAULTS user preferences which does NOT set up User$(9) properly. This causes problems with the Nominal Contra signs when doing Adjustment Journals for Debtors and Creditors.REV
12/07/2019When doing Batch Journals (Sales or Purchases) and you type in the full Drs/Crs account number sn press [Enter], it clears the AccNo field.REV
10/07/2019The handling of the VAT on FOREIGN Sales/Purchases Tickboxes did not work properly (when switching either of them on or off). Fixed.REV
10/07/2019The Nominal Contra's of FOREIGN Drs/Crs Adjustment Journals sometimes were both debits or both credits depending on the "Do not enforce signs..." checkbox setting on the [General] tab under User Preferences.REV
09/07/2019Since a recent Windows 10 Update, whenever you use the Shift+Delete Keys to delete a line on a Quote, Invoice, Order, etc, it deletes it, but also deletes the FIRST character of the Stockcode BELOW the line that was deleted????REV
08/07/2019You could still press [H] on the MAIN screen and it would activate the DASHBOARD (even if you had disabled it for that User). FixedREV
03/07/2019The Slow Moving Stock report would still include items that had been purchased since the Date specified. Fixed.REV
02/07/2019When swapping to a Different User/Operator in the Invoice module, any Invoice User Settings (from the [System Access] tab under User Prefs) for the NEW User/Operator do NOT take effect. Fixed.REV
25/06/2019Under certain circumstances (not linked to Superceded stock items), a line item simply got cleared to blank after inputting a stock item into a Transfer INWARDS document.REV
18/06/2019ADDED: When printing an Outstanding QUOTES report for a SINGLE Debtor, you can now specify a Rep and/or an Area Code range.REV
13/06/2019Due to popular demand, I reinstated the 'Do NOT enforce correct Nom. signs in Drs/Crspostings' checkbox on the [General] tab under User Prefs. Rev Users in the Eastern Cape were up in arms about having to input the correct sign (+/-) for the amounts being posted to the Nominal Contra a/c's. They preferred it when Rev made those decisions for you.REV
13/06/2019When Importing Debtor Price Lists (ITEM based discounts) I check the number of columns in the spreadsheet. If there are 5 columns, I then check for the "P" in column 5 during the import (to signify that the value is a PRICE and not a Percentage). My mistake is that I checked for exactly 5 columns whereas I should have checked for 5 columns or greater. Some spreadsheets had more than 5 columnsin them so my code assumed there was NOT a 5th column so it never checked for the "P" in it.REV
12/06/2019ADDED: A new button on the REPAIR Editor screen which now allows you to move a Drs/Crs transaction and its linked entries to another account.REV
12/06/2019When doing a Drs/Crs Payment REFUND and the Setllement Discount is ZERO, do NOT post a zero value Discount leg into the Drs/Crs accountREV
05/06/2019ADDED: A Fix option ([U] on [Advanced]) that will reinstall the ARIALLN.ttf font.REV
01/06/2019In the new Standard Journal module, if you post the first leg of the journal to an Asset or liability a/c and then post the 2nd leg to an expense or income a/c and then just press [Enter] on the zero in the amount field (to force it to auto-calculate the amount and Vat amount), it only calculates the Excl. Amount and NOT the Vat Amount. Fixed.REV
30/05/2019When you input a stock item that has been SUPERCEDED into one of these docs, and you click [Yes] after the Superceded Item warning, the cursor jumps to the Delivery Address fields and the Stockcode disappears. Caused by issues with the Windows Event handler? Fixed.REV
24/05/2019Fixed a 'Bad Subscript Error' in the Stock Master File Updates module when amending ALL fields...REV
17/05/2019When importing a Quote into an Invoice that had stock items where a Quantity Discount was deducted, the Prices reverted to the original default Price (losing the Quantity Discount).REV
17/05/2019When insterting a Debtor payment from a downloaded Bank Statement, the REP CODE in the Deposit window was NOT populated by the RepCode in the Debtor Master record. Fixed.REV
07/05/2019It appears that some clients used to use the "Update totals of all partially supplied sales orders" option in the Sales Order module which was removed on 4 April. I have moved it to the FIX module (option "T" on the [Advanced] dropdown).REV
07/05/2019The forward calculation of a Drs/Crs AGE ANALYSIS as at the end of the 'hangover' month using the [TODAY] dropdown on the bottom-left of the Transaction window did NOT work properly for BALANCE FORWARD accounts. Fixed.REV
06/05/2019When amending a Sales Order where the Debtor is set to NOT charge Sales TAX and there is an OVERALL DISCOUNT, the VAT on the order (which should be ZERO) becomes a negative amount based on the % of Overall Discount. Fixed.REV
17/04/2019If you tried to save a Purchase or Sales Order that had a ZERO Total Due, it warns you to confirm if this is Ok. If you click [No], it fails with an Error 5. Fixed.REV
15/04/2019Moved the installation of the WinHlp32.exe Help Engine to the Rev Installer program (it used to pop up with a message the first time you ran Rev telling you to RErun Rev in Administrator mode so it could install the Help Engine). It now installs the Help Engine silently.REV
12/04/2019Removed the 'Update Totals of all partially supplied Sales Orders' option from the order modules.REV
09/04/2019In the mod made in the ChargeAmend Recurring Charge screen, I used some code from the SQL version which included references to 8 digit nominal a/c no's. This caused it to not display the Vat Code, Expiry Date and Anniversary info. Fixed.REV
05/04/2019When a Creditor's/Debtor's 'Retain partially supplied Orders' is UNticked and you import an Order into a GRN/Invoice and only book in some line items from that order, the 'Purchase Order' or Sales Order field in the Stock Master records for all the NON supplied items does NOT get reduced by those line's quantities.REV
04/04/2019The switching of signs (-/+) for the Nominal legs when doing Adjustment Journals has become a problem. Removed that code. Also removed that option from the [General] tab under Setup >> User Prefs.REV
04/04/2019It appears that, when you issue a NET USE command to link to a remote printer on another terminal over a LAN and you include that computer's USERNAME and PASSWORD, you have to specify the ComputerName as part of the Username (Computername\UserName). %^$%#&^REV
29/03/2019When doing a Manufacture on the Fly in the Invoice module and some of the Components have LOWERCASE characters in their Stockcode, the Outward Movements records for those components would NOT be created as Rev was assumming the ALL stockcodes are UPPERCASE. I'm guessing that they imported the stock records from an external file?REV
27/03/2019When a Recurring Charge is added to a Debtor or Creditor a/c, it always set the TaxCode as 01 regardless of whether the 'PayVatYN' box was ticked or UNticked. This caused the Recurring Charge Run to (correctly) NOT charge Vat on charges where that box was NOT ticked, BUT IT STILL ATTACHED THE '01' TAXCODE TO THAT ENTRY. This will cause a big problem with the New Vat calculation engine(based on the SARS formula r/r+100). The Vat Received amount will be OVERstated. Fixed.REV
27/03/2019To copy SARS method of calculating Standard Rate Vat (15%) AMOUNT by backcalculating it from the Total Vat Inclusive amount (Rate/Rate + 100), I have modified the VAT Summary report to now backcalculate the Vat amount the same way. Due to rounding, this amount will vary slightly from the actual Vat amount. However, you can reinstate the old method of using the Actual Vat amount, by ticking the 'Do not backcalculate Vat Amount...' box under System Prefs > [Advanced] > [General] page.REV
26/03/2019The Trial Balance COMPARATIVES report (current and last year) did not use the value in the BrFrwdPrevYr field to start the calculation with, sometimes resulting in incorrect figures in the PAST Year columnREV
15/03/2019ADDED: If the QUANTITY field is locked (for POS environments with Barcode Scanners), if you press [F11] in a blank Stockcode field, it unlocks the Quantity field JUST FOR THAT LINE). You then call up the stock item and you can input the Quantity manually.REV
07/03/2019If you typed in a Supplier Invoice number into a GRN and just clicked the next Stockcode field (instead of pressing [Enter] first), it would NOT warn you that you had used that Invoice number before. Fixed.REV
28/02/2019Fixed a problem with the PostCode lookup handler for Drs/Crs. 1) SQL Syntax error 2) Postcodes with less than 4 digits did not show up with leading zeroes.REV
24/02/2019ADDED: On the Outstanding Orders browse window (called by clicking [Sales Orders] or [Purchase Orders] on the Stock Master screen (called from [Stock] on the Supermenu), added a 'Show Cancelled Documents' checkbox that lists only Cancelled documents. Before, the Cancelled documents were included amongst the Outstanding documents.REV
20/02/2019When converting a Rev Serial Number to a NEW Serial number, added a Checkbox to NOT update any other companies with the OLD disk number to the NEW disk number.REV
19/02/2019The Supplier NAME fields on the [Suppliers] tab of Stock records are not the same supplier as the account number (they are misaligned). Fixed.REV
14/02/2019When amending Bar Code Labels in the New Barcode Label Designer, and you clicked on the [View Label] button, it would sometimes crash with an error if there was some numeric evalulator characters in one of the 3 text fields in the label spec.REV
06/02/2019ADDED: The options: Uninstall an Addon, Access Archives, Edit Reminders (on the [Tools] menu) to the list of allowable options under each User's [System Access] > System Tools settingsREV
05/02/2019The 'Print Output Vat Transactions Only' report printed nothing if you selected an Archive Period. Fixed.REV
01/02/2019If you tried to delete all PURCHASE ORDERS older than a specified date (using the Tools > Special Delete options), it did NOT dlete any Purchase orders because there was a bug where it was using the SALES ORDER Purge date by mistake. Fixed.REV
21/01/2019When importing stock from an external file and the 'Show file Contents' window pops up, it simply lists all the field names in the stock file (instead of the first 5 records in the Import file). Fixed.REV
14/01/2019Forced all commandline directives to UPPER case BEFORE checking them (DT:, US:, TN:, etc)REV
10/01/2019Since the mods made during mid 2018 to sort out problems when AMENDING the VAT on a GRN, if you amend the GRN (after amending the VAT previously), the Vat keeps incrementing in value? Modified it that, if you amend the Vat and then click amend, an Alert pops up telling you that the amended VAT will be reset to its original value and you'll have to amend it again.You have the option to abort the amendment and save the GRN as is.REV
05/01/2019The old POS module still allowed further Cash Sales on the same date AFTER the Till Transfer Journal had been done. It now displays a warning to change the System Date and then exits (like the PosTouch and normal Invoice modules).REV
24/12/2018When the USER level Supervisor Override Password is in operation and you input a normal Supervisor Override Password (under System Preferences), it appears to accept it when you click [Save], but it is NOT written away and that Password cannot be used as a Password. ADDED: When the USER level Supervisor Override Password is in operation and you input a normal Supervisor Override Password (under System Preferences), when you click [Save] a warning pops up telling the user that the Password will NOT work until they disable ALL the User level Supervisor Passwords.REV
10/12/2018When reverting the NovaPDF 7 SMTP Protocols to the PRE-Authentication mechanism in the Statement, Remittance and Recurring Charge engines, it went back to using the SMTPSender variable which was no longer populated. This caused the emails to be rejected by some servers because it had NO From Address. Fixed.REV
04/12/2018When doing Payment Allocations to GRN Invoices that had an IMPORT SPLIT done TO THE SALE Crs a/c, weird things happened to the Amounts Owing when you tried to do Payment Allocations to those legs. Fixed.REV
03/12/2018Updated the POSTCODE.MDB/MDF database to the latest Postcodes downloaded from the Post Office.REV
19/11/2018If you inputted a Stock item QUANTITY into a Transfer OUT that exceeded the OnHand and Negative OnHands are NOT allowed and you simply clicked in the Stockcode field on the next line instead of pressing [Enter] in the Quantity field, it would accept the quantity and force the OnHand into negative. Fixed.REV
14/11/2018ADDED: An option to specify printer and server info for DRAFT printers connected to other computers over a LAN. On accessing Rev, the ProLoad module issues NET USE commands (via a SHELL command) to make the remote shared printer available to the Rev computer. The Setup of the printer info is done under Setup > Terminal Preferences > [Setup Access to LAN Draft Printers] button.A Username and Password used to access the remote computer that printer is shared on MUST BE SPECIFIED here.REV
13/11/2018ADDED: The latest TeamviewerQS.exe program in the upload file. Also modified ProLoad.exe to automatically migrate the Teamviewer.exe around the network if newer.REV
09/11/2018The LayoutText.frm FORM seems to have been corrupted in some way (possibly the .frx file) causing the Terminal Preferences module to crash with an error 50003 (?) when trying to edit the text fields in a document layout. Recreated the form and it appears to be ok now.REV
30/10/2018ADDED: A STANDARD BANK BankServ Debit Order option under [DebitOrders].REV
12/10/2018When the SUNDRY PAYMENTS/DEPOSITS is used in a Company that is a NON-VAT Vendor and you tick the box to do SINGLE-CONTRA bank entries and you tick the box to attach a Narration to EACH leg, it does NOT prompt for a Narration for each leg. Fixed.REV
12/10/2018When the option to include Outstanding Invoices with emailed Statements is ENABLED ([General] tab under System Preferences), it included a blank page between the Statement and the first invoice in the PDF. Fixed.REV
10/10/2018In the FIX option 'Rebuild OLD method', added an error message if the number of fields being added to the NEW database tries to exceed 255 fields (after which the Rebuild aborts).REV
07/10/2018ADDED: The System Log file is now created in the Startup module if it doesn't exist (it used to only be created if you went to the Fix module).REV
28/09/2018Modified the Delivery Address engine to show ADDRESS Line 5 instead of the Telephone number (stored in the Delivery Address table) in the Delivery Address Browse window.REV
20/09/2018You could NOT amend the VAT on a Goods RETURNED Note. Fixed.REV
04/09/2018A mod made to the Stocktake EXCEPTION report on 2016/09/21 added a day to the AS AT DATE specified by the user if it was a PAST date (apparently because the CalcCurrOnly routine does something wrong???). That causes it to miscalculate the OnHand! FixedREV
02/09/2018When processing a Debtor RECEIPT in the POS modules just after processing a CASH SALE, the SLIP RECEIPT that it prints shows the TENDERED and CHANGE amounts from the previous CASH SALE.REV
01/09/2018ADDED: When sending emailed invoices via SMTP, you can now set up SMTP Authentication and SSL with a Password. Go to Setup > Terminal Preferences > [PDF File] and tick the 'Send NovaPDF Emails via SMTP Server' and then click the [Setup SMTP parameters] button.REV
26/08/2018There is a mixup of option s when setting up the User Access settings for GRNs. Fixed.REV
18/08/2018ADDED: In the Fix > Recalculate Nominal Period Totals option, you can now run it for just a SINGLE a/c.REV
09/08/2018Our website service provider (VanTo) moved their server to a Local Host causing problems with Online Registrations, Auto Annual Releases, etc as well as the OnLine module because they all used the IP address of the old server. Changed to a DNS address ( so that this will not happen again in future.REV
06/08/2018In Financial Statements, if a Nominal NOTES field was really long, it would cause an Error 6 (Overflow) whne printing the Fin. Statements. Fixed.REV
02/08/2018The mods made on 2018/07/06 to fix a problem when you AMENDED the Vat on a GRN only worked on Vat EXCLUSIVE GRNs - NOT on Vat INCLUSIVE GRNs. Fixed.REV
30/07/2018ADDED: When displaying a DEBTOR's PRICELIST from the Supermenu, it will no longer show Dormant and Non-Saleeable stock items on the list. Also, there is a checkbox now that allows you to only show actual items listed in that Debtor's PriceList (instead of ALL the other stock items as well).REV
30/07/2018If you used the [F6] option in the PRICE field to display the list of Stock Matrix Prices and you then selected one of those prices, it replaced the price in the displayed price field, but then reverted to the original Price when you pressed [Enter]. Fixed.REV
29/07/2018The 'Move ALL Transactions from a Past Period to Current' option under [Fix Allocations] in the Drs/Crs Postings modules continued even if you did NOT input a Supervisor Override Password.REV
29/07/2018ADDED: A [Refresh] button on the 'Display Current Users' option (Tools > Current Users).REV
27/07/2018When importing Transfer OUTs that had SERIALISED items on them, the Import module did NOT first 'seed' the UniqueKey variable used for storing the Serial numbers to be imported imported. This caused serial numbers from different items to be all allocated the SAME unique key causing it to import all the serial numbers again and again. Fixed.REV
27/07/2018ODD items (#O) on a Branch Transfer OUTWARDS get converted to 'Stock' items if the Transfer Out is Imported into a Transfer IN document (using the [Import a Transfer Out] button).REV
26/07/2018ADDED: Under Tools > Access Archives you can now copy PreMonthEnd Backups and Quick Backups to another company (as well as Year Archives).REV
19/07/2018Due to problems with reconciling, the option to move Past Period Drs/Crs transactions from PAST PERIODS to the CURRENT Period is now limited to only the Period before the Current Period (Last Period).REV
18/07/2018ADDED: If you use the Stock SUPERCEDE field for something other than Supercessions, there is now a checkbox on the AutoPurchase Order parameter screen to tell it to ignore the contents of the Supercede field while calculating the Auto OrderREV
17/07/2018ADDED: A checkbox in the Auto Order option whether to DISABLE the prompt for the operator to confirm the order of an item that has been Superceded.REV
16/07/2018Added a USER PREFERENCES option to prevent selected users from having access to pressing [F6] to display and select prices from the Stock Price matrix when processing Invoices, Orders and Quotes.REV
16/07/2018Had to make MORE mods to the AutoOrder option to more accurately calculate the Order Quantity of Child items created via a Disassembly of a Parent item.REV
10/07/2018More mods to the AutoOrder option to more accurately calculate the Order Quantity of Child items created via a Disassembly of a Parent item.REV
06/07/2018If you amended the VAT on the Vat Amend screen, when you clicked [Finish], it recalulated it back to the 'correct' value.REV
05/07/2018Increased the maximum number of body lines on Quotes, Sales orders and Invoices to 5000 (!!??)REV
22/06/2018When selecting to Import from a TEXT file, the FieldName Listbox does NOT get populated after selecting the fileREV
19/06/2018In the REPRINT AUDIT TRAIL option, you can input a REFCODE range. The TO textbox is NOT visible. Fixed.REV
11/06/2018If you UNticked the 'Process & print Invoices for a Recurring Run...' box when doing Debtor Recurring Charges, the text box at the bottom gets DISABLED. However, if you then tick the box again, it does NOT reENABLE the message box at the bottom. Fixed.REV
08/06/2018When using the PosTouch module with items that have a BarCode with the Price embedded in it, the Total Cost saved in the Invoice Header record is sometimes wrong so when you clcik the [Profit] button on a displayed Invoice enquiry, the Profit is wrong. Modified the [Profit] button to rather add up the costs of the individual line items instead.REV
07/06/2018Found a loophole with the Validation of Totals on Invoices, Orders, Quotes, etc after you click [Finish]. The Overall Discount and Freight are only entered AFTER that Validation process. Added a second call to the Validation process just before the [Save] button lights up.REV
05/06/2018If you entered an invalid date into one of the Purge Orders/Quotes fields in the MonthEnd Update or Purge Old data modules, it replaced the invalid date with a weird date (sometimes in the wrong date field). FixedREV
01/06/2018Had another report of the FIRST line on a Sales Order being duplicated as the LAST line? Seems to be something to do with the 'Standby...' dialog displayed by the frmAlert form just before the Write to Disk takes place. Removed.REV
22/05/2018The 'ReOpen a Job Card' option in the Workshop Manager only ReOpened Jobs via a Credit Note. If there were also Stock and/or Odd items on the original Invoice (when using the Workshop 'Totals Only' invoice module), it ignored those on the Credit Note. That will still work like that, but, after reopening the Job Card, you can then go to the Standard Rev Invoice module and import that same invoice into a Credit Note and it will ignore the the #J Job Card lines and only import the Stock/Odd item lines into the Credit Note.REV
18/05/2018Changed the Stock item Alert popup window that informs the user that 'the picture file for that item is missing...' - rather made it a message that is simply displayed on the picture tab (in red). The popup alert was really infuriating because it required the user to click [Ok] every time!!REV
15/05/2018The Tools > Special Delete options > Purge Orders and Quotes did NOT delete Sales Orders properly since mods made on 2017/02/02. Fixed.REV
11/05/2018The 'Stocktake' option is no longer available in Capture mode. This caused stock movement transactions to be created in Capture mode which doubled up the OnHand figure if you ran a Fix (because the Capture mode also adds it to the Brought Forward figure in each stock record).REV
18/04/2018In an invoice, if the PRICE field is set as an editable field, if the Price derived from the Stock Matrix or Debtor Price List is less than Cost + X, Rev would prompt for a Supervisor Password. If the Price comes from a PriceList, it should NOT prompt for the password. Modified it to only prompt for the password if the user then modifies the already adjusted price.REV
16/04/2018For some unknown reason, on rare occasions, the size of an Offsite backup file on the FTP Backup server isn't the same as the size of the uploaded file (it's always bigger on the FTP server) and this causes Rev to rejcect the uploaded backup. There is no way to get past this. Modified the code to allow LARGER backup files on the FTP server to be accepted by Rev.REV
05/04/2018The Nominal Department Wizard sometimes failed if a calculated a/c number was beyond the range specified. Modified the SQL Query to spcify the actual range as well.REV
05/04/2018When searching for Stock/Recipes in the Bill of Materials module using a PATTERN Search, you get a Syntax Error in the SQL Query. Caused by the MaxWarehouseNo NOT being set as you enter the module. Fixed.REV
28/03/2018ADDED: Option to input a GLOBAL NARRATION for ALL DEBTOR Recurring Charges that is attached to ALL the transactions in the Recurring Run. This is done on the Debtor Recurring Charge parameter screen. Also moved the CheckBox: 'Use first Recurring Charge's Description as Narration' to this screen as well. If UNticked, you can input the Global Narration in the field provided. If that field id then left blank, it will use the LAST Recurring Charge's Description as the transaction Narration.REV
24/03/2018Made mods to Vat %Rate Change code to allow option to rather reduce the Vat EXCLUSIVE Prices by a factor so that the INCLUSIVE Prices remain the same.REV
23/03/2018Added new functionality to ease the conversion of the Vat Rate from 14% to 15%. Also modified the CREATE A NEW COMPANY code to now prompt you for the CURRENT Standard Vat Rate.REV
14/03/2018ADDED: Download ONLY option (NO Install) under Tools >> Install an Addon module.REV
13/03/2018ADDED to the Fix module option '8. Validate Rep/Area/Dept/Group/Bin/&Category/Email' on the [Fix] dropdown to also remove Duplicate VAT CODES.REV
13/03/2018The new option to sell to DEBTORS in the PosTouch module always prompted for Amount Tendered even when it was NOT a COD Debtor. Fixed.REV
09/03/2018The mod made on 2017/10/01 in the Bill of Materials module to sort out a problem when Cancelling Partially Closed BOM Jobs caused a DISASSEMBLY to fail with an Error 3021. FixedREV
08/03/2018The '12 Month Purch/Payments by Creditor' report had a random problem with showing Manual Invoices and Payments. If there were NO normal Invoices (GRNs), it skipped the routine to check for Manual invoices and Payments. Fixed.REV
08/03/2018There was a bug when Allocating Payments and using the [F6] key to Auto-calculate Settlement Discounts on individual invoices (where Terms are based on INVOICE Date). FixedREV
06/03/2018From now on, the Fix - REBUILD initiated by the Month End Update procedure will be the OLD method Rebuild (where the Rev data is copied to a new blank database file) instead of using the Jet 4 internal Compact & Repair engine.REV
05/03/2018Fixed some obscure bugs in the Fix REBUILD OLD Method (alignment of fields and custom indexes were NOT copied to the new database).REV
28/02/2018You can now choose to save the line items on SALES ORDERS in Stockcode sequence. To enable this, go to Setup > System Preferences > [Advanced] tab > [Orders] page and tick the 'Save Sales Orders in Stockcode sequence' box.REV
28/02/2018If you change the TenferType to CASH (from EFT) when posting a Receipt and then you post another Receipt, it doesn't remember the 'CASH' Tender type - it reverts to EFT. Fixed.REV
20/02/2018ADDED: Creditors Payment Schedule report that prints a report listing payment amounts as at a selected date less Settlemet Discounts (if any) based on the Terms settings in each a/c.REV
17/02/2018If you modified a Stock CATEGORY Code and there are Category-based entries in the Debtor PriceList file, it did NOT update those Category Codes. Fixed.REV
14/02/2018When posting a PAST Period Vat Adjustment Journal, it did not calculate the Goods Value and Tax Value of the entry correctly.REV
13/02/2018Modified the Combo List item 'Use TouchScreen POS module' on the [Point-of-Sale] tab under Terminal Preferences to read 'Use Category based POS module'REV
13/02/2018If you enter a PAST PERIOD date on an invoice, a warning is displayed. If you double-click in a Stock DESCRIPTION field to amend it, the Date Warning is displayed again. Fixed.REV
07/02/2018Modified the 'Days from Date of...' dropdown list in CREDITOR Master records to only have 'Statement' and 'Invoice' in it.REV
06/02/2018Moved Invoice Analysis report to Debtor Reports module.REV
03/02/2018ADDED: Option to process Debtor Sales/Returns in POSTouch module. Has to be enabled by ticking the 'Allow Debtor Sales in PosTouch module' checkbox on the [POS] tab under User Preferences.REV
02/02/2018The mod made on 2018/01/31 to the Vat SUMMARY report printed an incorrect value in the 'Total OWED BY/TO you' field. Fixed.REV
30/01/2018Posting a Nominal Vat ONLY entry (via the Vat Adjustment Journal option under the [Auditor] dropdown in Nominal Postings) did NOT show the correct Vat Amount on the Vat Summary report. Fixed. Also modified the Vat Summary report to print the actual VatOUT figure instead of backcalculating it from the Total Inclusive Goods+Vat figure.REV
29/01/2018ADDED: The running of the Fix Rebuild/Validate during the Month End Update is now mandatory (you can no longer UNtick the box).REV
29/01/2018Revisited the 'Move a Credit from a Past Period ro Current' option (under Debtor/Creditor Postings > Fix Allocations) because it sometimes didn't update the intervening Archive Periods properly).REV
19/01/2018Under very rare circumstances, when allocating large amounts (Debtor/Creditor payments) to many invoices, the rounding process would result in it still leaving a cent or two still to allocate. Fixed.REV
18/01/2018When doing a Stock PATTERN search in a Warehouse, the Browse window displays the OnHands of ALL warehouses instead of just the current warehouse. Fixed.REV
18/01/2018Fixed an anomaly where the 'Standby...' screen that is displayed just before Orders, Invoices, etc is written to disk causes the NumberOfOrdLines variable to get corrupted under very special conditions (eg: using =P directive to amend ALL prices on the order to zero).REV
17/01/2018ADDED: In the Small Business, Achiever and UpStart Editions, you cannot change the LOCAL Currency Name that is printed on Invoices, etc because the [Currencies] tab under System Preferences is not accessible. Fixed.REV
16/01/2018ADDED: A new option (in the Debtor/Creditor Master File options under 'Copy ALL Past entries to Current (selected a/c's)). This option allows you to COPY ALL Past Period transactions (since the beginning of the last financial year) for a selected account to the CURRENT period. ALL copied Payments, credits are converted to UNALLOCATED entries and decoupled from the invoices they were attached to. All the Past Period entries are also converted to UNallocated and decoupled from the invoices. You would the RE-Allocate all the payments in the CURRENT period.REV
11/01/2018A mod made on 14 Aug 2017 to use Vat Code 06 when the "Charge Tax on Sales" box in Drs a/c's was UNticked was wrong. It should use Vat Code 02. Fixed.REV
02/01/2018When using the CASH OUT (of till) option in the Invoice module, when you go down the tabs and you change the "deduct vat" to N, and then you select a different income account the vat code changes back to Yes. FixedREV
06/12/2017ADDED: Modified the existing mechanism in the standard invoice module in Revelation that creates PDFs for ALL Debtor invoices to allow for creating PDF files for Cash Sales as well. In the Revelation folder on the computer running Revelation (or the network file server), you need to use the Microsoft Notepad program to create a text file named "InvPdfPath.ini". In this file, you would input the COMPANY NUMBER (that requires the PDFs of invoices) followed by an equals sign followed by the Folder Path where it must save the PDF files for that company. You may input the PDF Path for more than 1 company in this file. NOTE: You must manually create the PDF folder. If you wish Rev to create PDF files for CASHSALE invoices as well, you must include the statement: "cashsales=yes" (no spaces and upper or lower case or mixed) on its own line somewhere in the InvPdfPath.ini file. Here's an example of how the "InvPdfPath.ini" file would look for company 1: 1=C:\Revelation\ProSB\1\PDF CashSales=YES REV
05/12/2017When the System setting to 'Allow Stock to go into Negative' is UNticked and you process an Invoice for a SERVICE item, the Quantity field in the invoice prompts you with a ZERO (as if it was a Stock item with zero OnHand). Modified this to now prompt you with the default Invoice Quantity (User Preferences > [Invoicing] tab > Default Invoice Quantity).REV
28/11/2017If the Number of Periods in the Current and Last Year differ, this causes problems with Bar Charts that are displayed on the DashBoard.REV
21/11/2017Added some more code to try and trap and correct invoices where the LINE TOTAL is ZERO.REV
15/11/2017If you tried to disassemble an item where the OnHand Qty is < 1 (eg:0.5), it would NOT do the DisAssembly. Caused by a fault in the cmdOk logic.REV
07/11/2017Since the mod on 2017/10/01, you get an error 3021 (No Current Record) after manufacturing a Recipe and printing the Bill of Materials. Fixed.REV
04/10/2017Fixed a problem where Receipts that are printed in the Invoice module were blank (no values). Also fixed cases where it printed the wrong Client VatNo on the Receipts.REV
04/10/2017Added code to disable the SQL TIMEOUT when opening ALL ADODB SQL connections.REV
03/10/2017The mod made on 2017/07/20 to sort out a problem with the amount printed on Receipts Reprinted in the Invoice module caused another problem if the payment was made in the CURRENT period and not in an Archive period.REV
03/10/2017The Creditors Age Analysis parameter 'Include a/c's with Debit balances' was disabled back in 2010. ReEnabled it.REV
01/10/2017If a partially closed BOM Job was cancelled, it booked ALL the original component items back into stock instead of just those for the portion that had NOT been completed yet. Fixed.REV
30/09/2017The Stockcode Amend option has never updated the Workshop Manager MANUFACTURED item's Stockcode in the Job Card - it only checked and updated the COMPONENT line items. Fixed. REV
30/09/2017If you UNticked the "Retain partially supplied Orders" in a Creditor a/c, when a Purchase Order was partially supplied, it did NOT set the Still Owing on that Order to ZERO. Fixed.REV
28/09/2017If the option to open multiple sub-modules is ENABLED and, while in a sub-module (eg: Drs Statements) and you click on an option in a displayed menu (Rev menu - not dropdown menu), it sometimes activates the main menu option button (on the main Rev screen) immediately behind the menu in the sub-module. This is because I use the 'MouseDown' event to select from a Rev menu which leaves the MouseDown event unattended so MS Windows looks for the next 'button' in lower windows and triggers that option as well. Fixed this by Flushing any oustanding Mouse Events BEFORE leaving the MouseDown handler in the Rev menu module. Whew! Welcome to my world...REV
26/09/2017When Adding more Terminals or Changing a Hard Drive Client Key, the code that looked for other companies with the same Disk Number (to register them too) did NOT work properly.REV
19/09/2017ADDED: New ROSI (Return On Stock Invested) report under Stock Reports > Stock SALES > Sales CURRENT and HISTORY.REV
18/09/2017If Branch Transfers are posted to a Nominal a/c other than the default Branch Transfer a/c, the Totals for Branch Transfers do NOT appear in the Totals at the end of the Current or Reprint Audit Trail Report.REV
14/09/2017The Outstanding Sales and Purchase Order reports showed the first period in the LAST financial year when clicking on the Date Picker icon. It should show the Current Period, but allow you to navigate back as far as the biginning of the LAST financial year. Fixed.REV
13/09/2017In an Invoice, if you are currently in the Date field and click the downarrow in the Order Number field and select a Quote, it displays an error saying the Quote has EXPIRED regardless of the Quote Date. Fixed.REV
11/09/2017When using the incremental search option in the Drs/Crs Browse window, it sometimes shows the same account twice in the list. This is merely a display error. It has been fixed.REV
11/09/2017ADDED: If a Rev user initiates a manual Offsite Backup (from the Tools > Backup menu) and then immediately exits Rev (while the Offsite Backup module is still uploading the backup), it tries to initiate another Offsite Backup as part of the Shutdown procedure. This causes a conflict when it loads another instance of the Offsite module. The Shutdown procedure now checks if the Offsite module is currently running BEFORE trying to run it again.REV
11/09/2017It seems that sometimes the "CompanyNum" string variable is NOT padded up to 3 digits (with leading zeroes) when going into Rev (eg: Company 4 would be 004 in the CompanyNum variable). This causes problems when Rev uses the CompanyNum variable as part of a filename (eg: FileName.004). This is usually NOT a problem except when it creates the file containing Offsite Backup parameters before running the OFFSITE.EXE module. The Offsite module looks for the semafore file by assuming a 3 digi CompanuNum in the filename. As it can't find it, it just aborts and the Offsite Backup is never uploaded. This has been fixed.REV
08/09/2017In the Rep's Profit Analysis Report, when using the Advanced Method of Rep's Commission Calculation, it sometimes skipped some Reps commissions even if they had earned it.REV
05/09/2017Changed 'Packing Slip' to 'PICKING Slip' on the Sales Order After menu.REV
31/08/2017When Rev processes and prints an Invoice for Recurring Charges, instead of using just "#O" as the Stockcode identifier on the invoice (as is normally the case with standard Odd Items), it also includes the Recurring Charge CODE as well as it's REFERENCE Code. So the Stockcode for the Recurring Charge line on the invoice would be something like "#O GAPREF (GP)". If you now process a Credit Note for a Recurring Charge Invoice and amend the Quantity in this "Odd Item" line, Revelation does NOT recognise the Stockcode of "#O GAPREF (GP)" as an Odd Item and does NOT calculate the Totals correctly.REV
25/08/2017If you set the 'No Invoices if amounts in which aged period' setting (on the [Accounts] tab under System Prefs) to '30 Days', there was a bug that then set the Nominal Account Number length (LongAccNo) to 3. This caused all Nominal Reports to only show the first 3 digits of the account number.REV
23/08/2017ADDED: If you select to import Stock from a spreadsheet or text file (on the [Import] dropdown), you will no longer be able to select any of the ONHAND fields. Importing OnHands causes imbalances in the stock ledger. Rather use the STOCKTAKE import option to import/amend OnHands.REV
19/08/2017When displaying the contra entries of Drs/Crs Inter-Account and Inter-Ledger entries, it displayed duplicate entries if one of the legs was in the Archive file.REV
15/08/2017ADDED: If you UNtick the following boxes under the [Recurring Charges] button on the [System Access] tab (under User Prefs), they will also DISABLE the [Edit], [Add], [Delete] and [Print] buttons on the Add/Amend/Delete/Print Charges on a Selected account FOR THAT USER: Place Charges..., Remove Charges..., Update Charges..., Print Charges... REV
14/08/2017When doing a GRN for a Foreign Creditor, Rev uses the "02" Vat Code (Zero Rated) instead of using the Vat Code that had the "Charge Vat on Purchases" box ticked under Vat System Settings. Also made the same mod in Invoices, Sales Orders and Sales Quotes (this was found to be incorrect and was reversed on 11 Jan 2018)REV
13/08/2017The Nominal MASTER a/c number is now forced to 7 digits (if necessary, with leading zeroes) to ensure consistency.REV
10/08/2017ADDED: By default, when you process a Credit Note for a COD Debtor, it prompts the operator 'Must Rev prompt you for a REFUND amount Tendered...'. This may confuse operators. You can now go to Setup > System prefs > [Advanced] tab > [Invoices] and tick the 'With COD Debtor Credit Notes, do not prompt operator if they want to do a Refund - just do it' box to just do the 'REFUND amount Tendered...' prompt by default. REV
10/08/2017If a Rev User sets one or more Foreign Currency Exchange Rates to a ZERO (on the [Currencies] tab under System Prefs), weird things happen when you try to process an Order, GRN or Invoice for a Foreign account. ADDED: displays a WARNING message if you select a Foreign Drs/Crs account with a Currency that has a Zero Exchange Rate.REV
08/08/2017If you set the default Stock Pattern Search to 'Notes' in User Preferences, in the Purchase Order and GRN modules, if you press [F5] in the Stockcode field, it sets the Search Index to 'Notes' in error. Fixed. It should only happen if you press [F6] that it automatically goes into Pattern Search mode.REV
04/08/2017ADDED: The option to include Workshop Invoices in the "Stock Sales by Stock Category" report.REV
27/07/2017ADDED: Option to (1) Copy an existing document Layout file to another filename (2) Edit just the text fields in an existing document layout. (3) You can no longer edit a Layout in the Layout Designer (on the [Doc.Layouts] tab under Terminal Prefs) unless it was created using the Layout Designer (from a layout Template) - it must have only 'RevTemplate' on the 3rd line of the layout file.REV
27/07/2017When trying to import a Purchase Order into a GRN, Purchase Orders that only had =S and =T message lines on them did NOT appear in the list of Orders available for import. Same applies to importing a SALES Order into an invoice that only has message lines on it. Fixed.REV
26/07/2017ADDED: Body Corporate mechanism to link each Debtor a/c to their own Nominal Reserve Fund account where a Recurring Charge linked to the debtor a/c will place a monthly amount into that nominal Reserve a/c. By placing 'ReserveAccNo=xxxxx' into the debtor account's Notes field (xxxxx= their nominal reserver a/c) and using the Invoice layout '', the current balance of their Reserve account will be printed at the bottom of the Recurring Invoice.REV
20/07/2017It is a latent bug that has been there since the [Print a Receipt] option was added to the Invoice module. If a partial payment was made against an old invoice which didn't fully pay the invoice for a couple of months. This meant the invoice and the payment appeared in TWO or more Archive periods. The bug was that it added the Payment Amount from BOTH periods to the total on the Receipt.REV
11/07/2017If you set the POS module to print 3 slips, it still only printed 1.REV
12/06/2017When creating an Auto-generated Purchase Order for a selected Supplier, it did not show the Extended Descriptions of Stock items. Fixed.REV
09/06/2017If you input an Overall Discount AMOUNT and pressed the [F5] key to backcalculate the Discount% (Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices), and there was NO VAT on the document, it would now create a Vat value when calculating the discount. Fixed.REV
09/06/2017ADDED: If you ran a Rep Analysis report for a PAST PERIOD that shows the Rep's TARGET figure, it always shows the CURRENT period's Target figure. From now on, the Month End Update will save that period's Target so that when you run a Past Period Rep Analysis, it will show the Target figure from the selected period.REV
09/06/2017When the option to include Outstanding Invoices with the Statements when emailing Statements, it sometimes did NOT include all the invoices whne using the SMTP method to send Statements. When SMTP method used, it now attaches 2 PDF files to the email - a Statement PDF and a PDF containing all the outstanding invoices.REV
06/06/2017The mod made on 10 May to now exclude Sales Quotes from the Outstanding Quote report where the Quote Expiry Date falls outside the specified Date range caused problems with some clients who use Sales Quotes as Standing Orders and need the report to show ALL Quotes regardless. Added a checkbox on the [Quotes] page under the [Advanced] tab in System Prefs to 'Ignore the Quote Expiry Date on the Outstanding Quote report'.REV
06/06/2017When printing an Outstanding QUOTES report in 'Quote Number' sequence, you got an error 3265 (since a mod made in July 2015). Fixed.REV
29/05/2017ADDED an option to Stock Sales Report (by item) to include items invoiced through the Workshop Manager. ALSO: Modified the Stock Valuation report so that it now first prints the list of NON negative OnHand stock items with the Totals and then prints a list of the NEGATIVE OnHand items (if any) with their own totals and the an OVERALL Total at the end. It no longer reminds you to tick the "Include items where OnHand is LESS than zero" box. REV
29/05/2017ADDED: When using an existing Purchase Order to send a Quote Request to other suppliers, you are now prompted whether you want to set the Still Owing quantities on that Purchase Order to ZERO (so it no longer appears as an Outstanding Order.REV
26/05/2017ADDED: The "Sales by Invoice" option to the Workflow menu on both the Access and SQL versions. If you click on the [Sales and Rep Analysis] button, it now displays a popup menu. The "Sales by Invoice" option takes you to the Vat Sales by Invoice report. REV
25/05/2017The mods made to calculate the Selling Price of Disassembled items based on the Markup when the flag is set sometimes based the markup on the wrong Cost price.REV
22/05/2017The Reminder screen still appears even if the 'Display Reminders...' box (User Prefs > [General] tab) is UNticked. Fixed.REV
22/05/2017Modified the 'Add a New User' option to now allow you to type in the preferred User NUMBER (instead of the old XXXX^123 method). If the User Number field is left blank, Rev allocates the next available number.REV
22/05/2017If Rev found that the REVPRO.MDB file (containing Last Company Accessed, Draft Printer codes, etc) was corrupted, it sometimes restored it from a very old copy (even Jet 3) in one of the company folders. It now searches each Company's Quick Backup folders for a Jet 4 version.REV
18/05/2017ADDED: The option to Export and Import just the NOTES fields in the various ledgers to/from a spreadsheet.REV
18/05/2017When printing a Stock Report > Markup/Profit option > Standard Cost, you get an error 3265 (item not found in this collection). Fixed.REV
15/05/2017ADDED: When Zeroising a Rev Company you can now tick a new box 'Clear User Name list (only leave USER001)' that will remove ALL existing User logon records and replace them with a single USER001 logon record.REV
11/05/2017When opening a NEW Company and you are running Rev on a Disk Drive other than C: and you click the [Register OnLine] button to register the NEW company, you get an Error 75 (Path File Access error). Caused by sending the Email to Rev where MAPI changes the Current Directory. Fixed.REV
10/05/2017The Outstanding Sales Quotes report included old Quotes that were outside the Expiry Date Range specified in the Report Parameters screen.REV
07/05/2017ADDED: A new field in the Nominal table to cater for a Audit Link code to assist Auditors using programs like Caseware and Draftworx to identify the audit category that each Nominal a/c falls into when preparing Financial Statements.REV
04/05/2017When Manufacture on the fly is enabled in the invoice module and the 'Print Recipe contents' is also enabled, if the stock item requiring the manufacture on the fly is set to 'Use Notes as Description', it sometimes left one or more lines of the Recipe contents off of the invoice.REV
01/05/2017If you imported a Purchase Order with an OVERALL DISCOUNT into a GRN and then set the Overall Discount on the GRN to ZERO and then saved it, it either posted NO Nominal contra legs (other than Creditors Control and Vat Paid) or it posted some unrelated contra entries between the Nominal Purchases or Stock Controls a/c's. On these corrupted GRNs, the Goods Value in the Input VAT transactions was also wrong.REV
25/04/2017If a Rev user changed the Document Number Length to 7 (Under System Preferences > General) after posting a lot of 6 digit invoice numbers, when searching for an Invoice to Reprint or Import into a Credit Note, it searched for a 7 digit Invoice number which it couldn't find preventing you from importing the invoice, etc. Fixed (now check for a 6 digit version of the invoice number if it can't find it).REV
10/04/2017ADDED: An option to NOT allocate a unique number to PROFORMA Invoices. Tick the box under System Preferences > [Advanced] > Invoice.REV
07/04/2017The CASH TILL RECON report for ALL Users would crash if you had any users numbered above 252. Fixed.REV
07/04/2017The standard Rep Analysis report sometimes crashes if it encounters a Null error. Fixed.REV
05/04/2017If the option to Email outstanding Invoices with Debtor Statements is ON and the statement run encounters an Invoice that it cannot find (eg: in previous year archives), it hangs. Fixed.REV
05/04/2017When printing Statements for Balance Forward Debtor a/c's, Rev used to try and calculate what the CURRENT value was by trying to guess which credits were allocated to what invoices (can't be done...). It now simply uses the values in each a/c's Age Analysis fields on the statement. If the Age Analysis in an a/c is wrong, use the Amend Age Analysis option under Debtor Master File Updates to physically amend that a/c's Age Analysis.REV
05/04/2017The User System Access setting to allow/disallow the Printing of a Duplicate Sales/Purchase ORDER on the Order AfterMenu did NOT work. Fixed.REV
04/04/2017Removed the prompt for a Printer when doing the YEAR END UPDATE (that was used to print the list of Income/Expense a/c's that were cleared). It still puts the list into a CSV file in the company folder and prompts the user that they can load that file into a spreadsheet and print it from there if they wish.REV
31/03/2017When running the 'Copy Counted to OnHand' for a Warehouse other than Head Office as at a past date, it sometimes adjusted the Head Office OnHand as well.REV
27/03/2017In large emailing runs (Statements, Recurring Invoices, etc) the Nova PDF file creator had the HiDensity Graphics flag DISABLED to reduce the size of Company logos printed on the documents (by reducing the size of the logo picture placed on the document). However, this caused some logos to appear blurred on the documents. You can now manually DISABLE the HiDensity Graphics by ticking the 'Reduce the logo graphic density...' box under [General] on the [Advanced] tab under System Prefs.REV
22/03/2017When printing the Debtors Stock Sales Report in DRAFT mode and you select to print the TOTALS ONLY per debtor, it did NOT print the Overall Totals line.REV
14/03/2017When emailing a Report, Rev calculates the PDF filename from the Report Title. Sometimes it puts leading spaces in the Filename causing VBMAPI to report an error 53 (file not found) when it tries to email the PDF. Fixed.REV
13/03/2017ADDED: A checkbox on the Custom Document Layout screen under Terminal Prefs > [Doc.Layouts] tab on SALES QUOTES to include or exclude the Stockcodes from the custom quote layout.REV
03/03/2017I have now modified the logic as follows (for Drs/Crs accounts set to "xx from date of STATEMENT"): * If you are hanging over into the next period (eg: your current period is 1 Feb to 28 Feb and your current system date is 8 March), it will assume the Settlement Discount START Date will be the start date of the NEXT period (in this case, 1 March) and it will add the Terms "Days" from each a/c to that date to calculate the CLOSING date for Payments to qualify for the Settlement Discount. So, in this case, if an a/c (Drs or Crs) is set to Terms=30, the CLOSING date would be 31 March to qualify. Note that, in this case, only invoices dated 1 March or greater will qualify for a Settlement Discount. * If your system date is still in the CURRENT period (eg: your current period is 1 Feb to 28 Feb and your current system date is 23 Feb), it will assume the Settlement Discount START Date will be the start date of the CURRENT period (in this case, 1 Feb) and it will add the Terms "Days" from each a/c to that date to calculate the CLOSING date for Payments to qualify for the Settlement Discount. So, in this case, if an a/c (Drs or Crs) is set to Terms=30, the CLOSING date would be 3 March to qualify. Note that, in this case, only invoices dated 1 Feb or greater will qualify for a Settlement Discount. The reason for the difference between the 2 calculations above is that: " if you are "hanging over" into the next period, it assumes you sent out your statements/remittances on the LAST day (or at least dated the last day) of the CURRENT period (in this case 28 Feb) so that would be the date that appears on the statements/remittances. " If you are still in the CURRENT period, the last statements/remittances would have been sent out at the end of the PREVIOUS period (in this case 31 Jan) and that would be the date that appears on the statements/remittances. Just a reminder... If a Drs/Crs a/c is set to Terms=30, the number of days used to calculate the CLOSING date for Settlement Discount will be calculated as follows: " If "hanging over" into the next period, it will use the number of days in the NEXT period " If NOT "hanging over" into the next period, it will use the number of days in the CURRENT period If Terms are set to anything other than "30", it then uses that number of days to calculate the CLOSING date for Settlement Discount. REV
02/03/2017When printing the Stocktake EXCEPTION report in a multi-warehouse site, the OnHand column sometimes showed incorrect values due to a bug in the program. Fixed.REV
02/03/2017A mod made in the "Copy Counted to OnHand" program on 2015/07/17 in multi-warehouse sites to calculate the Quantity difference between the Counted and the OnHand in Warehouse 2 and above did not always calculate correctly resulting in the incorrect adjustment quantity being used.REV
02/03/2017ADDED: When doing an upload of the data file to our FTP Backup Server, if it is a multi-warehouse site, it will include the WHCount.mdb file (if present) - that's the file used to keep the Stocktake Counted values for the different warehouses.REV
02/03/2017Overall Discount field on Purchase Orders: From now on, if there is a Trade Discount% present in the Creditor a/c, it will automatically put it in the Overall Discount field on Purchase Orders regardless of whether the field is active or not. Note that the Discount% will only appear in the field (and be calculated) WHEN YOU PRESS [Esc] or WHEN YOU CLICK THE [Finish] button.REV
28/02/2017Changed the name of UPDATE.EXE to REVUPD.EXE (that handles background Rev updates from the Server to the terminals and vice versa). MS Windows seems to have reserved filenames for programs (eg: SETUP.EXE, UPDATE.EXE, etc) which causes it to elevate their permissions when running them. This causes problems with certain udpates. It treats REVUPD.exe just like any other program.REV
23/02/2017When you display the [Warehouse] info under System Preferences, if it found that any of the Transfer a/c's do not exist, it would simply replace the displayed a/c numbers with the Default System Transfer a/c BUT IT WOULD NOT UPDATE THE GENERAL PARMS RECORD. It does now.REV
23/02/2017After a Transfer OUT to amother Warehouse, if you did an immediate Book In to the target warehouse and that Warehouse's Transfter a/c has been deleted, Rev would crash with an error 3020.REV
23/02/2017The DELETE Sales Quotes (under 'Special Delete options' on the [Tools] menu) sometimes did not delete the quotes. Fixed.REV
21/02/2017Tightened up the search criteria when you select to import an ORDER into an Invoice or GRN. It would sometimes display Orders that had already been fulfilled.REV
17/02/2017Where the option to "Allow OnHand to go into negative" box (System Prefs > [Stock] tab) is UNticked and you process a CREDIT NOTE for a Stock item that has Zero OnHand, it prompts the operator with a zero in the Quantity field. This is incorrect. Fixed.REV
15/02/2017Modified the Transfer IN module to always prompt with the AVERAGE Cost in the Price field when transferring IN from another WAREHOUSE (used to use Latest Cost).REV
15/02/2017The Debtor Price List BY ITEM Import did NOT work with actual PRICE imports (flagged with a "P" in the 5th spreadsheet column) if there were more than 5 columns in the spreadsheet.REV
10/02/2017ADDED: In the Recon [Search] option, you can now search for an AMOUNT in CLEARED (ticked) Recon entries as wellREV
10/02/2017Changed the Forex Revaluation option (under Fix > [Extra] > option A.) to allow for a fractional Revalue factor.REV
09/02/2017ADDED: A default User setting (User Prefs > [POS] tab) to set the default TENDER TYPE when receiving payments in the Invoice and Debtor Postings modules. REV
09/02/2017ADDED: A default System setting (System Prefs > [Accounts] tab) for the 'No Invoices if amounts in which aged period' field found on the [Control] tab of Debtor a/c's. This field will now be set to this default when opening new accounts.REV
09/02/2017In a multi-warehouse environment, when the Transfer Out module is set to do an immediate Transfer IN to the target warehouse, it failed to update the target warehouse's ON HAND for warehouse numbers greater than 9 if the OnHand fields were stil set to Null after recently extending the number of warehouses from 9 to 19.REV
08/02/2017When exporting the ITEM or CATEGORY PriceLists under [Export] in the Debtor Reports module, you get an error 3021 as there is one place where it doesn't check for an EOF.REV
07/02/2017If you invoiced a FOREIGN Debtor and charged FREIGHT on that invoice, Rev would charge no vat (correctly), but would not create a Zero-rated VAT transaction for the Freight Charge. This was caused by an old obscure Rev setting: 'NO Tax on Freight Charged if Debtor set to NO tax' on the [Stock] tab under System Prefs. Permanently disabled 'NO Tax on Freight Charged if Debtor set to NO tax' setting - no longer used. REV
06/02/2017The mod made on 2016/12/02 to allow different options for Promo Prices did NOT work properly in Quotes and Sales Orders.REV
02/02/2017Fixed bugs in the "Move an Allocation from Archive to Current" option (Debtor Postings > Fix Allocations).REV
31/01/2017When an on-the-fly manufacture was done in a warehouse other than warehouse 1, it posted the booking IN value of the manufactured item to the warehouse 1 Stock Control a/c (instead of the warehouse being invoiced from).REV
27/01/2017When importing Debtors and Creditors Master records, it will now force the AccNo to UPPER case. Also for Stockcodes.REV
26/01/2017ADDED: The option of a "Markup% on LIST Price" to the Debtor Price List options. This refers to the ListPrice on the [Cost/Markup] tab of stock records.REV
26/01/2017ADDED: You can now embed text in a Stock NOTES field that you can instruct Rev to exclude when using the Notes field as the Description on invoices, quotes, etc. You simply have to put 2 dollar symbols ($$) just BEFORE the text to be excluded from the description and another 2 dollar signs just AFTER the text. When the Notes field is used as the Description, anything between the 2 sets of double dollar signs will NOT be included in the Description (the dollar symbols will also be excluded). REV
25/01/2017ADDED: A Total VAT INCLUSIVE value field at the bottom of the 'Amount (INcl.)' column on the Standard Nominal Journals screen.REV
24/01/2017The "Stock Purchases by Creditor" report prints nothing when a FROM ... TO range of stock items is specified.REV
23/01/2017ADDED: In the Stock Sales BY INVOICE option, you can now include Stock invoiced through the Workshop Manager.REV
15/12/2016Modified "Copy Stocktake Counted to OnHand" option and the "Stocktake Exception report" to now always prompt the operator for the Counted/Report Date. Also, the TIME prompt when doing a "Stocktake Copy Counted to OnHand" will assume 23:59:59 if the field is left blank (instead of 00:00:00). This forces it to include all the transactions up to and including the day specified by the DATE field.REV
13/12/2016The mod made on 8 Dec 2016 (to fix the Date corruption in manual postings when a duplicate RefCode was entered) still had a problem - an error 13 occurred after inputting the Tender info.REV
13/12/2016When doing a Recurring Charge RUN for Debtors and you select to include a message (to be printed at the top of the invoice), it would still print a zero value invoice for accounts that had passed the Cut Off Date.REV
08/12/2016When posting Drs/Crs manual invoices, Credit Notes, Adjustment Journals or Payments and it pops up to say that you have used a RefCode before, when it returned from the popup, the DATE in the Date field is corrupted. Fixed.REV
08/12/2016ADDED: You can now set the "Default Stock Search index" (Setup > User Preferences > [General] tab) for normal stock searches in invoices, quotes, etc (as opposed to Pattern searches). Up to now, Rev used the "Default Stock Pattern Search key" setting for both normal and Pattern searches.REV
02/12/2016ADDED: Modified the "Only use Promotional Selling Prices..." checkbox on the [Stock] tab under System Prefs to be a dropdown selector that allow the following options: All Sales, Only Cash Sales, Cash Sales + COD Debtors, COD Debtors only.REV
01/12/2016When importing Stock Master file data from a spreadsheet or CSV file and the different lines in the Notes field are imported from separate columns in the import file, Rev did not add Carriage Retrun + line feeds between each line causing the lines to be concatenated into one long line. Fixed.REV
01/12/2016If the "Use ListPrice instead of CospPrice on Purch.Orders" is ticked (on the [Order/Quote] tab under System Prefs), it used the ListPrice on the stock item's [Cost/Markup] tab instead of the appropriate ListPrice on the [Supplier] tab if it was a matching Supplier. Also, it sometimes did not add the Supplier to the Stock record correctly. What it was supposed to do was to make the first Supplier on the [Supplier] tab = the supplier on the GRN. If the GRN Supplier on the GRN already appears as one of the suppliers on the [Supplier] tab, it should simply move it to the top of the list. If it does NOT appear on the [Supplier] tab, it should move all the existing Suppliers on the tab down by one and insert the GRN supplier as Supplier number 1 (if there were 5 suppliers then the last one would drop off the list).REV
27/11/2016If the Date format (System Preferences > [General] tab) is set to a format other than DMY, some of the Date Checking code in the date field Lost_Focus routine didn't always check the inputted date properly.REV
16/11/2016When converting a Delivery Note to a GRN and there was Line Discount on one or more of the line items and you did NOT press [Enter] all the way through the GRN's body, it did NOT take the Line Discount% into account when it calculated the item's LATEST Cost Price as well as the Cost Price in the item's GRN Movement record.REV
09/11/2016Added a warning message when a user selects to Amend a Document Layout (Setup > Terminal Preferences > [Doc.Layouts] > Layout Designer) that warns the user to only amend layouts that were created using the Layout Designer. They should refer layouts created by Revelation Support back to them for amendment.REV
08/11/2016When you select to Recalculate the Cash Till Recon Totals (Audit > Cash Till Recon) and you a select the option for a selected TILL ACCOUNT, it did NOT calculate correctly if more than 1 User's sales were posted to the same Till a/c. Fixed.REV
08/11/2016If a Rev failed during a Month End Update and you go back in, it forces you to restore from the Pre-Month-End Backup. However, if you clicked [Cancel] on the list displaying the available Pre-MonthEnd backups, it proceeded to load Revelation as normal. This allowed users to simply carry on running Rev in spite of the fact that the Month End Update had NOT been completed. This led to past transactions still being left in Current and other issues. Fixed.REV
01/11/2016A mod made on 2016/09/19 to the 'UpdateNominalAccount' routine to calculate the NominalPeriod should never have been done in the SMastUpd module. Depending on the accounting period, it would change the BankYN flag in the Nominal a/c being updated to "Y" (by writing an amount value to the BankYN field) causing the Stock Adjustment a/c to be changed to a Bank a/c!REV
01/11/2016Fixed a bug in the [Find] routine in the SrchStk module where a Stock Description search would always list an extra stock item that didn't match the search criteria.REV
31/10/2016There was a loophole that allowed a stock item's OnHand to go into negative. Fixed.REV
30/10/2016ADDED: Option to print Picking List (in Sales Order module) in BIN sequence.REV
27/10/2016ADDED: By default, when importing a Purchase Order into a GRN, it allows you to amend the line item quantities to any value. To prevent quantities GREATER than the Order Quantity from being entered, tick the checkbox under Setup > System preferences > [Advanced] tab > "Orders"REV
14/10/2016In Bill of Materials, if the BOM Job Description was longer than 32 chars, it crashed with an error 3163 (data too long for field length) when it tried to Manufacture and/or Book the Job in.REV
14/10/2016ADDED: When in the PRICE field on a document, it now displays a help message: Press [F6] to display Price Matrix.REV
11/10/2016When the WorkFlow menu is FIRST displayed (along with the welcome message) the button to "Reinstate the original menu...] is no longer available. To revert, you must go to Setup > User Preferences > [General] tab.REV
03/10/2016ADDED: In the Barcode Label Designer, if printing Barcode labels on Zebra 2824/2844/GX420T or Argox Label printer, you can now specify the Orientation of the label print by including the command "ROTATE=x" in the 'Special Label Parameters' field where x is a value between 0 and 3 inclusive. Each increment in the value of x rotates the label print orientation by 90 degrees (0=NO ratation, 1=90 degrees, 2=180 degrees, 3= 270 degrees).REV
22/09/2016When doing a CASH SALE and you clicked the downarrow in the Order Number field on the invoice, it prompted you to import from a Quote, Order ProForma or Invoice. It should only prompt for an Invoice. Fixed.REV
21/09/2016Added the Option to print the Stocktake Exception report as at a selected date within the current period.REV
21/09/2016ADDED: Iif you print the 12 Month…Report for a SINGLE Creditor, you do not have the option to select the Payments part. Added a prompt to allow this.REV
21/09/2016When Rev prints to a printer that is NOT the default Windows printer (that is setup under Devices and Printers in Windows), it changes the default Windows printer to the one just used in Rev. Added code to reinstate the Windows default printer after the Rev print.REV
20/09/2016In the Warehouse setup screen, prevent users from using a Stock CONTROL a/c as the default Transfer or WIP a/c. This causes the Stock Valuation in the GL to not agree with the actual value of stock (because Rev journalises the value OUT of the stock control a/c and then, if the Transfer a/c is also set to a stock control a/c, it transfers it back in again).REV
20/09/2016If in WAREHOUSE mode, check and prevent the operator from using a Stock CONTROL a/c as the Nominal Transfer a/c in Transfer OUTs.REV
16/09/2016Fixed a long standing problem when trying to amend the document layout file in the invoice, quote, order and GRN modules (where it would only allow you to change the DRAFT quality layout even if it was set to print letter quality).REV
16/09/2016Added mods and a new GRN LQ layout (PlainStd.wgr) to allow the STANDARD Cost Price to be printed on the GRN.REV
15/09/2016Fixed some problems with the special fields added to the Quote and Sales Order layouts for Redipak.REV
15/09/2016The "Allocate ALL Unallocated amounts..." option under Creditor Postings did not always work correctly.REV
13/09/2016Fixed random cases where Empire packages reported that the company was locked for admin purposes (when it was not).REV
06/09/2016ADDED: During an IMPORT SPLIT, if you click [Amend] on the Calculated Costs screen and you UNtick a checkbox next to one of the Calculated Prices, Rev will now automatically set that Calculated Cost field back to the BASIC Cost and force a [Recalculate].REV
06/09/2016ADDED: When printing a list of Recurring Charges in Account NAME sequence, you now have the option to include accounts that have NO Recurring Charges.REV
24/08/2016ADDED: A Checkbox on the "Zeroise Company..." screen to allow you to "Reset Doc. numbers (Inv, etc) to zero" in the company being zeroised. This resets the various document numbers (invoices, orders, quotes, etc) to start at number 000001 again.REV
24/08/2016The mod made on 19 Aug also prevented a GRN being imported into a GOODS RETURNED NOTE if any of the items had insufficient stock to be returned. Fixed.REV
22/08/2016ADDED: An option to NOT print the serial numbers on Invoices. Tick the box under System Preferences > [Advanced] > Invoice.REV
19/08/2016When doing a Delivery Note RETURNED in the GRN module and there is one or more stock items on the Delivery RECEIVED Note do NOT have sufficient stock OnHand to return to the Supplier, it can no longer be imported into a Delivery RETURNED Note. To do partial returns, you must first Convert this Delivery Receipt into a Goods RECEIVED Note and then process a Goods RETURNED Note against that GRN.REV
19/08/2016If the "Update Prices on Sales Order imported into invoices" checkbox under Setup > System Prefs > [Order/Quote] tab is ticked, it did NOT import the Line Discounts when importing Quotes, Orders and ProFormas into an invoice. Fixed.REV
18/08/2016When the Supermenu [Backup] was used, it did NOT increment the Quick Backup folder number, so, when you exited Rev and performed a Quick backup, it used the same BU number as the Supermenu Backup thus overwriting it. Fixed.REV
18/08/2016ADDED: Added an Inifiles option (Setup > System Preferences > [Advanced] tab > "Transfers") to "Transfer OUTs to another Warehouse must be automatically booked into the target warehouse as part of the same process". REV
12/08/2016Still problems when importing an Order that had been previously imported into an invoice where it refuses to import it a 2nd time (instead of just warning the user). It seems that after the Rev warning screen, Windows displays the same warning and then refuses to continue. Modified the code to let Windows do the warning and then import the Order anyway.REV
12/08/2016There was a problem when pressing F6 to calculate the Auto Settlement Discount during the Payment Allocation process (Drs/Crs) when the account Terms were set to xx days from Date of Statement.REV
11/08/2016The Bank Statement Download format for "Investec (NEW)" seems to have changed. Made mods to try and accommodate both old and new formats.REV
11/08/2016Made more mods to try and prevent Rev going into a loop when it warns you that you have used a Reference Code before.REV
10/08/2016Mods to Rev Installer (Access version): Reinstated 'UpdateRegistry' call (removed 2015/11/12) as it did not create the required entry in Programs & Features that allows you to UNinstall Rev.REV
10/08/2016Mods to Rev SQL Installer: 1. Check for older version of SQL (earlier than 2012) and the rather UPGRADE SQL instead of INSTALL 2. Reinstated 'UpdateRegistry' call (removed 2015/11/12) as it did not create the required entry in Programs & Features that allows you to UNinstall Rev.REV
08/08/2016In New Companies, the DEFAULT Vat Rate for both "Imported Goods (Non Capital) - 04" and "Capital Goods - Imported - 05" will be ZERO (instead of 14%) from now on.REV
30/07/2016When you AMEND a FOREIGN currency Purchase order (that showed a Zero Vat amount) , it calculates a VAT amount when it IMPORTS the original Purchase Order to be amended. The reason for this is that, when the Foreign Purchase Order is initially created, it links each line item on the Order to the Vat Code that is ticked to "Use this Vat Code for Foreign Purchases" (set under "Amend Vat Codes " in the System Setup module). This is defaulted to Vat code 04 in new Rev installations which happens to be set to 14%. When doing the AMEND, Rev ignores the fact that the Foreign Creditor linked to the Purchase order is a NON-Vat Creditor and calculates the 14% Vat. Fixed.REV
20/07/2016If the Stock COST PRICE is set to STANDARD COST in Rev then the Cost Price you are prompted with in the TRANSFER IN module will now also be STANDARD COST (used to be LATEST Cost).REV
15/07/2016If you selected to print Delivery Notes on a DIFFERENT printer (Terminal Preferences > [Invoices] tab), when the user option to "Auto-print the Delivery Note after the Invoice" is ticked (User Preferences > [Invoicing] tab), it still printed the Delivery Note on the Invoice printer. Fixed.REV
12/07/2016ADDED: Option to Delete ALL the Delivery for a selected Debtor account. Under Debtor Master File Updates, select [Master] > Delete Accounts > Delete a Debtor's Delivery AddressesREV
08/07/2016ADDED: When running the 'Consolidate Nominal ledgers' option, you now have the option to also consolidate Nominal TRANSACTIONS from the selected companies.REV
02/07/2016ADDED: The Fix - Rebuild OLD METHOD will now automatically create tables in the new rebuild database based on the those table structures in the OLD database.REV
30/06/2016When you CANCELLED a Bill of Materials Job in progress and you had added additional stock items as ADDITIONAL COSTS, it did NOT book the Additional items back into stock.REV
29/06/2016ADDED: After journalising the Till Totals to the Till Suspense a/c on the CASH UP screen (either [Auto Transfer] or [Journalise] buttons), you will now no longer be able to process invoices or receipts in the invoice module until you have exited Revelation and gone back in using TOMORROW's date.REV
28/06/2016New and Converted Revelation companies will now have the "Prompt to Clear Daily Transaction Totals on startup" option (User Preferences > [General] tab) set to NO by default.REV
26/06/2016ADDED: An option to import ITEM-based Debtor/Stock Pricelist discounts/markups/prices from a spreadsheet.REV
25/06/2016When printing a CURRENT Transaction listing for a SINGLE account, it included an option to 'Leave a blank line between accounts'. This setting got confused with the 'Do not carry unpaid Open Item transactions over to later months' lists' setting which is only for HISTORY lists.REV
24/06/2016The option to EXPORT CATEGORY based Discount Percentages into a spreadsheet has been modified as follows: The Category Discounts are assumed to be the Discount% to be deducted from the current Selling Price of the stock items belonging to that Category. NOTE: For those Categories where the Percentage is a MARKUP% on Latest or Average Cost, the 'Discount%' will be prefixed with an 'L' or an 'A' (eg: L17.5 A25) ALSO: The Category Discounts are exported into an Excel spreadsheet in the following format: Column A: Debtor a/c number, Column B: Debtor a/c NAME (optional, but column must be there), Column C: Stock Category Code 1, Column D: Discount percentage 1. If you have many Stock Categories, click the [Single] button below to export a stock item multiple times where column C and D each specify a different Category - OR - Click [Multiple] to export stock item only ONCE with the Categories specified in subsequent spreadsheet columns as follows: Column E: Stock Category Code 2, Column F: Discount percentage 2, Column G: Stock Category Code 3,Column H: Discount percentage 3.REV
24/06/2016The Import of CATEGORY based Discount Percentages into the Debtor PriceList file has been moved to the Debtor Master File Updates module (from Stock Master File Updates). ALSO: The Category Discounts are assumed to be the Discount% to be deducted from the current Selling Price of the stock items belonging to that Category. NOTE: For those Categories where the Percentage is a MARKUP% on Latest or Average Cost, the 'Discount%' must be prefixed with an 'L' or an 'A' (eg: L17.5 A25). The Category Discounts are imported from an Excel spreadsheet made up in the following format: Column A: Debtor a/c number, Column B: Debtor a/c NAME (optional, but column must be there), Column C: Stock Category Code 1, Column D: Discount percentage 1. If you do not have many Stock Categories and have a single spreadsheet row per Debtor, the rest of the columns must look like this: Column E: Stock Category Code 2, Column F: Discount percentage 2, Column G: Stock Category Code ,Column H: Discount percentage 3, etc. REV
24/06/2016ADDED: An option to export ITEM-based Pricelists to a spreadsheet.REV
21/06/2016Reduced the Font Size on the Serial Number list screen to allow for long Serial Numbers.REV
20/06/2016The number of PRE-MONTHEND BACKUPS has been modified to ALWAYS keep 11 backups. The option to set the number of Pre-Month End Backups on the [General] tab under System Preferences has been removed.REV
20/06/2016ADDED: If the 'Use which Cost Price in stock valuations' option is set to Latest or Standard, a banner will be displayed under the Main Menu indicating this. Also, whenever this setting is changed, an entry will be made in the System Log file.REV
08/06/2016When posting SUNDRY DEPOSITS and you immediately clicked in the DATE field, you could go back and type a "C" into the Ledger column to signify a Creditor posting (which is normally NOT allowed in the Sundry Deposits mode). This would result in Rev creating DEBIT Nominal legs in both the Creditors Control and Bank a/c's. The same would happen in the Sundry PAYMENTS mode if you forced a "D" in the Ledger column.REV
06/06/2016ADDED: the ability to use selected User Logon Passwords as a Supervisor Override Password. Once setup, whenever a Supervisor Password is called for, the selected Users who have been allocated Supervisor Override status can input their User LogOn password as the Supervisor Override Password. Up to 40 Users can be given Supervisor Override privileges. When a User LogOn password is used as the Supervisor Override Password, it is logged as follows: 1) An entry is made in the Revelation System Log detailing the Date/Time, User, Terminal of the override with a brief description of the module and RefCode and which user entered their LogOn password. 2) For normal transactions (invoices, GRNs, Receipts/Payments, Journals, etc) that create entries in one of the ledgers (Debtors, Creditors, Nominal), it will add "Override: 001" to the Narration attached to the transaction (where the "001" is the User Number of the User who used their LogOn password). Set this up on each User's [Password] tab under User Preferences.REV
03/06/2016When pressing [F6] to calculate Settlement Discounts in the Payment Allocation process and the debtor is set to "30 days from date of Statement", it would reject the discount if there were 31 days in the month. It now checks the number of days in the month in question and sets the Debtor Terms (for that posting only) to that number of days (only if it is over 30 days).REV
02/06/2016The mods made on 28 May to fix BIN problems in multi-warehouse stocktakes caused an error 91 when going into the Input Stocktake Count in Warehouse 1.REV
01/06/2016Under Windows 8 and 10, the mod made to install the Rev Help Engine did not always work. Fixed.REV
28/05/2016Fixed a problem with Warehouse Bins when trying to input the STOCKTAKE COUNT in a warehouse other than warehouse 1. The Bins were NOT updated in the WHCount.mdb file when Rev checked for new stock items that weren't in WHCount.mdb.REV
27/05/2016ADDED: When PURGING orders, etc, you can now specify a Purge Date for PROFORMA Invoices as well. This applies to both the MonthEnd Update and the Special Delete options under [Tools].REV
26/05/2016When reprinting a GRN with an IMPORT SPLIT on it, Rev sometimes showed the wrong Nominal accounts and amounts amounts on the Import Split page. Fixed.REV
25/05/2016ADDED: You can now set Revelation to print ALL Debtor Invoices to the Slip Printer -or- print only COD Debtor Invoices to the Slip Printer -or- print ONLY Cash Sales to the Slip printer (default). You set this up under Setup > Terminal Preferences > [CashSlips] tab.REV
24/05/2016ADDED: When importing a spreadsheet with Debtor PriceList ITEM-BASED Prices (into the Debtor PriceList file) on the [Import] dropdown, you can now also specify Markups on Latest, Average or Standard Costs in addition to Discount% off Selling Prices.REV
20/05/2016ADDED: When you IMPORT the contents of an old invoice into the current invoice (click the downarrow in the Order Number field), you now have the option of importing the Prices from the old invoice as well (prior to this it always used the CURRENT prices in the stock file).REV
19/05/2016ADDED: During the Startup, Rev now checks if the Windows Help Engine is installed and running. If not, it pops up a message telling the user to Exit and rerun Rev as an Administrator (this is necessary as I need to change ownership of the Windows Help Engine stub file WinHlp32.exe before I can delete it and replace it with the correct WinHlp32.exe that is now supplied with Rev updates). On running Rev as the Administrator, it automatically updates the WinHlp32.exe and displays a message saying the Help engine is no functioning.REV
19/05/2016When an on the fly DISASSEMBLY was done in the invoice module and the 'Show OnHand minus OnOrder on screen' User Preference was ticked (on the [Orders] tab), it disassembled enough items to cover both the requested quantity PLUS the outstanding Sales Orders. It now only disassembles enough to cover the requested quantity.REV
18/05/2016When you now import a Branch SALES ORDER into a Transfer OUT, you are prompted whether you want to Update the Cost Prices to the Latest Cost Prices in the Stock file.REV
09/05/2016If a transaction with the same Reference Code was posted to more than one account, the "duplicate Reference Code..." warning message did not display if the first duplicate located belonged to a different a/c. Fixed.REV
06/05/2016To reduce bloating the Rev database file, ALL Quotes older than 2 years and Orders older than 5 years will be purged from the Order file (if Purge Dates are NOT specified as part of the Month End parameters).REV
03/05/2016ADDED: A new Export option (under Debtor Reports) to export Debtor PriceList Category-based Discount% to allow editing so you can then re-import it using the Category-based Discount IMPORT option in the Stock Master File Updates module.REV
03/05/2016Fixed problems with Importing Stock from an Excel spreadsheet or Text file in a multi-warehouse environment if one of the specified fields being imported referred to Warehouse 1 (eg: OnHand, Purch Ord, etc).REV
03/05/2016ADDED: ProForma Invoices will now be allocated a unique number from their own Number range (set up on the [Doc.Nums] tab under System Preferences). If you AMEND a Pro Forma Invoice, the OLD one will be deleted and a NEW one will be created with a NEW number.REV
27/04/2016If a Company has been set to Split the Database (where only the Current year is in the main PROWIN.MDB database and LAST year is in the 1st Year Archive \YearArc1\YearEnd.mdb), this is now specified in the Revelation System Info screen (next to Revelation Data Path).REV
26/04/2016The mod made on 26Jan2016 to the Rep Past Period Invoice Analysis causes it to print the Current Period TWICE if you include the Current Period in the Date Range.REV
24/04/2016The mod made on 11 April to close and reopen the database before printing the GRN did not reopen the Email table. This causes and error if you try to email a GRN immediately after processing it (from the After Menu).REV
23/04/2016ADDED: Now cater for the FNB (.CSV) Bank Statement format in the Download Bank Statement option.REV
21/04/2016If the Asset Manager is installed with Rev and one or more Asset items have Depreciation periods greater than 12 years, you got a Bad Subscript error when it runs the Auto Depreciation during the Month End Update. Fixed.REV
21/04/2016If Stock Movement records go missing, the COSTS on the Rep INVOICE Analysis report do NOT agree with the Costs on the Print Invoice Contents (under Debtor reorts). This is because the Debtor report simply uses the TotalCost in the invoice Header record where as the Rep report recalculates the Total Cost using the Costs on each line of the invoice. Modified the Rep report to use the TotalCost in the Header record if there are NO Movement records linked to it.REV
19/04/2016If you post [Additional Costs] to a Bill of Materials Job that was opened in an earlier month, the stock component's OnHand is reduced and its movement is posted into the Archive Movement file. This causes a problem if you run a Fix (it re-adjusts the OnHand). From now on, in these cases, it will also reduce the component item's Brought Forward quantity (in the stock master record). This prevents problems in a Fix.REV
18/04/2016In BRANCH STATEMENTS, when one of the linked debtor's transactions end on the LAST line of a statement page, Rev skips to the next page, but does not print the doculent layout image. It also just prints a single transaction on the blank page and then skips to the next page. Fixed. 2) When emailing a LONG Branch statement, it sometimes got an error 53 from vbMapi (timer problem). 3) PDF Statements/invoices with colour logos created larger than normal PDF files (5 times normal size). Added a NovaPDF SDK instruction to compress images.REV
16/04/2016ADDED: [Advanced] tab under System Preferences to allow the use of Checkboxes to amend settings previously controlled by .INI files.REV
15/04/2016The mod made on 1Dec2015 to recheck the Vat AFTER you click [Save] for an Invoice sometimes doubles up the Vat when you have a NON-Vat MANUFACTURED on-the-fly item on line 1 and a Vatable item on line 2 on the invoice.REV
11/04/2016When running a YEAR END UPDATE and a Printer Error occurs when trying to print the Income and Expenditure Clearing list, the error keeps popping up for every line on the list. Modified it to now only display the error once.REV
11/04/2016In a Multi-Warehouse environment, when displaying the Stock Master record in the background of Master File Update options (eg: Amend OnHand, etc), the Min/Max Levels and ReOrder Quantity displayed were always only for Head Office.REV
11/04/2016Reports of Serial Numbers not being written to disk when a GRN fails during the Print routine (printer error). It now closes and reopens the database BEFORE printing to flush the buffer (just in case).REV
04/04/2016Made the [Create your own layout with your own logo] more visible on the [Doc.Layouts] tab under Terminal Preferences.REV
31/03/2016Modified the way the Purchase Order module handles Extended Descriptions to be the same as the SALES Order module.REV
25/03/2016ADDED: An option to "Input a message to appear in the Email body" for emailed Statements (when emailed to a SINGLE account).REV
21/03/2016When returning from the FIX module, the colour of the WorkFlow menu buttons always reverted to blue. Fixed.REV
19/03/2016ADDED: Allow certain Fix functions in the REPAIR module to by run independently by the Windows Task Scheduler. The functions are: Rebuild and Validate, Rebuild OLD Method and Validate, FTP Backup.REV
18/03/2016If the Pre Month Date in the CurrYearPeriods() array is somehow corrupted, it causes Balance Forward Debtor Statements to include ALL the transactions since the giginning of last year.REV
18/03/2016Problems with Trial Balance balancing when there are Foreign Bank accounts and the period is 'haning over' into the next period.REV
17/03/2016To stop Rev from displaying stock item Cost Prices when displaying Serial Number records from the Supermenu, create a blank text file named NoSerialCosts.ini in EACH terminal's Rev for Windows folder.REV
15/03/2016When amending a NOMINAL Account Number, also look for and amend the Nominal Contra AccNo in #O (Odd Item) records in Movements and Orders.REV
15/03/2016If a NEW COMPANY being set up, allow User names, etc to be entered in LOWER case. Also only create a User Record in GeneralParms if the operator entered a User Name.REV
15/03/2016If COS switched OFF, when writing a GRN to disk, it still posted an Adjustment Journal to try and compensate for Stock Valuation differences. This caused an imbalance in the GL.REV
11/03/2016The Asset Manager Depreciation report sometimes shows an incorrect Accumulated Depreciation amount. Fixed.REV
11/03/2016ADDED: On Sales Quotes and Sales Orders, you can now input a Discount AMOUNT into the Overall Discount field and press [F5] instead of [Enter]. Note that the Discount Amount must be INCLUSIVE (as it is deducted from the Total amount).REV
09/03/2016On the Rep Invoices/CreditNotes report, changed the 'Leave a blank line between each Rep' setting to 'Print each Rep on a separate page' (it always printed each Rep on a separate page regardless).REV
07/03/2016ADDED: A [Update Stock Price Matrix] button to the "Confirm Selling Price" screen in the GRN module. This pops up a window prompting the user to input the 6 Debtor/Stock Link values for the current stock item. NOTE: THE STOCK PRICE MATRIX IS ONLY UPDATED WHEN YOU SAVE THE GRN - IT IS NOT UPDATED IF YOU ABORT OR CANCEL THE GRN.REV
27/02/2016The mods made on 12 Feb caused the 7th line on an invoice to disappear as you entered the Quantity IF IT WAS A DISASSEMBLY ITEM that reqyuired disassembly.REV
26/02/2016ADDED: A Repair option to delete all legs linked to a selected Drs/Crs/Nom transaction on the "Edit a Record" screen.REV
25/02/2016ADDED: In the Invoice, Sales Quote and Sales Order modules, when processing a DEBTOR invoice and you call up a stock item and move to the PRICE field (either when it is enabled or through using the =P directive), you can press [F6] to display ALL 6 the Prices calculated in the DISCOUNT MATRIX of the selected stock item. The 6 prices are displayed in a Menu format that you can select the required price from. It also shows the BASE price as price number 7 in the menu. If the debtor concerned has been allocated a STOCKPRC number between 1 and 6, that price will be the default one highlighted on the menu. REV
25/02/2016When amending the REMINDERS from the Tools menu and you save the reminder, it displays "LineNo = 21169" which is part of an error message (when it tries to Activate the Main Rev window). Fixed.REV
23/02/2016If you hi-light a selected Recon entry and then click [More Options] on the Bank Recon screen and select "Show Total of Deposits on hi-lighted Deposit Slip" and you click [Yes] to tick off (clear) all the deposits on that Slip No., it did NOT recalculate the UNcleared Totals on the Recon screen.REV
22/02/2016When reprinting a Debtor RECEIPT and you input the Receipt number, the confirmation dialog that appears does NOT show the correct Receipt info. If you go ahead and rrprint the receipt, it prints the correct receipt. Fixed.REV
18/02/2016When running the "Stock Auto Update based on Recipes", it prints a lot of blank lines on the report (and even leaves blank pages in the report). Fixed.REV
17/02/2016When checking for duplicate Sales Order Numbers and you use the mouse to click in the first stockcode field after inputting the Order number, the Lost_Focus event sometimes does not pick that up and does not check the Order number for duplications. Added code to try and prevent this.REV
16/02/2016In order to output a report to Excel (as opposed to an EXPORT), Rev has to format the Excel Cells "on the fly" by trying to identify whether it is a number or not. This is done by looking for a decimal point in the field data (if it is a number). If found, then it is formatted it as a number field. However, if it is a number, but has no decimal point in it, it is formatted it as a TEXT field (in case it is a postal code, barcode, etc). So, when you get an Stock OnHand field that is set to ZERO decimals in Rev where an OnHand would simply be 12345, it is formatting that cell as TEXT in Excel. This causes a problem with Excel's AutoSum (Excel seems to stop adding as soon as it hits a text cell). From now on, when you get an Stock OnHand field that is set to ZERO decimals in Rev, it will format it as a NUMBER cell BUT WITHOUT the 1000 DELIMITERS. So an OnHand of 12345 will be shown as "12345" in Excel and not "12 345". REV
16/02/2016ADDED: By default, when posting transactions (Invoices, GRNs, Orders, Quotes, Payments, etc), only ACTIVE Debtor and Creditor accounts will be displayed in the Browse window list. To include INACTIVE accounts, tick the "Show InActive Drs/Crs accounts when transaction" box on the [Accounts] tab under System Preferences.REV
15/02/2016In CAPTURE mode, if you amend the Debtor or Creditor CONTROL ACCOUNT numbers and then open a new Nominal a/c using one of the original Control a/c numbers and put a balance in it, you end up with an imbalanced GL when you go to Daily Operations.REV
12/02/2016When prompted for the amount Tendered (on a Cash Sale) and you select "Mixed Tender" and input values that do NOT add up to the Total Due (less), but you do NOT press [Enter] through all the Mixed Tender fields - you just click [Ok], Rev accepted the incorrect sum of the Mixed Tenders. It still posts the correct Payment amount, but it does not transfer the correct amounts to the Transfer Suspense a/c when doing the Cash Up.REV
12/02/2016The newly added Disassembly engine in the "Import a Quote/Order" into an invoice had problems if the OnHand of the item being sold was heavily in negative forcing it to try and disassemble enough of the host item to bring it back into a positive OnHand (it disassembled too many).REV
11/02/2016The Dashboard calculation on PURCHASES (GRNs) were not always correct when hanging over into the next month.REV
10/02/2016ADDED: An option to create a CSV file with just Stockcodes and Quantities when REPRINTING a Purchase OrderREV
10/02/2016When processing a GRN and you are prompted to confirm or amend a stock item's SELLING Price where a Markup% was present and you overtype the calculated/marked up Selling Price with the CURRENT Selling Price (ie: no change), Rev still used the newly calculated (marked up) Selling Price. Fixed.REV
10/02/2016When selling to a FOREIGN Debtor, Rev used the LOCAL Currency Cost Price and the FOREIGN Currency Selling Price when checking if Minimum Margin User setting was breached. This was a problem if this required a Supervisor Password intervention. Also, with Foreign Debtors, it did not display the Margin%, etc for each line on the invoice/quote/order. Fixed.REV
09/02/2016ADDED: An option to allow/disallow 'ProForma CREDIT NOTES' under User Preferences > [System Access] > [Invoicing] > Pre Invoice options.REV
09/02/2016The mods made to allow PRO FORMA CREDIT NOTES sometimes would not allow you to proceed past the Freight field when inputting the Pro Forma.REV
02/02/2016ADDED: Option to process PRO FORMA CREDIT NOTES to the standard Invoice module.REV
02/02/2016The mod made on 2015/10/14 to the "Move Past Period entries back to Current" sometimes caused it to only transfer 1 leg of a multi-leg allocation.REV
01/02/2016The mod made on 17/7/2015 to correct a miscalculation of the Stocktake Adjustment Quantity (when doing a "Copy Counted to OnHand") worked Ok in a multi-warehouse environment, but caused a mis calculation in a NON warehouse environment.REV
28/01/2016When using the Nominal "Reverse a previously posted journal" posting option to reverse Till Transfer entries, Rev uses the base Reference Code ("Till001") from the original journal which excludes the Tender Type Suffix character ("K", "C", etc). This causes problems when using the "Transfer reconciled Till Totals..." journal option in the Audit module under the Cash Till Reconciliation" option.REV
27/01/2016Found/fixed more loopholes that allowed the Stock OnHand to go into negative when you import Quotes/Orders into an Invoice where an item appears more than once on the Quote/Order.REV
27/01/2016Removed the Auto Fix options from the "Search for Errors" option in the Audit module. It caused problems if the user first ran a Fix and then selected one of those Auto Fix options.REV
27/01/2016ADDED: An option to import another Debtor's invoice (any debtor) into a new invoice. It appears as an option when you click the downarrow in the Order Number field.REV
26/01/2016When exiting CAPTURE MODE, the Workflow menu did not work properly.REV
26/01/2016If an invoice (or Rep related entry) is posted in the CURRENT month, but with a Past Period Date on it and you then run one of the REP reports for the period that the invoice date fell in, the invoice was NOT included in the Rep report. Fixed.REV
20/01/2016When you disable the Quote, Sales Order or Purchase Order options for a User under [System Access], it did NOT disable those options on the WORKFLOW menu.REV
20/01/2016When printing stock reports and you use the FROM .. TO parameters setting and manually type in a code, you sometimes get an error 3021 (no current record). Fixed.REV
18/01/2016In Rev systems that use STANDARD Costing, when a GRN was done for a FOREIGN creditor and it posted a Stock Adjustment entry to correct the Stock Value of a stock item, it multiplied the cost by the Exchange Rate TWICE causing an incorrect value in the adjustment journal. Fixed.REV
14/01/2016If you import a PURCHASE ORDER with ODD ITEMS on it into a NEW Purchase Order, the Price of the imported Odd Item legs shows as a ZERO. Fixed.REV
14/01/2016If a Nominal Contra (Expense) account number is inserted into a Creditor's "BranchCode" field and you input an ODD ITEM into a PURCHASE Order, it fails to use that a/c number for that Odd Item (this works for Odd Items on a GRN). Fixed.REV
14/01/2016When importing a BRANCH Purchase Order with ODD ITEMS (=O) on it into a BRANCH Sales Order, the Odd Items were NOT imported.REV
11/01/2016ADDED: When Importing an Order or Quote into an Invoice, it did not have the DISASSEMBLY engine built into the import program. It has now been added.REV
28/12/2015Found that the "CurrLine" variable had been used in the ExtractStockData S/R in the POS modules. It didn't seem to affect anything, but it has been corrected anyway.REV
18/12/2015ADDED: Button for DELIVERY METHOD in the Transfer OUT module. This button only appears if the INI file named "TrfDelMethod.ini" present in the Rev folder ON THE FILE SERVER. This is to work in collaboration with changes to the Loadsheet Manager that allows the addition of Transfers Out to also be included in Loadsheets.REV
13/12/2015ADDED: Manufacture "on the fly" functionality to the TRANSFER OUT moduleREV
11/12/2015ADDED: CASH SLIP document layout TEMPLATE to the list of document layouts that a Rev user can design themselves.REV
09/12/2015Removed the "Workflow Menu (VIA BUTTON)" option.REV
04/12/2015When printing Mailing LABELS and Stock Labels to a Letter Quality printer, the calculation for the TOP pos of each subsequent label (via twips) was incorrect.REV
04/12/2015Had a case where all the Quantity Totals on the [Movement History] tab of a Stock record sometimes were doubled up? Changed the calculation mechanism to rather use a value array for the sub totals and only move these values to the Grid fields once finished.REV
02/12/2015Display an info screen when a user ENABLES the 'Reasons for Credit Note' option on the [Stock] tab under System Preferences. Also creates a dummy REASON record (NONE).REV
01/12/2015The mod made on 11Nov2015 to recheck the Vat AFTER you click [Save] for an Invoice sometimes set the Vat to Zero where an item was manufactured "on the fly" on the invoice.REV
30/11/2015The mod made to the SALES ORDER module on 2015/09/11 to display a warning if an Order number had been used before sometimes caused an Error 5 when it was triggered by a duplicate order number. Fixed.REV
30/11/2015Since the mods of 4Nov2015, when doing an on the fly disassembly, on rare ocassions it either disassembled too many or too few items. Fixed.REV
28/11/2015ADDED: Checkbox on main GRN screen to rather print 'REQUEST FOR CREDIT' on Goods RETURNED Notes instead of 'GOODS RETURNED'.REV
20/11/2015Since adding the Workflow Menu and colour themes, the main menu options would sometimes remain visible allowing users to select multiple modules even if that option is NOT enabled. Fixed.REV
19/11/2015ADDED: In the Debtor Master File "Amend a field in ALL records" option, if you select to amend the EMAIL address, it now displays a prompt whether you want it to rather update the email address for one of the Document specific email addresses (Invoice, Quote, Order, Statement). If you answer YES, you select which document email address to update.REV
19/11/2015When using the email a range of invoices to a selected email address and there is a missing invoice in the middle of the range specified, Rev tries to send the email using the old method (instead of VBMAPI). This triggers the Outlook Allow/Deny prompt. Fixed.REV
18/11/2015When Rev does an 'On-the-fly' MANUFACTURE in the invoice modules and the Narration used in the AccName field (InvMake: xxxxxx 99.753 .......) is longer than 32 characters, Rev fails with an error 3163 (data too big for field) error when it writes the Manufacture to disk.REV
11/11/2015Reports of a Vat amount appearing on invoices where all the line items were ZERO RATED. Made mods to the CheckTotalVat routine to try and prevent this.REV
11/11/2015ADDED: Option to automatically Save a report sent to an Excel spreadsheet. On the 'Select Printer' dialog, select the Output to [File] option. There are 2 new options at the bottom - Excel: XLS and XLSX file formats.REV
07/11/2015If the Foreign BANK a/c option is enabled, when you select to post the Forex Revaluation Journals and you change the Forex Contra a/c numbers for Drs, Crs and Nominal, Rev does NOT remember those a/c's and reverts to the foriginal Forex a/c. FixedREV
04/11/2015Fixed problems associated with a stock item that is DISASSEMBLED or MANUFACTURED on the fly where it appears MORE THAN ONCE on an invoice.REV
31/10/2015The Forex Revaluation on Foreign Debtor and Creditor accounts has been modified to update the Exchange Rate on ALL current transactions INCLUDING PARTIAL PAYMENTS made in past periods that still reflect in the current period.Prior to this, the Exchange Rate on those payments was NOT updated. REV
30/10/2015ADDED: Under the "Install an Addon module..." option (Tools menu), there is a new option that can also install CUSTOM AddOn modules from the CLIENT folder on the website.REV
30/10/2015ADDED: New Workflow menu and colour themes for Buttons and Backgrounds to the Main module. Posted this update to the website on 11Nov2015.REV
29/10/2015ADDED: The Bank Recon now caters for the OFX file format for downloaded Bank Statements.REV
29/10/2015The mod made on 31Aug2015 to handle Multiple Email Addresses did not work properly and caused some multiple emails to not be displayed when adding/deleting new emails. Fixed.REV
28/10/2015The sending of multiple emails (a number range or a selection of Debtor invoices) sometimes didn't work because there was no delay between each email and this sometimes confused vbMAPI.REV
28/10/2015If you [VOID] a line item on a POS sale that is a Manufacture on-the-fly or a Disassembly, the manufatcure or disassembly part still went through.REV
27/10/2015There were problems importing the NUPAY Debit Order Payments from the CSV file downloaded from their website. Fixed.REV
27/10/2015When posting Bank Journals in the BANK RECO module and you're on the 2nd line and you input a TaxCode (when the TaxCode field is blank), it calculates and displays the Vat amount on the FIRST line. Fixed.REV
27/10/2015Random reports of an item on an invoice having a ZERO quantity. Added code to try and prevent this.REV
27/10/2015There were some bugs in the PosTouch version when using the '=' directive in the stockcode field to specify a Quantity. Fixed.REV
26/10/2015The BUDGET SUB Totals on some of the Profit and Loss reports included the Budgets of accounts that were NOT printed (when the user selects to exclude accounts with zero balances).REV
23/10/2015When displaying a Bar Chart and you click the [Print] button, it also allowed you to send it to SCREEN (?). When you did this, it still sent it to the printer.REV
15/10/2015A bug in the 'Move a past entry to Current' (under [Fix Allocations]) had a bug in it that sometimes caused it to crash with an error 13 when selecting the past entry. Fixed.REV
15/10/2015Updated the Resource (.res) file used by Rev for XP Styles to now avoid the UAC popup warning.REV
08/10/2015ADDED: Letter Quality reports now have the option of printing a gray background on alternating lines to improve legibility on wide reports. This option can be enabled for Screen Preview reports and/or printed reports. By default, the Preview only is selected. Enabling it is a Terminal setting (on the [Reports] tab under Terminal Preferences). It has 4 settings: Preview to screen only, Printer only, Preview +Printer and NONE.REV
01/10/2015ADDED: % Variance fields to [Analysis #1] and [Analysis #2] screens on the Nominal Master record screen to show performance between Budgets, Current and Last Year's figures. Also added this to the Nominal BUDGETS screen under Nominal Master File Updates.REV
01/10/2015Since the introduction of 8 decimal place Foreign Currency Exchange Rates on 15Oct2014, the 'CurrencyRate' field in transactions showed a blank value in the Repair Editor screen (the Currency Rate field was changed to a Double data type to accommodate 8 decimals and this was missed in the Repair Editor code). Fixed.REV
01/10/2015Under certain circumstances, when printing a PAST PERIOD AGE ANALYSIS for Creditors that includes Foreign Currency Creditor a/c's, the RecalcForeignPastAging routine would miscalculate the Local Currency value of some Payment or Credit Note entries resulting in the Creditor Total not equaling the Nominal Creditors Control a/c total. Fixed.REV
30/09/2015Increased the length of the message that can be embedded in the body of the Email that is sent with Statements and/or Invoices to 450 characters (was 150).REV
30/09/2015Fixed the bug where, if you display Quotes or Orders from the Supermenu Debtors or Creditors buttons and you select to display Quote or Purchase Order HEADERS ONLY and you drill down on a quote or order, you now get the [Email] and [Print] buttons. NOTE: THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AN OPTION TO PRINT OR EMAIL SALES ORDERS FROM THE SUPERMENU [Debtors] and [Creditors] buttons. This is because a Sales Order is effectively INTERNAL document. If really necessary, you can reprint or email a Sales Order from the Sales Order module.REV
25/09/2015The mods made on 2015/08/25 to add Total Payments, Discount and CrNotes to the REMITTANCE document layout used 3 layout parms that had values in them in the existing PLAINLAS.WRM layout causing it to print some garbage in the middle of the LQ Remittance Advice.REV
22/09/2015ADDED: For sites where the QUANTITY field has been disabled in the invoice module, you can now input an '=' sign followed by the quantity you want to sell (eg: =5) in the Stockcode field and press [Enter]. The stockcode field will clear. Now input the stockcode of the item you want to sell that quantity of. Rev will put the quantity you specified after the '=' sign in the QUANTITY field.REV
21/09/2015When importing an invoice with only ZeroRated Tax entries on it, it triggered the "This Debtor's Inclusive/Exclusive Invoice status has changed since the selected Invoice was processed..." error message. Fixed.REV
20/09/2015Fixed misaligned headings on Nominal BUDGETS screenREV
17/09/2015Fixed the problem where "SHUTDOWN!" somehow appears as the first line in the DATAPATH.GAP files causing Rev to popup an error message when you try to go into Rev.REV
17/09/2015ADDED: A Debtor Invoice Analysis report (Stock Reports > [Reports] > Movements) that prints a list of all Invoices along with the Sales Order Numbers (and Internal Order Numbers) that were imported into them.REV
11/09/2015When sending the Stock Movement ANALYSIS report to Excel, it rounded all the quantities in the monthly columns to zero decimal places. Now rounds them to 2 decimals (printed report is still zero because of space).REV
11/09/2015You can set it so that the Sales Order module will check for duplicate Sales Order numbers entered by the operator. This simply popsup a warning and continues. Create a blank text file named 'CheckDupSalesOrd.ini' in the Rev folder ON THE FILE SERVER.REV
10/09/2015The mod made to Stock Outstanding Sales orders report on 25/8/2015 caused it to no longer print Outstanding Purchase orders.REV
07/09/2015The LAST YEAR option looked at the YearEnd.mdb in the \YearArc1 folder instead of the History settings in the current PROWIN.MDB file.REV
31/08/2015On the Creditors [Control] tab, if you clicked [Extra Email addresses] and selected the [Multiple...] option, and then selected "Remittances" on the opoup menu, you got an error 9. Fixed.REV
31/08/2015If you amended the the Stock CATEGORY CODE of the Default Stock Category, it did NOT update the default Category Code used when creating New Stock records so the new items would get the old Category Code. Fixed.REV
30/08/2015Since the introduction of the option to allow Vat to be charged on Foreign Invoices, GRNs, Orders and Quotes in 2013 (for our Zambian users), it sometimes recalculated the Local Currency value of the VAT transactions TWICE (ie: it multiplied the already calculated Local Currency value by the Exchange Rate again). This caused the values of some Vat Transactions to be way out. Fixed.REV
27/08/2015ADDED: Users who make Additions or Changes to Debtor Prices lists are now recorded in the System Log file (that can be accessed on the [File] dropdown under Tools > Validate data (Fix).REV
27/08/2015The array for the new CheckBoxes added to the [Control] tab in Debtor master records was misaligned and caused a problem as soon as I added a new checkbox. FixedREV
27/08/2015ADDED: Auto Settlement Discount engine.REV
26/08/2015Added code in the Rev Startup sequence to check how many terminals are logged into Rev across ALL companies on the server. It now will only allow as many terminals into Rev based on the Disk number that was purchased across ALL companies. Before, each company would allow that many terminals to access it. Effective 1 Oct 2015.REV
25/08/2015The "List Sales Orders that can be met" report (Stock Reports > Outstanding Orders) included CANCELLED Sales Orders.REV
25/08/2015ADDED: For Remittance Advices (Creditors), you can now show Total Payments, Settlement Discount and Credit Notes on the layout. There is a new Remittance layout named PlainWithPay.wrm that includes these fields (the Draft quality PLAIN.RMT now also includes those fields).REV
20/08/2015If the old Microsoft MAPI engine was used to send emailed documents (instead of vbMAPI), it did NOT work if you sent the email to more than one email address. This affected ALL modules that used the old MAPI.REV
20/08/2015The following fix made to the updating of the Tax Total in the Drs/Crs Manual Posting module did not completely fix the problem. Fixed. In Manual Invoices, Credit Notes and Adjustment Journals and you input a Tax Amount into one of the Nominal Contra lines and you click in the Account Number field on the next line (instead of pressing [Enter], it does not update the Tax Amount TOTAL at the bottom of the window. Fixed. However, when you clicked [Finish], Rev still updated the Tax Amount Total.REV
19/08/2015If the "Print a Duplicate Invoice" checkbox under Setup > User Preferences > [System Access] tab > [Invoice] > After Invoice options is UNticked, you will NOT be able to REPRINT an Invoice - you will only be able to EMAIL the invoice.REV
18/08/2015If you scroll through the Recon entries and highlight one in a PAST period and click [Details] to display the Nominal contra's and you then click [More Options] and download a Bank Statement and select to [Insert] one or more of the downloaded entries into any of the ledgers, it inserts them into the Nominal ARCHIVE Transaction file (nTransArc) instead of the CURRENT file (nTrans). If you now run a Fix or a MonthEnd, the Bank a/c and TB reports being out by those amounts and the Bank Recon no longer matches the Nominal Bank a/c.REV
15/08/2015When saving a Debtor Sales Invoice after importing a Sales Order into it and amending some of the Quantities imported from the Sales Order, if the ORDER QUANTITY is printed on the Invoice, it was not always the right value.REV
13/08/2015Soemtimes the UNC Address (under Load Another Company > Another Location) would NOT get saved so, when you clicked the [Last UNC Address] button, nothing would appear.REV
13/08/2015On rare occasions, some data shown on the [Movement History] tab of Stock Master records may show in the wrong period.REV
12/08/2015The PRO2013.EXE (Metro Menu) module sometimes did NOT get updated across a network after being updated from our website. Fixed.REV
12/08/2015When inputting the STOCKTAKE COUNT and you input alpha characters into the COUNTED field, you get an error 13.REV
06/08/2015The new"Backup to a PC over the network" mechanism added on 27 July caused some confusion because it used the CommonDialog method to locate the backup folder (to cater for UNC addresses). Modified to now just allow the operator to simply type in the UNC address.REV
30/07/2015The Stock Sales BY CATEGORY report sometimes printed the same Category multiple times. Fixed.REV
29/07/2015The Stock Price List now prints the Debtor/Stock Link heading for each Price when sent to Excel.REV
29/07/2015ADDED: You can now set the colour of the 'blank' buttons on the Metro Menu Desktop (right-click blank button and select the 'Change colour...' option on the popup).REV
27/07/2015ADDED: When selecting to "Backup to another PC over the network", you now have the option of using 7 Zip to create a smaller zip file. It also adds the Date/Time stamp to the backup filename and does not overwrite earlier backups.The "Restore from another PC over the network" option also allows you to restore from a 7zip backup.REV
26/07/2015Fixed the problem where, if you added Banking Details to the SALES ORDER layout when creating one under Terminal Preferences in Rev, they did NOT appear on the actual printed order (although, why anyone would want their banking details on a Sales Order, I don't know).REV
26/07/2015ADDED: vbMapi64.exe and vbMapi32.exe modules to allow Rev to email documents via either 32 bit or 64 bit version of MS Outlook.REV
23/07/2015When printing an invoice, quote, order from an Enquiry on the SuperMenu and Rev encounters a problem with the document layout file, it tries to display the error message, but ends up with an error 402 (modal error). Replaced my Alert window error handler with MsgBox in the document GetLayout S/R's. Fixed.REV
23/07/2015The Fix > "Rebuild OLD METHOD" sometimes runs into an error 3022 if the fields in the database being rebuilt do not exactly match the fields in the blank PROWINX.MDB database being copied into. Fixed.REV
21/07/2015Still getting odd cases where the wrong Sales Order is linked to an Invoice when the Order is imported that invoice (the #S line: "Invoiced: DIxxxxxx" placed at the bottom of the order). Added some code to prevent this.REV
21/07/2015Mod made on 2015/06/04 caused Debtor Transaction History reports where you ticked the box to 'not carry unpaid Open Item transactions over to later month's lists' (and you included the CURRENT period as well) to include payment entries in the Current List that were already included in the Opening Balance total. REV
20/07/2015To avoid landing on the "Vat Number" field when the invoice screen is displayed in the Sales Invoice module, create a blank text file named "VatNotFirstField.ini" file in the Revelation folder ON THE FILE SERVER.REV
19/07/2015To allow Cash Purchases to be posted to a/c's above AccNo 29999 in GL, create a blank text file named "AllowWholeGL.ini" file in the Revelation folder ON THE FILE SERVER. This is only for the standard Invoice module - NOT the POS modules.REV
17/07/2015When doing Stocktakes across multi warehouses, when you run the 'Copy Counted to OnHand' option it sometimes miscalculates the TOTAL ONHAND figure. Fixed.REV
16/07/2015There was a bug in the Archive Stock Transaction display (from the [Stock] button on the Supermenu) where stock movements that had a timestamp was on the evening of the LAST day of the selected period would NOT be displayed on the Movement display. Fixed.REV
15/07/2015The VBMAPI engine that handles the placing of emails with attached invoices, quotes, etc into MS Outlook's Outbox did NOT work when linking to a 64 bit version of MS Outlook (Office 2013). Had to write a separate module (VBMAPI64.EXE) that Rev would 'shell' into when sending emails to Outlook 64.REV
14/07/2015When using the "Increase/Decrease" Selling Prices in Stock Master File Updates and you chose to do it for a selected Supplier and use a Markup% on LIST PRICE and to deduct any Supplier Discount from the List Price before calculating the Selling Price, the Discount% was NOT deducted. Fixed.REV
14/07/2015When importing a BRANCH SALES ORDER from another Warehouse into a Transfer OUT, you sometimes get the message that the Warehouse you have selected for the Transfer OUT is NOT the same one as the one you placed the Sales Order on. It then rejects the Import. Unable to reproduce this so have amended the prompt to give the user the option to override the message and import the Order anyway.REV
12/07/2015You can now specify that there is NO prompt to Deduct the Vat Portion from Settlement Discounts when processing payments. When this option is selected, the Vat Portion is NOT automatically deducted as it used to be. There is a Combo dropdown option on at the bottom-left of the [General] tab under System Preferences with 3 options: 1) Prompt to deduct Vat fro Settlement Discount 2) Deduct Vat from Settlement Discount (NO prompt) 3) NO deduct Vat from Settlement Discount (NO prompt).REV
12/07/2015You can now force operators to input an ORDER NUMBER on SALES INVOICES for selected Debtor a/c's. There is a new CheckBox on the [Control] tab in Debtor records ("Prompt for OrderNo on Inv."). The Order number must be at least 3 characters long (alphanumeric).REV
10/07/2015The 'Validate Vat' option (on the Fix > [Extra] dropdown) changes the Account Number in Creditor GRN transactions to the General Purchases a/c (instead of leaving it as the Stock Control Asset a/c. Fixed.REV
10/07/2015ADDED: An option in Creditor Master File Updates to flag selected transactions in Creditor accounts for omission from Remittance Advices.REV
09/07/2015If you imported a Purchase Order that had an Overall Discount% on it into a GRN and the Overall Discount field on GRNs was set to [None] (Setup > User Pref > [GRN] tab), it would use the Discount PERCENT as the Discount AMOUNT on the GRN.REV
05/07/2015The FINANCIAL STATEMENTS sometimes printed "Balance Sheet" ant the top of the report.REV
05/07/2015The PAST PERIOD STATEMENTS option would still prompt you to Line up a Printer even if you selected the EMAIL ONLY option.REV
02/07/2015If you call up a Drs/Crs a/c from the Supermenu and display the transactions and then click on another window (eg: Excel) and then return to Rev by clicking on the Rev button on the taskbar. You now press the arrow down/up keys on the keyboard (thinking that the Transaction window still has the focus), you will notice that the Drs/Crs Master window actually has the focus and you are now scrolling through the Master records (by pressing arrow down/up). If you now close the Transaction window, the Master record stays on the Drs/Crs master record selected by pressing the down/up key, BUT THE ACCOUNT NUMBER FIELD AT THE TOP LEFT OF THE MASTER RECORD REVERTS TO THE ORIGINAL A/C THAT YOU CALLED UP TO DISPLAY THE TRANSACTIONS. If you now select to EDIT that Master record, when you click [Save] it will save the record to the Account number at the top left of the displayed record, effectively overwriting that a/c's Master info.REV
26/06/2015When importing a Debtor Quote or Sales Order into a PURCHASE Order, it would NOT import any ODD ITEMS on the Quote/Order. Fixed.REV
25/06/2015On the [PDFFiles] tab, if you Ticked the checkboxes to use PDF for emails, etc for a selected Terminal and you clicked [Save] and then selected another Terminal (from the ComboBox at the top), it did NOT refresh the checkboxes on the [PDF Files] tab based on the selected Terminal's existing settings (it just left them as they were for the previous terminal).REV
19/06/2015When sending the Debtor PRICE LISTS report to Excel, it did NOT print the Debtor's NAME at the top of each Price List. Fixed.REV
18/06/2015Modified the 'Post &NuPay Confirmation file as Debtor Payments' > NuPay CSV file layout (on the [Debit Orders] dropdown) to now allow you to specify the column bumbers for the 'Client Ref 2' and 'Value' columns in the NuPay CSV file (because they keep changing the file layout!!!)REV
14/06/2015When transferring stock OUT, the Transfer figures (Quantity, Cost and Selling values) were added to the Stock item's ISSUES fields. This is not correct. Fixed. Also modified the Fix option 'F. Recalculate the MTD/YTD figures...' on the [Advanced] dropdown to recalculate the MTD/YTD figures to exclude Transfers from Issues.REV
11/06/2015If Warehousing is NOT enabled in a company, when going in to the Stock Master File Updates module, it looks for the Warranty Swopout Manager and, even if it does not find it, it sets the MaxWarehouses to 9. This causes a problem when trying to amend the Nominal accounts in Stock Categories.REV
10/06/2015In the SALES INVOICE module, if you select to [Process an invoice with option print AFTER...], and there were SERIALISED items on the invoice and you then selected to PRINT or EMAIL the invoice from the AFTER menu, it did NOT print the Serial Numbers.REV
10/06/2015A mod made on 2013/03/18 (to check if Foreign a/c Balance=0 then set Aging to Zero too - just in case - unless there are UnAllocated amounts) checked the actual BALANCE in the Foreign Crs a/c in error (instead of the calculated Balance. This caused the Age Analysis to sometimes go out when there are Foreign Crs a/c's. FixedREV
10/06/2015To NOT update the Manufactured Item's COST Prices when booking in a Bill-of-Materials Job, create a blank text file named "NoCostUpdate.ini" file in the Revelation folder ON THE FILE SERVER.REV
08/06/2015When posting a PAYMENT to a CREDITOR and there is a Settlement Discount Allowed, in the actual VAT TRANSACTION, the account number shown in the Vat Transaction list is incorrect - it should be the Discount RECEIVED a/c and not the Discount ALLOWED a/c. This error is only on the Vat Transaction list (if you check the Nominal contra entries, you'll see that it actually goes to the Discount RECEIVED a/c.REV
05/06/2015Found a long standing bug that included ISSUES to the Bill of Materials module as SALES in the Stock Sales by Item reports. It also included BRANCH TRANSFERS OUT in the Stock ISSUED figure (which should not be included).REV
04/06/2015Added provsion for the NedBank BUSINESS BANKING Bank Statement download format on the NedBank CSV option.REV
04/06/2015The DASHBOARD has a new Setup parameter. By default, the 'Last Month' column shows the totals as at the same Day Date as the Current month. On the Dashboard Setup screen, there is now a new checkbox: [Show Full month's data in 'Last Month' column]. Tick this box to show the totals for the whole of last month instead.REV
04/06/2015When printing a Drs/Crs TRANSACTION list and you tick the box to 'not carry unpaid Open Item transactions over to later month's lists', it sometimes excluded some payments causing the running total to go out.REV
02/06/2015When you imported a long invoice into a Credit Note and then removed all but 1 or 2 lines from the Credit Note, Rev did not recalculate the Vat based on just those 1 or 2 items leading to the vat being out by a more than acceptable value. Fixed.REV
02/06/2015On the DashBoard, when not 'hanging over' into the new month, some of the figures in the 'Last Month to xx/xx/xx' column were for the WHOLE month instead of just the Period to that Date figures. Fixed.REV
01/06/2015ADDED: AN Auto Branch or Warehouse Order option that will check the Available quantities on ALL or selected stock items and calculate an Order Quantity based on a selected formula and create the Order on screen to be placed on the Head Office Warehouse or another Branch/Warehouse. You can then scan and edit the created order before accepting it.REV
29/05/2015ADDED: An option to update the WHCount Warehouse Stocktake Count file from the Main Stock database in case you added new stock items since starting the Stocktake.REV
26/05/2015When running the Forex Revaluation Journals under Nominal Postings, you sometimes got a 'Division by Zero' error (11). Fixed.REV
26/05/2015When the SPLIT DATABASE is used (Last Year's data gets moved to \YearArc1) and you do Past Period Enquiries and Rev moved the archive files before LAST Year (\YearArc2 and earlier), it would look at the wrong part of the Archive file and display a blank transaction window. Fixed.REV
23/05/2015ADDED: An option to 'Move Past Allocation to Current' for Debtors and Creditors. If you allocated a payment to the wrong invoice and the invoice plus its allocation were then moved to the Archives as part of the MonthEnd Update, this option allows you to move that invoice plus allocation(s) back to the Current Month so that you can then use the normal Fix Allocations option to allocate the payment against a different invoice. Go to Drs/Crs Postings to accounts > Fix Allocations > 'Move Past Allocation...'REV
20/05/2015When we added the facility for the Achiever package to have more than 1 Bank a/c, the [Fix] option to Rebuild the Bank Recon from the Nominal entries (option H on the [Fix] dropdown) was not updated to to also prompt for Which Bank a/c on Achiever packages. Fixed.REV
20/05/2015ADDED: In the [Advanced] option '3. Zeriose Br>Forward from PrevYr', added an option to RECALCULATE the Nominal Br.Forward from Prev Yr field in Asset and Liability a/c's.REV
20/05/2015A bug in the Supermenu 'Amend a Stock record' option when amending the Quantity Decimal, it did NOT recalculate the Min,Max and ReOrder levels accordingly. This sometimes caused problems in the Auto Purchase Order module.REV
20/05/2015Items appear on a Auto Purchase Order with a ZERO Quantity. When doing a AUTO PURCHASE ORDER in the Purchase Order module and one or more stock items had a Quantity Decimal of zero, but they had a Minimum level, Maximum level or ReOrder level that was LESS than .5 (so it appeared as zero levels on the stock screen), the Auto Order engine would factor that in and it would be placed on the Auto order (it appeared as zero because the quantity ordered was LESS than .5 which rounded down to zero). This was caused by a bug in the Supermenu 'Amend a Stock record' option when amending the Quantity Decimal, it did NOT recalculate the Min,Max and ReOrder levels accordingly. Fixed.REV
13/05/2015When the Bank RECON is displayed in REFCODE sequence, it sometimes displays a blank screen. Also, if you selected to display the Recon as at an earlier Date, it did NOT update the Recon display to end at that Date.REV
08/05/2015ADDED: By default, a negative Vat amount is NOT allowed on Sales invoices. Some Rev Users require this. There is now an option to allow Vat on Sales invoices to be a negative value. In Rev, go to Tools > Validate data - Fix > [Extra] dropdown > select 'K. Allow/DisAllow minus Vat on invoices'. Click the [Allow] button. REV
05/05/2015When posting PAST PERIOD Debtor/Creditor Invoice type entries (Past Period Adjustment Journals), the way it calculated the updated Open Item Link counter in the Drs/Crs Master record was not always reliable. Fixed.REV
01/05/2015Fixed the problem where the Stock Sales by Rep report would print the sales of ALL warehouses regardless of which warehouse was selected.REV
01/05/2015Since an Invoice's data was re-read after writing it to disk prior to printing it (same as REprinting it), the Order Quantity from Imported Orders got lost (as it is not saved in the invoice file).REV
30/04/2015When a Recurring Charge Invoice continued onto a second page, it re-added the EXCL Total on each line on the FIRST page to the final Inclusive Invoice Total ONLY ON THE PRINTED INVOICE. If you reprinted the invoice, it showed the correct total. Caused by a bug that's been there since 2004.REV
27/04/2015ADDED: Option to add a DELIVERY METHOD to Sales QUOTES when used in conjunction with the Loadsheet Manager Addon module. You have to Enable the Delivery Method on Sales Quotes on the [Setup] dropdown in the Loadsheet Manager module. You can then also print Outstanding Sales Quotes for a selected Delivery Method as well.REV
24/04/2015In Manual Invoices, Credit Notes and Adjustment Journals and you input a Tax Amount into one of the Nominal Contra lines and you click in the Account Number field on the next line (instead of pressing [Enter], it does not update the Tax Amount TOTAL at the bottom of the window. Fixed. However, when you clicked [Finish], Rev still updated the Tax Amount Total.REV
23/04/2015When you restore from a PRE-MONTH END Backup, Rev now also restores the Pre-Month-End folders (BME1, BME2, BME3) to their state prior to the Month-End Update being run. If it was the LAST Month End Update of the Year (so a YearEnd was also run), Rev also restores the Pre-Year-End folders (YearArc1, YearArc2, YearArc3, etc) to their state prior to the Month-End Update being run. 2) When the Year End is run, Rev now makes a copy of the ProWin.mdb (PreYearEnd.mdb) as at BEFORE the MonthEnd begins so that the option to restore a company's data from the YearEnd Archives produces a ProWin.mdb data file that is in the correct format to be used as a normal Rev data file. These PreYearEnd.mdb files are also 'aged' so they will eventually be in available for all past years.REV
22/04/2015In the 'Auto Link Stock item to Picture files' option, it crashed if the Stockcode had an invalid filename character in it ( : , " \ ). Now prompts the error and continues.REV
21/04/2015If you are currently in a field in the body of an Order or Quote and you click the [Deliver to] dropdown or the Delivery [Method] button, when it returns from those functions it sometimes blanks the field you were in or overwrites it with another field's contents.REV
20/04/2015If you modify the Number of Periods in the Financial Year to < 12 in a Company that runs a split database and the Period Ends are NOT the last day of the month, this sometimes led to you not being able to see data in periods in the split (Last Year) database.REV
20/04/2015ADDED: Various options to Import Nominal Cost Centres, Groups, Master a/c's and New accounts on the [Import] dropdown under Nominal Master File Updates.REV
18/04/2015The One-Stop Manufacture and Book-in module did NOT check the component items so would manufacture the item regardless of Component's OnHand's. Now checks and reports on this.REV
16/04/2015ADDED: Option to search for an INVOICE NUMBER when using the [Cash Recd for Debtor a/c] button. If you create an ini file named 'ReceiptSearchByInvNo.ini' file into the WinRevPro folder ON THE FILE SERVER, the "Use this Key to Search by" sequence will default to "Invoice No.". Operators can then simply scan the invoice number barcode on the invoice in the "Search for which a/c..." field.REV
10/04/2015When using the IMPORT SPLIT option and there are #T and #S lines amongst the items on the GRN, it sometimes caused an Overflow error when you click the [Recalculate] buttonREV
30/03/2015When you copy one Debtor's PRICE LIST to a RANGE of other Debtors and you specify a Debtor that does NOT have a Price List as the FROM debtor, it just exited without advising you that there was NO Price List. Fixed.REV
30/03/2015With Stock Reports, if you specified to print FROM a Stockcode TO another Stockcode and your stockcodes have dashes (-) in them, it sometimes did not print ALL the stockcodes in the selected range. Made mods to all stock reports to prevent this.REV
24/03/2015When creating a Branch Order and you input a DELIVERY DATE beyond the next period, Rev rejected it.REV
20/03/2015ADDED: 'Statement' as an option in the 'from date of...' field. Also allowed alphanumerics in the 'Terms' field.REV
17/03/2015The After Menu Invoice option that allows you to cancel selected Still Owing lines on the imported Sales Order did NOT work since changing the code to REread the invoice data after you click SAVE before doing the actual print (because the REread lost the original Order info).REV
17/03/2015The 'Recreate Nominal structure...' on the [Advanced] dropdown in Nominal Master File Updates now allows you to recreate it based on a custom NOMINAL.XLS spreadsheet.REV
16/03/2015ADDED: Changed the SUB GROUP name to MASTER accounts for ease of recognition. Also, you can now manually input your own Master a/c numbers up to 7 digits. Modified the Nominal.xls and default Nominal setup files to cater for this as well (when setting up a new company).REV
16/03/2015When emailing a RANGE of invoices using the FROM Invoice# ... TO Invoice# fields, no attachments were made to the emails. Since the introduction of vbMAPI engine. Fixed.REV
11/03/2015Since an Invoice's data was re-read after writing it to disk prior to printing it (same as REprinting it), the BackOrder Quantity got lost (as it is not saved in the invoice file).REV
09/03/2015Since making the mods to post any Vat amounts (on Sales entries) that were contra'd to a nominal a/c other than an INCOME a/c TO THE INPUT TAX a/c, the Rep Analysis report reported the wrong figures in these instances because it only looks for postings to the Vat RECEIVED a/c when calculating the amount of Vat per sale (in order to back calculate the EXCLusive sale amount). Fixed. Also, the OVERALL Totals shown on the Rep Stock Sales report sometimes were incorrect.REV
06/03/2015When you select to Reprint an invoice or GRN in a SPLIT database company and you go back into the previous year's invoices to reprint, Rev switches to the Archive YEAREND.MDB database file. When you are finished, it goes back to the CURRENT (PROWIN.MDB) database file. Had one case where it didn't go back to the current file and posted invoices to the ARCHIVE file? Added code to prevent this in future.REV
05/03/2015ADDED: A Fix option on the [Extra] dropdown: 'J. Fix corrupted Dates in transactions'. On rare occasions, a date of 30Dec1899 somehow replaces the date of a transaction when it is written to disk (also had a few cases where a date in the distant future is captured as well). This Fix option searches for these corrupted dates ONLY IN THE CURRENT DATA and replaces them with a Date you enter (must be in the current or 'hangover' month).REV
05/03/2015A mod made on 9Feb2015 to change what is printed on the invoice when in LIQUOR STORE mode backfired and caused it not to update the stock correctly. Removed the mod and advised the client to rather change to the CONVENIENCE store mode which does an on the fly disassembly instead.REV
03/03/2015ADDED: The 'From Date of Statement/Invoice...' fields in Debtors and Creditors Master records were NOT available in the 'Set a Field in ALL or Selected records...' option. Fixed.REV
27/02/2015When printing to a LQ Slip printer, the POS modules sometimes incremented the Cash Sale Invoice number TWICE (leaving invoice number gaps).REV
27/02/2015When printing a Stock VALUATION report, the default ITEM TYPE parameter was set to ALL items. This would include Odd and Service items. Although Odd and Service items always have ZERO OnHand (and would not impact on the STOCK valuation), sometimes, due to a crash, they may end up with a value in the OnHand field and would then affect the stock valuation total. From now on, the default ItemType for this report will be set to STOCK items.REV
26/02/2015ADDED: An option to the Stock Audit Trail report to only print stock adjustments to ON HANDS.REV
24/02/2015Since a mod made in Oct'2014 to the Stock Master File Updates module, when selecting the Amend a Field in selected or ALL records, it allowed you to amend 'ReadOnly' fields as well (like OnHand, Brought Forward, Cost Prices, etc). Fixed.REV
24/02/2015If you used the 'Auto Order' option (in Purchase Orders) with a Supplier/Creditor that had an apostrophe (') in the account number, you get an SQL error. Fixed.REV
20/02/2015ADDED: On Creditors Master screen, widened TERMS field and added 'Statement' to 'From Date of' list. Also fixed 'Nom.Acc' field that was NOT refreshed if you scrolled thru Creditor a/c's.REV
19/02/2015The Asset Manager miscalculated Straight Line Depreciation when the end of the depreciation period had passed (the book value went into negative or was wrong).REV
19/02/2015If a CreditNote is processed against a Balance Forward Debtor by importing an invoice into the Credit Note, on rare occasions, Rev would post a huge CreditNote value to the Debtor a/c and completely mess up the Age Analysis. I am unable to reproduce this so I now simply check for the huge amount BEFORE writing it to disk and instruct the user to repost the Credit Note.REV
17/02/2015When you amended the Quantity to be Manufactured on a BOM Job, it did NOT update the WorkInProg field in that stock item's Master record.REV
16/02/2015ADDED: Option to email GRN'sREV
13/02/2015Since adding the ability to do a Stocktake at different warehouses simultaneously, when importing a stocktake text file for a warehouse other than Head Office (1), it only searched the Stockcode field for a match in the Rev file - it did NOT search the BARCODE field. So, where the stocktake file was created from the handheld scanner (which stores the item BARCODE), the stocktake import could not find the stock records in Rev's stock file.REV
12/02/2015When printing Stock reports in BIN or CATEGORY sequence for a selected Bin or Category RANGE, if a Bin or Category Code was entered in LOWER case in one or more stock records, this sometimes causes the report to abort early (because lower case characters have a higher position than upper case characters).REV
09/02/2015If you have enabled the 'Manufacture on-the-fly' option (Setup > User Preferences > [Invoicing] tab), but want to NOT allow the 'Manufacture on-the-fly' on selected Stock items, insert: MOTF=NO somewhere in those items' NOTES fields.REV
09/02/2015ADDED: a popup WARNING on the GRN that warns you that the item being booked in has been Superceded. You can still override this message and book the item in anyway. If you want to STOP booking in Superceded stock items altogether, create a blank text file named "NoSuperced.ini" file in the Revelation folder ON THE FILE SERVER.REV
08/02/2015If the LAST Financial Year has less than 12 periods in it, then the Past Period Age Analysis and Past Period Statements showed the Age Analysis from the WRONG Period.REV
06/02/2015ADDED: have the option to DELETE a Sales Quote from the Supermenu Debtor Enquiry option (on the Quote HEADER window).REV
31/01/2015When displaying Debtor a/c's from the Supermenu and you display an account's Quotes and then display the Quote HEADERS and click the [Display] button for a selected Quote, it displays 'SALES ORDER' at the top instead of 'SALES QUOTE'.REV
30/01/2015There was a problem with importing Stock from an Excel spreadsheet when it tried to display the first few records in the spreadsheet for confirmation.REV
29/01/2015When selecting System, User or Terminal Preferences from the Metro Menu module, it did NOT prompt for a SYSTEM Password.REV
28/01/2015If you used the GRN VAT AMEND option to amend a Vat Amount (after clicking [Finish]) and there was a zero-rated entry on the GRN, the Vat Transaction Tax Amount did not get posted with the correct amount.REV
27/01/2015When printing a Selective Debtor/Creditor Transaction list for a Date Range for a selected Warehouse for a warehouse other than 1, it sometimes printed the transactions for Warehouse 1 as well.REV
27/01/2015From now on, in the Stocktake section, when copying the Counted field to OnHand, it will only be copied if the Counted is NOT a minus value.REV
27/01/2015ADDED: Options to create/amend MANUFACTURING Job QUOTES with the ability to import those Quotes into Manufacturing Jobs.REV
23/01/2015ADDED: A new parameter in the Stocktake EXCEPTION listing to only print items where the COUNTED field is LESS than ZERO.REV
23/01/2015ADDED: New Stocktake options: 1) Option on 'Set Not Counted Status' to set ALL Counteds that are < 0 to zero. 2) In 'Copy Counted to OnHand', it first checks for Counteds that are < 0 and warns you to check this.REV
22/01/2015Mods made to the Stock Report and Master file Export sometimes caused the incorrect Purchase Order and Sales Order Totals to be shown when printing as at the end of the Current period.REV
22/01/2015ADDED: You can now specify selected Nominal INCOME a/c's that will allow you to leave the TAXCODE field blank when posting Nominal Journals, Bank Journals, Sundry Deposits and downloaded Bank Statements. Set up these Income a/c's in the Nominal Master File Updates module, option 'Set Income a/c's that will allow zero Vat'. NOTE: Zero Tax postings to INCOME a/c's will lead to a discrepancy between the Income in the Nominal ledger and the Income on the Vat Summary Report.REV
22/01/2015ADDED: You can now disable the use of VOUCHERS as a Tender Type in the Invoice and POS modules. Create a blank text file named 'NoVoucher.ini' in the Rev folder in those computers that must NOT be able to use the Voucher Tender Type.REV
21/01/2015ADDED: Option to load a background program from the StartUp (ProLoad) module as it exits. For example, it can load an executable that uploads data on a daily basis to an FTP site (eg: KwikSave/MassCash). To enable this, create a text file named 'BackProg.ini' that contains the name of the background .EXE file on the first line.REV
20/01/2015When displaying the Debtor/Creditor Activity tab, the PAYMENTS were NOT calculated correctly.REV
15/01/2015ADDED: Option to only print Outstanding Sales Orders for a selected DELIVERY METHOD.REV
14/01/2015If you DISABLED Access to both Branch Transfer IN and OUT for a selected User, that user was also denied access to Branch ORDERS. Fixed.REV
14/01/2015The mod made on 23Nov14 to fix a problem with Foreign Currency Bank Journals caused a difference between the size of Batch HEADER and BODY records which prevented users from verifying and processing Bank Journal Batches.REV
06/01/2015If the Report Font SIZE was modified (Tools > Modify Font), it did NOT update the DRAFT font size which is used when outputting reports to screen. This resulted in some columns not showing all the characters on screen.REV
30/12/2014ADDED: Option to specify a separate WORK-IN-PROGRESS a/c for EACH WarehouseREV
19/12/2014Made a mod to the Custom Reports module in Oct'14 that inadvertantly sets the report Sequence to Stockcode regardless of what you select.REV
19/12/2014When printing a STOCK SALES report and it includes Workshop movements where stock has been RETURNED from the workshop, it still ADDS the value of that return movement to the total value of Sales for that item instead of deducting it.REV
18/12/2014Added new checkboxes to the Doc Layout designer (Setup > Terminal Prefs > [Doc.Layouts] tab to allow the printing of 4 fields on LQ PURCHASE ORDERS. Note that the default 'RevSPOrd.wpo' used to create the user purchase order layout MUST BE UPDATED IN THE REV FOLDER ON THE SERVER (from the one that is downloaded as part of updating SysSetup.exe).REV
18/12/2014ADDED: If there is a 'NoOpen.ini' file in a terminal's Rev folder, you cannot open the cash drawer by pressing the [F12] key on the invoice screen or by clicking the [Open Drawer] button on the CashUp screen. To allow the [Open Drawer] button to work (on the Invoice/POS Cash Up screen), put the following text on the FIRST line inside the 'NoOpen.ini' file: CashUpOpen It is not case sensitive.REV
12/12/2014The CASH SALE PRICELIST (entered under Debtors Master File Updates > Debtor Price Lists) only worked in the standard INVOICE module. It did NOT work in the POS module or the TouchScreen POS module. Fixed.REV
11/12/2014When using split data files (Current and Last Year), there were problems with selecting the correct periods for historical reports.REV
10/12/2014If you created a GRN for a FOREIGN Creditor with NO Import Split and you put a FREIGHT Amount on the GRN, Rev would factor the Freight amount into the AVERAGE Cost of the stock item TWICE. The Nominal Stock Control amount was correctly posted, but, when you SOLD the item, the incorrect Average Cost would remove the wrong value form the Stock Control a/c.REV
08/12/2014If you UNtick the 'Use Average Cost Price in Transfer OUTs' (Setup > System > [General] ), it will now display a WARNING that this would impact on Rev's ability to maintain parity between the GL and the Stock Valuation.REV
04/12/2014There was a bug when using 'Manufacture on the fly' and you ticked the option to print the Recipe contents on the invoice. This sometimes disabled the Manufacture on the fly and it simply sold the item concerned into a negative OnHandREV
02/12/2014ADDED: Options to Import REPS and AREAS from an Excel spreadsheet (on an [Import] dropdown).REV
30/11/2014The RECIPE IMPORT from a spreadsheet gave an error 3265 if it had to import more than 1 page of component items in a recipe.REV
28/11/2014ADDED: the option to import Stock Categories from a spreadsheet on the [Import] dropdown under Stock Master File Updates.REV
26/11/2014After a Transfer OUT in a Multi-Warehouse environment and you select to book the Transfer INto the target Warehouse on the After Menu, it always used the HEAD OFFICE Stock CONTROL a/c and Stock ADJUSTMENT a/c.REV
26/11/2014ADDED: You can now instruct Rev to include copies of the outstanding invoices with the Statement when emailing a statement PDF to Debtors. Go to Setup > System Preferences > [Accounts] tab and tick the box 'Email outstanding invoices with Statements'. NOTES: * The invoices are included in the Statement PDF that is emailed. NO invoices are printed for PRINTED statements. * This function only works for OPEN ITEM Debtor a/c's as there is no way of telling which invoices are outstanding on BALANCE FORWARD a/c's. * This function only works for CURRENT statements - NOT Past Period statements. * To set one or more debtor a/c's to NOT include the invoices with the emailed statement, put 'NoInv=YES' anywhere in those a/c's NOTES fields. * Note that, even if there is only 1 cent owing on an invoice, it will be included as an outstanding invoice. * This function does NOT work for Branch Statements as there would potentially be too many invoices to attach to each statement. REV
25/11/2014Since a mod earlier this year, Debtor SALES JOURNAL batches and Creditor PURCHASES JOURNAL batches that had a Vat amount specified on one or more lines did NOT create a Vat Transaction in the Vat file.REV
24/11/2014After uploading data to Revelation's FTP Backup server, Rev tried to send an email to Rev informing them that the upload has been done. Removed this as it causes problems on computers that do NOT have an email client.REV
23/11/2014If you select a LOCAL CURRENCY Bank a/c when select the BANK JOURNAL (ie: the root a/c), and you then select a FOREIGN BANK a/c as one of the legs in the Bank Journal, it did NOT update the LOCAL CURRENCY value field of the Foreign Bank when it posted the Journal. If you select the FOREIGN BANK a/c as the ROOT a/c, this does NOT happen. When you run the Fix, Rev picks up the imbalance in the Local Currency Balance field of those Foreign a/c's and corrects it.REV
20/11/2014ADDED: When setting up a NEW Company and you want to use a spreadsheet with a prefined Nominal ledger account setup, you can now also define DEPARTMENTS (COSTCENTRES) in the spreadsheet (based on the NOMINAL.XLS supplied with Rev in the Rev folder) by placing the Department Code (up to 5 characters) in the 9th column (after the SubGroup column). Follow the same procedure used to define Groups and SubGroups.REV
19/11/2014Since making the changes to accommodate a formula for the Stock AVAILABLE field, when printing a CUSTOM report that shows OnHand and Orders per WAREHOUSE, it showed the same figure for the end of the current period as well as at today (even when you were hanging over into the new month).REV
19/11/2014The default setting for the System Preferences 'Use Average Cost on Transfer OUTs' ([General] tab) is now set to YES when creating a new company.REV
19/11/2014A mod made in 2009 to NOT change Latest and Average COST prices when doing a Transfer IN into a WAREHOUSE was found to cause the parity between Stock Valuation reports and the Nominal Stock Control a/c's to go out. Removed this mod.REV
17/11/2014Some of the calls to the website ( still used the old UserName and Password (Rental checks, etc) causing it to fail and forcing the client to call for a Release code.REV
17/11/2014Added a new button onto the Debtor/Creditor Transaction EDITOR screen to allow you to COPY the displayed transaction in an ARCHIVE month to the CURRENT month. This addresses a case where, for some reason, one or more outstanding transactions were NOT moved to current during a Month End?REV
14/11/2014Some users have reported peculiar stuff in the [AddOns] menu. It seems to be caused by the fact that, unlike all the other addons in the list, the REPAIR program does NOT have 3 lines of info - only 2 - but the 3rd line MUST be present (as a blank line). It seems that newer versions of NotePad do NOT write back blank lines if they are at the bottom of the document. Had to now check for EOF before reading the 3rd line.REV
14/11/2014ADDED: When you drill down on a plain Stock Movement entry in a Nominal a/c (eg: Workshop issue, BOM issue, etc), ti will now display the Nominal legs (if any) for that entry (before it would just say '...NO movement header...').REV
12/11/2014When importing Stock from an external file (Excel or text) and it contained a BARCODE field, but NO Stockcode field and to instructed it to search using the BARCODE field, the import engine replaced all the Stockcodes of existing imported items in the Stock file with the Barcode.REV
11/11/2014The mods made on 6Nov14 to correct problems with =M long messages, caused problems when the Stock Notes field was used as the Description.REV
10/11/2014There was still a random rounding problem on Credit Notes.REV
10/11/2014The recent mod to cater for a formula for 'Available' caused a problem in NON warehouse Stocktake and VALUATION reports if you selected to show the OnHand on the report (it showed zero for all OnHands).REV
10/11/2014In companies that have had Revelation since the 80's (and Triacc) and the Debtor and Creditor a/c numbers are still 4 digit numerics, the Transaction display window sometimes displays NO transactions on some accounts. Fixed.REV
07/11/2014You were NOT able to add the 'Pay Creditors out of the Till' option to the My Menu list. Fixed.REV
07/11/2014The PAST PERIOD VALUATION Report calculations EXCLUDED movements from the LAST day of the period specified. These should obviously be INcluded in the valuation.REV
07/11/2014Removed the mods made on 12Oct to post a nominal adjustment leg if the Cost Price was changed on a Transfer INWARDS. This caused incorrect calculations for the Stock Control leg.REV
06/11/2014There were still some small problems with the =M function where it sometimes did not place the selected (saved) message in the body of the document.REV
06/11/2014The mod made on 3Nov2014 (to correct a problem when editing Creditor a/c's) caused another problem when opening NEW Creditor a/c's (it put the wrong a/c number in the a/c number field on screen). Fixed.REV
05/11/2014When printing a Statement for a Balance Forward Debtor a/c that has been set to print more than just the Current month's transactions on the statement, it sometimes comes up with as error 94 (Null Error) because it tries to extract the date of the Balance Forward transactions (which are always Null). Fixed.REV
05/11/2014There was a bug in the Rebuild program (Fix) that would sometimes remove Warehouses 10 thru 19 during the Rebuild process. Fixed.REV
03/11/2014On the Creditor account Master screen, if youi pressed [E] (to edit the record), it placed the 'E' as the first character in the Account Number and would NOT let you save the record. It was Ok if you clicked [edit]. Fixed.REV
03/11/2014ADDED: You can now specify a formula for how the Stock AVAILABLE field is calculated (System Preferences > [Stock] tab. It can be set to include the Work In Progress field (BOM and W/M). There is also now an AVAILABLE column on the stock Browse screen that uses that same formula. There is an optional 'In Production' field next to the OnHand field on the main stock screen. This can be enabled on the [Stock] tab under System Preferences. In Warehouse mode, the [All Warehouses] button now displays the 'In Production' and 'Available' fields for each warehouse as well. These fields are calculated in real time from the BOM and W/M files.REV
02/11/2014The 'Missing Nominal Legs' report (Audit Reports > Search for Errors) sometimes listed transactions where there appeared to be NO imbalance (0.00). This was caused by slight rounding errors. Fixed.REV
01/11/2014When selecting Stock fields from the Select Fields window (for Amend a field in stock records and Export stock fields, etc), the Supplier 5 Stockcode field was NOT visible. Fixed.REV
01/11/2014The 2 Supplier checkboxes on the AUTO-ORDER screen should be mutually exclusive (so they can't both be ticked at the same time). Fixed.REV
30/10/2014The mods made in June2014 to the invoice module to accommodate the use of the [Special] button in the MODOC layout editor (to use fields for different purposes on custom layouts) caused a bug where the VAT AMOUNT column printed nothing if the Debtor involved was an INCLUSIVE debtor. Fixed.REV
30/10/2014Made an inadvertent change on 23Oct that prevents you calling up and Invoice for Reprint using it's invoice number.REV
30/10/2014If you entered a LONG message (> 70 characters) as an =M message, but did NOT press [Enter] at the end of it, the FIRST line of the message did not get a #T in the stockcode field (on the document). This caused it to leave that line off of the printed document as well.REV
30/10/2014The mods made on 12Oct2014 to prevent problems with item Costs on Transfer Inwards caused it to sometimes miscalculate the amount posted to the nominal InterBranch Transfer a/c (especially if you changed a cost price).REV
23/10/2014ADDED: A new parameter for the Outstanding QUOTES report: Only print Quotes already been imported into an Invoice or Order.REV
21/10/2014If you tried to email a Report, Rev would use the Title of the Report as the PDF filename. If the title had leading spaces, this caused an error when the email engine tried to locate the PDF file. Fixed.REV
21/10/2014Sometimes ZERO value Invoices in a Debtor or Creditor a/c created a condition that caused an Error 13 during the Month End Update.REV
20/10/2014If you set a USer's Invoicing Preferences to only allow equal or higher selling prices on invoices, it did not round the price and, although they looked the same, Rev reports that they are different.REV
20/10/2014The Rep Analysis by Invoices/Cr.Notes for the CURRENT period now allows you to specify a Starting Date in a PAST Period. It then includes ALL the entries in the date range specified.REV
19/10/2014ADDED: When doing a GRN with an IMPORT SPLIT for a LOCAL Currency Creditor, you can now post the Import Split amount to a NOMINAL account instead of a Creditor a/c.REV
17/10/2014If a Stock Item was flagged to NOT allow Purchase Orders, it still appeared on the REORDER report.REV
16/10/2014If you use a Letter Quality printer for Debtor Invoices and a Letter Quality SLIP Printer for Cash Sales and you do a Cash Sale and then do a Debtor Sale, it sends the Debtor Invoice to the Slip printer and thereafter, ALL Debtor invoices go to the Slip printer.REV
16/10/2014If you do a Cash Invoice and the click the [Convert] button and change it to a SALES ORDER, you get an error 3265 when you click the [Save] button.REV
16/10/2014When doing a CUSTOM Stock Report in a multi-warehouse environment that involves exporting the OnHand from Warehouse 1 (Head Office), it exported the WRONG value. Fixed.REV
16/10/2014The Post Stock Valuation Journals calculated the wrong Stock Valuation if you had more than 9 Warehouses in a multi-warehouse environment.REV
16/10/2014ADDED: The Fix option 'Recalculate Stock On-Order fields' now also also recalculates the 'In Manufacture' field on the [History] tab (from Bill-of-Materials jobs and Manufacturing Job Cards).REV
15/10/2014Partially completed BOM Jobs did NOT appear on the 'Unfinished Jobs' report under Bill of Materials > Reports. Fixed.REV
15/10/2014ADDED the option to Pay Creditors from the Till via Cash Out in the standard Sales Invoice module.REV
15/10/2014ADDED: To prevent inputting MINUS Quantities in the Sales Invoice module on selected computers, create a blank 'NoMinusQty.ini' text file in the Revelation folder on EACH OF THOSE COMPUTERS.REV
15/10/2014ADDED: Modified all modules to allow for 8 decimal places in Foreign Currency Exchange Rates. NOTE: After the update from our website, YOU MUST RUN A FIX - REBUILD ONLY in order for the database field structure to be updated to accommodate the 8 decimals.REV
12/10/2014When doing a Transfer INwards into a Warehouse and you change the COST Price that was on the Transfer OUTwards, the difference between the two is posted to the Nominal Stock Adjustment a/c. This prevents the Inter-Branch Transfer a/c from having a residue balance in it.REV
09/10/2014If the 'Use Head Office Credit Limit in Branch-linked a/c's' is ticked on the [Accounts] tab under System Preferences, you sometimes got an error 5 when importing an Invoice into a Credit Note. Fixed.REV
09/10/2014Fixed a problem when printing a TB in Group or Dept sequence for a selected Warehouse (it still tried to print all a/c's instead of only those linked to the selected warehouse).REV
09/10/2014If you input a NEGATIVE Settlement Discount when posting a payment against an Open Item Debtor a/c, it confuses the MonthEnd Update and causes it to mix up the existing allocations (and sometimes creates a false UnAllocated amount causing an imbalance in the Debtor a/c). The same applies to CREDIT Settlement Discounts in Creditor a/c's.REV
08/10/2014When in the LAST period of the Current Financial Year and the Period Dates of the FIRST Period in the Next Financial Year are corrupted it allows you to post Single-Contra Bank Journals where the Date of the single Bank leg can be in a different period to the Journal legs. This causes an imbalance in the TB.REV
03/10/2014If you enabled the option to prompt for a Password if a User changes the System Date to a Date OLDER than the previous date, it still prompts for the password even if you move the date FORWARDS.REV
02/10/2014When first accessing a company's data, Rev checks the old composite ZX error flag record. It used the 'Code' index to find this record. It seems that, on rare occasions, this would caused it to read one of the new Terminal ZX error flag records. This very rarely made Rev think there was an error and force a Fix or Restore. Changed the search index to 'KeyCode' which forces it to find the old compositre error record.REV
01/10/2014In the Fix: Rebuild - OLD METHOD, if there were more than 19 warehouses and the blank ProwinX.mdb file only had 9 warehouses in it, warehouses 10 to 19 were LOST. It now checks how many warehouses there are and adds those fields to the blank target file BEFORE doing the copy/rebuild.REV
01/10/2014In a Multi-Warehouse environment, if you go directly to the 'Input Stocktake Count' option (instead of doing the 'Set Not Counted Status FIRST'), any NEW stock items in the main stock table, will NOT appear in the WHCount.mdb Counted file. It now compares the number of records in both tables - if different, it then synchronises the 2 files.REV
01/10/2014ADDED: You can set the Maximum amount allowed for a Cash OUT (Purchase) in the invoice and POS modules by creating a text file named 'MaxCashOut.ini' in the Rev folder on the FILE SERVER that has the maximum amount allowed on the FIRST line of the ini file.REV
30/09/2014In 2011, when adding the Debtor/Creditor CATEGORY definitions for each of the 10 'fields' within the Category field, I used the same KeyCode for the Creditor Categories (DC) as I had used for Creditor RECURRING Charges. Elsewhere, I programmed around this glitch, but had forgotten that in the Revaluation program on the [Exctra] dropdown under FIX.REV
25/09/2014Improved the option to 'Import Recipes from an Excel spreadsheet' to make it more user-friendly.REV
20/09/2014The 'Import BOM Recipes from a spreadsheet' did NOT work properly where there were blank component fields as these led to an error 94 (Invalid use of Null) when working on the Recipe later. Also added a mechanism to allow Carriage Returns in imported recipe INSTRUCTIONS (in column D of the spreadsheet). To embed a Carriage Return in an Excel cell, press Alt+Enter together.REV
10/09/2014A mod made on 2013/06/19 to prevent the Bill of Materials MRP report from including Sales QUOTES had a bug in it which stopped it including Sales Orders as well.REV
10/09/2014ADDED: When trying to Convert a Debtor or Creditor a/c to a FOREIGN Currency, Rev will now also check for Outstanding Orders, Quotes and ProForma invoices before allowing it.REV
10/09/2014ADDED: You can now create your own SALES ORDER document layout when clicking the 'Create your own layouts...' button on the [Doc.Layouts] tab under Terminal Preferences.REV
09/09/2014When doing a STOCKTAKE in a Multi-Warehouse environment in a Warehouse other than the Main warehouse, the 'Copy Counted to OnHand' corrupted the MAIN Warehouse OnHand when copied as at TODAY's DATE.REV
08/09/2014In a Multi-Warehouse environment, when Adding New Serial Numbers to existing Stock records (usually ones converted from being NON-serialised), Rev allowed you to add more serial numbers than the OnHand because it was checking the TOTAL OnHand instead of the current Warehouse's OnHand.REV
08/09/2014In Multi-Warehouse mode, when there were more than 9 Warehouses, the OnHand array variable still only catered for 9 warehouses so the STOCK REPORT and VALUATION reports did NOT give the correct info for warehouses above 9.REV
06/09/2014ADDED: When you import a DELIVERY NOTE into a GRN, it will now list the Delivery Note details in a message on the FIRST line of the GRN.REV
05/09/2014When doing a STOCKTAKE in the MAIN Warehouse in a Multi-Warehouse environment, the 'Copy Counted to OnHand' copied the wrong quantity.REV
03/09/2014A mod made on 20May2014 to update the Line Discount if there was a Debtor Pricelist caused it to be updated regardless when importing a Sales order into an invoice.REV
03/09/2014ADDED: When you click [Save] on an invoice, quote or Order, if the total value is > 5000 million, a warning is displayed and you are forced to either amend it or cancel it.REV
03/09/2014When the DISSASEMBLY mechanism has been ENABLED for invoices (refer ProInv 18Jun2011), it uses the Superceded field in stock records. This caused the Quote and Sales Order modules to pop up with a Superceded Warning when you included one of those items. Fixed.REV
03/09/2014Random Printer Error 482 reported when printing REMITTANCES. Added a bypass.REV
01/09/2014The mod made on 13 Aug (to stop overprinting on long statements) caused it to crash with an error 3159 when using the Email and Print option.REV
01/09/2014When printing the Debtors Stock Sales report, the TOTAL Margin% at the end of the report sometimes did not print.REV
29/08/2014ADDED: When you click [Save] on an invoice, if the total value of the invoice is > 100 million, a warning is displayed allowing you to cancel at that point. This is to catch those invoices where the operator scanned the Barcode of an item in the Price field by mistake.REV
26/08/2014ADDED: In the Purchase Order and GRN modules, added an option to press [F6] in the Stockcode field to search on the SUPPLIER STOCKCODE field has now been extended to search ALL 5 Supplier Stockcode fields.REV
26/08/2014ADDED: You can now specify the Foreign term for 'CASH SALE' on the 10th line of the 'DocTitle.ini' file so that the correct name will be printed on Cash Sale Invoices. Also modified the Quote and Purchase Order modules to print the Foreign term for Purchase Order (line 8) and Sales Quote (line 7).REV
23/08/2014Increased the MAX number of lines allowed on a Purchase Order and GRN to 2000 lines (was 1000).REV
22/08/2014When updating the STOCK during the month end, it removes leading spaces from stockcodes. This causes a duplicate stockcode error (3022) if there already is a code with NO leading space. It now checks for this condition and leaves the leading space in.REV
21/08/2014ADDED: Under the STOCKTAKE EXCEPTION list option there is now a parameter to 'Only print NON Counted stock items (where Counted < -99999).REV
21/08/2014Prevent Transfer IN and OUT entries from being contra'd to Nominal INCOME and BANK a/c's.REV
20/08/2014When doing a CREDIT NOTE and you want to import an invoice into the C/N and there is a Split Data file for the company data, do NOT allow the import of invoices from the slpit data file.REV
19/08/2014When importing a Quote into an Invoice and you leave the cursor sitting in the DATE field and click the downarrow in the Order Number field to select the Quote to import, the date remains in the DDMMYY format (that Rev uses for Date entry). When the Import program parses the Quote, it tries to compare the Invoice Date (in the Date field) with the Quote's Expiry Date and fails because it does not recognise the DDMMYY format. So it simply does NOT import the quote. Fixed.REV
19/08/2014The 'Supplier Info' frame at the bottom of the GRN Confirm Selling Price window is now permanently visible.REV
19/08/2014A user can now set Rev to leave the Tender Amount field blank when prompting for the Tender in the Invoice module. This is controlled by a checkbox on the [POS] tab under User Preferences.REV
18/08/2014If Foreign Bank a/c's are ENABLED and you posted a Bank Journal to a LOCAL Currency Bank a/c and post one of the legs in the Bank Journal to a FOREIGN Bank a/c, Rev posts the LOCAL Currency amount to the Foreign Bank a/c (and does NOT create the Foreign details FB entry in the RepArea table). From now on, in the RECON module, you can no longer call up FOREIGN Bank a/c's in the Bank Journals section.REV
18/08/2014ADDED: A new Fix option on the [Extras] dropdown (I. Fix faulty Foreign Bank a/c transactions) to fix the problems created by the bug that was fixed in the NPOST module on 16 August.REV
18/08/2014Since adding the option to do PAST PERIOD Bank Journals for FOREIGN Bank a/c's, this caused a problem (error 3265) when doing plain Past Period Bank Journals. Fixed.REV
18/08/2014When posting a FOREIGN currency GRN and you put an amount into the Freight field and the 'Factor Freight into stock item's Cost prices' is DISABLED, Rev posted the Freight Amount 'as is' to the Nominal ledger instead of converting it to Local Currency first. This caused a nominal imbalance.REV
16/08/2014If Foreign Bank a/c's are ENABLED and you posted a Bank Journal to a LOCAL Currency Bank a/c and post one of the legs in the Bank Journal to a FOREIGN Bank a/c, Rev posts the LOCAL Currency amount to the Foreign Bank a/c (and does NOT create the Foreign details FB entry in the RepArea table).REV
13/08/2014Enhanced the option on the Fix dropdown: 'I. Recalculate Total Costs in Move Header records' to also recalculate the Costs of the actual line items in the body of a movement (just gets Cost Price from stock record). This corrects a bug in the Workshop Detailed Invoice module that did NOT capture the line item costs properly when closing a Job Card.REV
13/08/2014If a debtor's transactions fill up a statement (ie: the last outstanding transaction prints on the last available transaction line in the statement layout, it doesn't clear that page for the next client's statement. This causes overprinting of master file info on the next statement.REV
11/08/2014Fixed some problems with doing a Stocktake and copying the Counted to the OnHand AS AT A DATEand TIME.REV
08/08/2014ADDED: A new format of the Downloadable Bank Statement for INVESTEC (there are now 2 Investec formats).REV
08/08/2014ADDED: If Foreign Currency Bank a/c's is ENABLED, you can now post a PAST PERIOD Bank Journal into a Foreign Bank a/c.REV
07/08/2014ADDED: Under the [Extra Email Addresses] button on the [Control] tab of Drs/Crs, there is now an option to input MULTIPLE EMAIL addresses for each document type per account. The document would then be automatically emailed to ALL those email addresses.REV
05/08/2014When you 'Set the Not Counted status' (for a StockTake) in a multi-warehouse environment, it was supposed to remove any stock items in the temp WHCOUNT.MDB file that do not exist in the main stock file. There was a bug that prevented it from doing this. Fixed.REV
05/08/2014The EXPORT of the Serial Number Movements sometimes excluded SALES movements in a specified Date range if you did NOT tick the 'Only export Sales movements...' parameter box.REV
04/08/2014ADDED: On the List of Addon Modules screen, there is now a [Display AddOn info] button that takes you to the AddOn module info on our website.REV
04/08/2014In Multi-warehouse mode in a Warehouse other than Head Office, when you print a STOCKTAKE list or STOCK report in BIN sequence, it does NOT do it in Bin then Code sequence (the stock items in each Bin are in a random sequence). This causes a problem when you then use that stocktake list to Input the Stock Counted (for a stocktake) in BIN sequence because it lists the items in Bin > Stockcode Code sequence. Fixed.REV
30/07/2014There were some problems with the =M option (Long Message) where a stock item entered AFTER the long message would display the 1st line of the previous long message. Fixed.REV
29/07/2014ADDED: Option to EXclude the Cost Prices and Profit info from Stock Sales by Rep and Stock Category Sales by Rep reports. Also added Overall Totals at the end of the report.REV
27/07/2014ADDED: New document Layout engine that now caters for 80 headings and 80 lines.REV
14/07/2014ADDED: On the Stock Enquiry screen (Supermenu), it now displays the Promotional Price details on the[General Details] tab as well (if a Promo Price is in effect).REV
14/07/2014ADDED: A postings option under the 'Fix Allocations' option that allows you to Allocate ALL UnAllocated entries to the oldest invoices in either a single a/c or ALL accounts.REV
11/07/2014When you import a Sales QUOTE into a Sales ORDER, Rev puts the Internal Order number of the Sales Order into the Internal Order number field of the Sales Quote so that you can see that it has been imported into a Sales Order. When using the [Import a Sales Order] button option to import a Sales Order into an invoice from the main invoice screen and you input an INTERNAL SALES ORDER NUMBER and the search routine looks for that number, it finds the Sales QUOTE first and imports that in error. It now moves on until it finds the Sales ORDER with that Internal Number and imports that.REV
10/07/2014ADDED: The option to allow the use of other Expense a/c's in the CASH OUT (Purchases) screen has been expanded. Before, if you simply created a blank text file named 'AllowExpAccs.ini' in the Rev folder of those computers/terminals that required it, that would allow those operators to select different expense a/c's. This still works, but has been expanded as follows: If you want to allow only selected Expense a/c's to be used, create the text file named 'AllowExpAccs.ini' (using NotePad) and place in it a list of the allowed Expense a/c NUMBERS (between 20000 and 29999 incl.) with each a/c number on its own line. Rev will then only allow those expense a/c's in the Cash OUT option in invoice and POS modules.REV
08/07/2014When adding an ODD ITEM to an invoice and the default Sales a/c (General Sales) is a BLOCKED a/c, Rev warns you and makes the Nominal a/c field blank. If you now click [Cancel], it still saves the Odd Item leg with the default (blocked) General Sales a/c.REV
07/07/2014When doing a Manufacture on the fly in the Invoice modules, Rev will now calculate the Cost Price of the item being manufactured based on the Cost Price of the Component items in the Recipe (instead of just using the Manufactured Item's Cost price).REV
07/07/2014ADDED: The Drs/Crs Rolling Sales/Purchases reports now include an option to also show MANUAL Invoices and Credit Notes.REV
07/07/2014ADDED: If you are a NON-VAT Vendor, you can now still input the INCLUSIVE Cost Price of an item on a GRN (from the Supplier's Invoice) and press [F5] to backcalculate the EXCLusive Price.REV
04/07/2014If there were Serialised stock items on a DELIVERY RECEIPT, you could NOT convert it to a GRNREV
02/07/2014In most report options, the dropdown calendar control (to select a Date) did not always allow you to select a date earlier than last month. Now allows from start of last financial year.REV
30/06/2014ADDED: You can now print the Sales Order number as a BARCODE on Debtor Sales Invoices.REV
28/06/2014The mods made earlier to recalculate the Inclusive Price of an item that is manufactured 'on-the-fly' caused a miscalculation (by several cents) of the Tax Total on an invoice if there was a large quantity manufactured. This was caused by the Inclusive Price of the item being rounded at source (ie: for a single item). When the Inclusive value of a large quantity of these items was calculated, the cumulative effect of the rounding caused the Tax Amount to be out by a large number of cents. I no longer round the Inclusive Price - it only does the rounding of the Line Total.REV
27/06/2014ADDED: You can now import the contents of a GRN (Goods Received Note) into a Transfer OUT document. In the Transfer Out screen, click the downarrow in the 'Order No.' field and select the [GRN] option. Locate the GRN you want to import. You can then amend (or delete) any of the imported GRN lines.REV
27/06/2014ADDED: For Sales Order, you can specify a different document layout file for EMAILS as to the one used for PRINTING an order. It will still use the default layout for the printed orders. In the Rev folder ON THE FILE SERVER, create a text file named 'EmailOrderLayout.ini' that has the name of the letter quality layout file that must be used for emails (eg: PlainLas.wso).REV
25/06/2014The mods made for Split Data files caused a problem in the running total on Creditor Transaction History reports.REV
24/06/2014If the first item in the Stock file is an ASSET, when you select the [Stock] button on the Supermenu, it displays that Asset item in error. Fixed.REV
23/06/2014ADDED: From now on, if you add an ODD ITEM that is in your Stock file into a BOM Recipe, you will be prompted that you need to open an 'Odd Items used in Manufacture' a/c in the Nominal ledger before it will accept Odd Items in Recipes. This is to ensure that the amount going in and out of the Work in Progress a/c as part of the manufacture process is posted to meaningful a/c's. Up to now, Odd Item amounts were posted to General Purchases. Once you have opened the Odd Item Manufacture a/c, go to Setup > System Preferences > [Accounts] tab and link the newly opened 'Nom.a/c for Odd Items used in Manufacture' to that a/c.REV
21/06/2014The old option to 'Export Stock for Import into another Revelation' exported the data into a comma-delimited text file. To avoid problems with quotes (") when being imported into another Rev, the export process is supposed to replace " with the ` symbol. It did not do this, resulting in errors when doing the IMport. Fixed.REV
20/06/2014When the Rev data is split into 2 data files and you print or export a History Transaction list for an account, the Opening Balance in Balance Forward a/c's is wrong.REV
20/06/2014When you select the EXPORT TO EXCEL option for the 12 Month Rolling Stock Sales (Drs) or Purchases (Crs) for a SINGLE account, it then also prompts you to select a printer. FixedREV
19/06/2014Some of the .ICO (Icon) files used for the ToolBar in Rev had their READ-ONLY flags set. When UNinstalling Rev, it is unable to delete those files because of the Read-Only flag so it cannot then remove the Rev folder.REV
19/06/2014ADDED: The Movement History screen for Stock now also shows the AVERAGE Movement over the period displayed for Purchases, Adjustments, Issues, Sales and Transfers.REV
19/06/2014Since the mods to improve the scrolling engine in Quotes/Orders, the =P directive did not work when entered on line 6.REV
18/06/2014Added the normal LANDLINE Phone Number (391 4705) to the '086 111 5533' number in popup screens.REV
18/06/2014The mods made on 04 June caused the line item Descriptions to be reinstated (from the stock record) when you AMENDED a Quote or Order (after amending the Description manually).REV
17/06/2014ADDED: You can now enable Foreign Bank a/c's in an Enterprise of any size. When you tick the Foreign Bank a/c box on the [Currencies] tab under System preferences, it will prompt you to call Rev for a Release Code.REV
15/06/2014Since the mods on 15May, when importing an Invoice into a Credit Note and the 'Round to Nearest x Cents' is ENABLED, the rounding amount got left out of the Overall Discount resulting in an imbalance in the Nominal Contras.REV
14/06/2014Reinstated the old send via MAPI engine for cases where the 'Let NovaPDF create the PDF, but send the email via MAPI' is ticked and the default Mail client is NOT MS Outlook. It still uses vbMAPI if MS Outlook is the mail client.REV
12/06/2014The Stock MOVEMENT Report for a selected Nominal ACCOUNT did NOT print correctly for Branch Transfers type movements.REV
10/06/2014ADDED: When ordering a Stock item, you can press [F9] in the Quantity field to display the 12 month Movement History for that stock item.REV
10/06/2014The mod made on 5Jun14 to fix a problem with Past Period Statements causes an error 3265 under certain circumstances. Fixed.REV
07/06/2014If you select the 'Book into another Warehoyse' option after processing a Transfer OUT, it did not always post all the Nominal legs for the INWARDS entry.REV
07/06/2014When reprinting a GRN that had an IMPORT SPLIT, it did not print the correct Nominal a/c NAMES on the sheet that prints the Import Split breakdown.REV
05/06/2014If a Debtor a/c number had an '&' character in it, clicking the [Recent] button (to display recent sales of an item to the current debtor) displayed nothing. Fixed.REV
05/06/2014Past Period Statements looked at the wrong Aging slot when calculating the Age Analysis for the selected Past Period.REV
05/06/2014Updated ProLoad to copy Metro Menu files around the network if not present on Server.REV
05/06/2014ADDED: 1) AutoFix option so that the Validate process does all corrections without prompting the User to Confirm (there is still an option to do it manually). 2). Corrections made during the Validate process are now stored in a text file that can be viewed after the Validate is completed. On the [File] dropdown, there is an option to display the corrections made in the LAST Validate process. 3) On the [File] dropdown, you can now display the FIX LOG in NotePad which would allow you to print the Fix Log.REV
04/06/2014ADDED: The use of unused Line Item fields in document layouts to show different item info (like Exclusive and Inclusive Prices, Extended Description, Price AFTER Discount, etc)REV
01/06/2014When processing FUTURE-DATED Payments, the display screen did NOT display the Payments in REF.CODE sequence, but the sort sequence in the posting engine posted them in RefCode sequence. If you selected the "Process ALL automatically..." option, if the first displayed RefCode was greater than the next one, the posting engine never got to the next entry and you had to process them all manually.REV
30/05/2014If you used the [Lock Down] button in the Touch screen POS module and then clicked [Cancel] in the PASSWORD screen, you got an error.REV
30/05/2014There were still problems with using the vertical scrollbar to navigate around and Invoice/Quote. Also fixed problems with using =R to import the contents of a Recipe.REV
30/05/2014ADDED: If the Unit-of-Purchase of an item being transferred in is greater than 1, you can now input the actual QUANTITY and press [F6] instead of the number of packs and [Enter] (just like in a GRN).REV
29/05/2014After adding the DOSWMAN to the Workshop download list (for updating from our website), users kept getting an error when updating from the web. Caused because UpdINet program assumed all Workshop Manager program names began with the letter 'W' so it didn't recognise DOSWMAN.REV
27/05/2014ADDED: There is now an option to Import BIN location Codes and Names on the Import dropdown in the Stock Master File Updates module.REV
27/05/2014The 'Go to Browse window for Drs/Crs' setting now also sets the STOCK Search from the Supermenu directly into Browse mode as well.REV
27/05/2014ADDED: A new =M directive that can be entered into the Stockcode field on an Invoice, Quote or Order that allows you to input LONG messages into the body of the document. You input the text into a NotePad type window which is then formated as #T lines on the actual document. You can save and reuse long earlier saved messages.REV
24/05/2014In FOREIGN Debtor/Creditor a/c's, when displaying the Nominal Contra window for Payment and Credit Note entries, the Currency % RATE sometimes displayed the %Rate on the Invoice instead of on the Payment.REV
23/05/2014The FOREX REVALUATION JOURNAL option under Nominal Postings sometimes miscalulated the revaluation amount which caused an imbalance when running a Fix.REV
22/05/2014When transferring SERIALISED items OUT to another warehouse and you use the option to immediately book them in to another warehouse, it did not copy the Serial Numbers to the other warehouse.REV
22/05/2014ADDED: The PriceList Import option (ITEM-BASED) now also caters for the importing of ACTUAL PRICES (excl.vat) from a spreadsheet. Simply put the character 'P' in the 5th column (E) of the spreadsheet and then the import program will assume that the value in the 4th column (D) is the Exclusive PRICE.REV
22/05/2014When doing AUTO ANNUAL RELEASES via the internet, Rev sometimes calculated a wrong Expiry Date .REV
20/05/2014The SLOG.MDB file (containing System Fix and Repair logs) will now also be included when uploading a backup of a company to the FTP server.REV
20/05/2014The calculation done to check if the TB balances BEFORE the Month End Update begins did not correctly calculate the value of Foreign Currency Bank a/c's.REV
19/05/2014ADDED: a new option '6. Access Archived data' on the [Tools] menu that displays a list of all the YEAR Archives and the Start and End date of their CURRENT year and then allows you to copy any of those Archives to another Revelation company number where they can be accessed normally via Rev.REV
18/05/2014ADDED: Option to clear the Windows Printer List. In larger network environments, the Printer List mechanism in Windows remembers every printer you ever used (local or on the network). This leads to a long list of (mostly defunct) printers that is hard to search through when looking for the printer you want to print a report on. Go to Utilities & Tools > Fix > [Extra] dropdown > G. Clear Windows Printer list.REV
16/05/2014ADDED: The Outstanding Sales QUOTE report will now print the Debtor's EMAIL Address (if present).REV
16/05/2014ADDED: Option to EXCLUDE Costs and Profit% from Debtor Stock Sales report when printing it for a SINGLE Debtor a/c.REV
15/05/2014When processing a CREDIT NOTE and you import an invoice into it that has an OVERALL DISCOUNT on it and you remove some line items from the Credit Note (that were on the invoice), the Vat calculation is based on the new Goods Value minus the ORIGINAL Line Discount amount (not the reduced overall discount based on the reduced number of line items.REV
14/05/2014There were still some problems with Foreign Bank a/c's in the MonthEnd Update when there were more than a certain number of Foreign Bank a/c's.REV
13/05/2014ADDED: An option under the [Import] dropdown in Stock Master File Updates to import Debtor/Stock PRICELIST items from an Excel spreadsheet. There are 2 options: 1) Import Stock CATEGORY based Discounts per Debtor -or- 2) Actual Stock ITEM-based Discounts per Debtor.REV
12/05/2014ADDED: An option under the [Import] dropdown in Stock Master File Updates to import NEW Stockcodes from an Excel spreadsheet. Column A in the spreadsheet contains either the existing Stock CODE in your stock file -or- the BARCODE in your stock file. Column B in the spreadsheet contains the NEW Stock CODE.This option uses the code in column A to locate the stock record and then updates that item's Stock CODE with the code in column B.REV
08/05/2014ADDED: When creating a NEW company, you can now also specify SUB GROUPS in the Nominal ledger spreadsheet specification file. Add a new column named 'SubGroup' to the spreadsheet and use it to specify the Sub Group details in the same way you specify the ordinary GROUP details.REV
08/05/2014When creating a NEW company, if you imported the Nominalk ledger from a custom SPREADSHEET and you did NOT have a 'Budget' column in the spreadsheet (ie: there were only 5 columns in the spreadsheet), you got an error 3265. Fixed.REV
06/05/2014There were still problems with the auto Forex Adjustment entries posted during the MonthEnd Update (to cater for recalculation of the Local Currency value of Foreign Bank a/c's based on the current Exchange rate).REV
06/05/2014The fix done on 2014/05/01 to correct problems with the use of the =R directive caused items that used their Notes field as descriptions to be duplicated on invoices. Fixed.REV
05/05/2014ADDED: Option to input =S and =T messages as well as Odd Item Descriptions in UPPER and LOWER case. Under Setup >> System Preferences >> [General] tab, tick the 'Input =S, =T messages in Upper and Lower case'REV
05/05/2014When REprinting a Transfer OUT/IN document and the Transfer document number does NOT have leading zeroes in it, Rev prefixes the number you entered with leading zeroes. If the actual document number did NOT have leading zeroes, Rev reported that it could not find that document. It will now also look for the actual number entered by the operator as well (NO leading zeroes).REV
05/05/2014ADDED: Modified the CSV Order Create option in the Purchase Order module to now also use the SUPPLIER STOCKCODE if that option is ticked on the [Orders] tab under Setup >> User Preferences.REV
02/05/2014When allocating a Debtor payment to an a/c and you input a Settlement Discount amount and there is a Discount % ceiling set for that User, Rev sometimes rejects the Discount amount as being higher than the allowed %. This is because it wasn't rounding the back-calculation when converting the discount AMOUNT to a PERCENTAGE. This sometimes resulted in a calculated Discount% that was higher than the rounded Discount%.REV
01/05/2014When using the =R directive to import the contents of a Recipe into an Invoice and some of the items on the Recipe were set to use the NOTES field as the Description, it sometimes lost the contents of one or more Notes fields on the invoice.REV
26/04/2014When the Foreign BANK a/c's option was enabled and used, the Trial Balance sometimes didn't balance because it calculated a ForexDiff amount and added it to the Forex a/c balance causing the imbalance. The MonthEnd Update's psuedo background TB to check for an imbalance also used the wrong calculation. Fixed on 5 May 2014.REV
22/04/2014If a Rev company is set to only ONE period in the financial year and you print a Debtor Statement for LAST year, it printed a ZERO balance on the statement.REV
17/04/2014The mod made to the Stock [Movement History] tab on 2014/03/14 caused some problems when showing the Movement History for NON warehouse sites.REV
16/04/2014If a Rev user that used the OnLine Shop module upgraded to a new Rev Serial number, the OnLine module now looks for the folder on the Vanto FTP server that is named after the NEW Rev Serial No. when uploading the Stock pictures. This gives an error because the original pics are stored in the folder named after the OLD dsik number. Added Code that checks for the FTP folder based on the NEW disk number and creates it if it isn't there.REV
16/04/2014Since the mods to add the LIST Price/Margin to the Footer line on the Quote/Order screen, the Overall Invoice Profit data that was displayed in the same footer line when you clicked [Finish] no longer displayed. Fixed.REV
15/04/2014If you amended a Nominal a/c NUMBER for an a/c that is used as either the Sales or Cost a/c for Workshop Manager LABOUR RATES, it did NOT update the Nominal a/c number in the Labour Rates records used by Workshop Manager.REV
13/04/2014ADDED: You can now specify the default Delivery Note Printer to be used for each terminal when you click on the 'Print Delivery Note on ANOTHER printer' option on the Invoice After Menu. Setup this Delivery Note printer on the [Invoices] tab under Terminal Preferences.REV
12/04/2014A client reported that the GRN module had posted a GRN into the ARCHIVE movement file instead of the CURRENT file. I have added code into the [Save] routine to check that the Movement file is set to the CURRENT file before it writes a GRN to disk. Also added an option in the Fix module on the [Extras] dropdown (option [F]) to move any entries in the Archive Movement file back to Current.REV
11/04/2014The Audit >> Search for Errors option to search for missing Nominal legs still picked up Forex Revaluation entries (posted in the Nominal Postings module) as imbalanced entries. This is caused by a bug in the mod made in the Search for Errors routine dated 2013/04/11 (?)REV
08/04/2014Since the mods to add the LIST Price/Margin to the Footer line on the invoice screen, the Overall Invoice Profit data that was displayed in the same footer line when you clicked [Finish] no longer displayed. Fixed.REV
02/04/2014ADDED: When using the Batch SALES Journals and Batch PURCHASES Journals options in Debtors and Creditors Postings, you now have the option to print the batch you just entered (after the batch is processed).REV
31/03/2014ADDED: The LIST PRICE field (if not zero) and Margin% will now also be displayed in the info message at the bottom of an Invoice, Quote and Sales Order for each stock item entered. You can select which combination of Average, Latest Cost and/or List Price is displayed for EACH User by setting the selection with the new option under User Preferences > [Invoicing] tab > 'Show Cost info per invoice item' (halfway down the right column). If you do NOT want this (if you buy from foreign suppliers, Rev puts the Foreign Cost Price in the List Price field), create a blank file named 'NoDisplayListPrice.ini' in the Revelation folder ON THE FILE SERVER.REV
31/03/2014If Rev is NOT in Warehouse mode, the [Movement History] tab in stock records does not always show the movements.REV
31/03/2014ADDED: The option to input and print the Number of 'Packages' per line on an Invoice. This is done by enabling that option on the [Stock] tab under System Preferences. The prompt for number of packages is triggered by the Unit-of-Sale in a stock record. This option allows you to setup up to 12 Units-of-Sale that will trigger the Packages prompt.REV
31/03/2014Some clients still got 1 cent rounding errors when using the 'Round to nearest x cents' option in the invoice module. Seems to happen when Round Factor is greater than 1 cents. Redesigned the whole Reounding engine.REV
31/03/2014In the MONTH END Update, when updating the Creditors ledger and looking for possible mixups in the OI Links in the archives, it sometimes assumed unlinked minus amounts as being unallocated (should be positive amounts for creditors).REV
28/03/2014When the User setting "Allow multiple sub modules" is NOT ticked, the [Menu] button (on the Supermenu) is still active when you load a sub module (Invoice, Quotes, etc). This should not be. Fixed.REV
27/03/2014The mods made to the Validate/Fix process on 4 Feb 2014 when an imbalance between the Control a/c's and Drs/Crs was reported did not cater for every eventuality. Fixed.REV
25/03/2014When using the SALES or PURCHASES JOURNAL (Batch IMPORT) options under Debtors and Creditors Postings and you post into the CURRENT period, it did not update the hidden Current Period Aging in the Debtor or Creditor a/c.REV
25/03/2014In the DASHBOARD, when displaying the 'Compare SALES this Year/LastYear' Bar Chart, and you are in the FIRST period of the Financial year, it did NOT show a bar for the LAST Period of the Last Financial Year.REV
20/03/2014When using Foreign BANK a/c's and you changed the Exchange Rate of one of the foreign currencies, the Trial balance no longer balanced.REV
19/03/2014ADDED: The new vbMAPI email engine to the Branch order module and fixed some small problems with the vbMapi mechanism in the Sales and Purchase Order modules.REV
18/03/2014On rare occasions in a GRN where the System setting 'Copy Supplier Code to Stock record in GRN...' is ticked and you start to type the Supplier's Stockcdoe into that field on the 'Confirm Selling Price' screen, the screen just disappears when you type an 'S', 'A' or 'C' key. Caused by the 'KeyPreview' flag being set to ON for that screen. Fixed.REV
17/03/2014When Copying the Stocktake Counted to OnHand and you use the 'as at a seelcted date...' option and you leave the DATE field blank, it generates an error 13 and later crashes during the OnHand update section.REV
14/03/2014When in Multi-Warehouse mode in a Warehouse other than 1 and you do a Stock enquiry from the Supermenu and click on the [Movement History] tab, the movement values shown are for ALL warehouses in error. Fixed.REV
14/03/2014If you used the [Import an Order...] button option (at the right of the Invoice options window) twice in a row, it sometimes did NOT import the body items correctly from the second (and subsequent) Sales Orders.REV
14/03/2014Under certain circumstances, when the parameter to 'factor Freight into Cost Prices' is UNticked, the Nominal entry for Freight did NOT go through leaving a Nominal imbalance.REV
14/03/2014Fixed some cosmetic issues in the display and fixed the Unit-of-Purchase calculation when inputting a Quantity Received for an item with a UOP other than 1.REV
12/03/2014The mods made on 11 March to add the option to specify a TIME as well as the Date when copying the Counted to the OnHand caused problems when using the 'Amend OnHand' option.REV
12/03/2014ADDED the vbMAPI engine to the email facility for sending reports via email.REV
11/03/2014ADDED: In the StockTake option in Stock Master File Updates, you can now specify both the DATE and TIME that the Count was done to fine-tune the process.REV
10/03/2014Modified the Transfer Out module to only allow the After Menu "Book Transfer into Warehouse X" option if you are in the HEAD OFFICE (1) warehouseREV
07/03/2014If the DATE field on the Invoice screen is disabled (to prevent a User changing the Date), sometimes, when you import an Order or a Quote, it imports nothing. Fixed.REV
05/03/2014From now on, you will NOT be able to input a Past Period DATE for a Supplier DELIVERY RECEIPT.REV
05/03/2014ADDED: The option in the Input Stocktake Count section >> Set NOT Counted Status (under Stock Master File Updates) to set ALL Counted fields with a -99999 in them to a ZERO.REV
04/03/2014Extended the START Date to the beginning of the LAST Financial year for printing the list of Outstanding Delivery Notes (some users were dating Delivery Notes prior to the start of the Current Period???REV
04/03/2014ADDED: If the MonthEnd Update detects DELIVERY RECEIPTS from Suppliers that have not been booked in on a GRN yet, it will now display details of up to 10 of these Outstanding Delivery Receipts as part of the warning message to assist you in locating them.REV
03/03/2014ADDED: A new internal library (vbMAPI) to prevent MS Outlook coming up with the [Allow]...[Deny] popup when inserting an email into the OutBox. No 3rd party software is needed (such as ClickYes). The mods are dated 20140222 in the actual code.REV
03/03/2014When capturing an existing Asset and you use the option to copy another Assets details, then the new (existing) asset is shown as a New Asset.REV
03/03/2014The Emailing/RePrint of a RANGE of INVOICES has not worked since the mods made in Jan'2014 to use NovaPDF's internal retardation mechanism to slow down multiple emails. ADDED: vbMAPI mechanism to prevent MS Outlook's [Deny]...[Allow] popup when inserting emails into the OutBox.REV
28/02/2014If you change the DATE FORMAT to a format other than DMY (under System Preferences > [General] tab), you could no longer get into Revelation (telss you the Date is invalid). Fixed, but we recommend you stick to the DMY format.REV
24/02/2014Since adding the multi-warehouse Stocktake functionality (using the extra WHCount.mdb data file), when IMPORTING the Stocktake Count for a warehouse number other than 1, it did NOT import the Counted figure. Also, if you had different BINS specified for each warehouse and you set the Input Count window into BIN sequence, it did NOT work properly (Paint Pot).REV
21/02/2014Added code to prevent the Transfer IN module from importing the same Transfer OUT more than once.REV
18/02/2014Changed the default User Preferences setting for 'Prompt to clear Daily Transaction Totals on Startup' to UNticked (when creating a new company).REV
13/02/2014ADDED: An option in the 'Amend Prices in a range of items' > Selling Prices. You can now opt to update the Selling Prices of ALL stock items by the Markup% ON LIST PRICE. The option to do a Markup by List Price for a selected Supplier is still there.REV
12/02/2014Pattern Search mod made on 4 Feb didn't always work properly. Fixed.REV
12/02/2014When doing a PATTERN SEARCH for a Stock item and you select the Descrip + Ext.Descrip option, it does not find anything. This is because, in the code, the Descrip and Descrip + Ext.Descrip options were swapped around.REV
07/02/2014From now on, when you RESTORE your data from a Backup from the Tools menu, Revelation will shutdown. This prevents old system info from the data prior to the restore from still affecting the system.REV
04/02/2014Under certain circumstances, the Fix Validate will double up the amount posted to the Debtors/Creditors Control a/c and Balancing a/c. Usually happens when you have posted entries into the following period, but the System Date is still in the Current Period. Added code to try and check for this.REV
04/02/2014In Sundry Deposits/Payments... On 2nd line > D (Debtors) > select Balance Forward Debtor a/c > input date > leave Ref field blank and press [Enter] (to use previous RefCode above) > the Settlement Discount prompt is displayed (skips the Amount field). It then gets lost when you click [Cancel] and gives an 'Invalid Date' error?? Fixed. REV
28/01/2014IOf the 'InvPdfPath.ini' file is used (to create a PDF of each invoice created), this caused it to sometimes email previous invoices along with the current invoice during the Recurring Charge run.REV
24/01/2014When doing the Month End Update in the Debtors and Creditors ledgers, it also does a recalculate of each a/c's Past Period Aging. However the newly calcul;ated aging was offset by one month (ie: March's aging s/be Feb, April s/be March, etc). Fixed. To correct aging affected this way, go to Fix > [Advanced] > 8. Recalculate Drs/Crs Past Period aging.REV
16/01/2014When Cost-of-Sales Analysis is switched OFF, the REP INVOICES Report prints some incorrect figures on the report causing the Report Totals to be wrong.REV
16/01/2014Sometimes Rev thinks it is an Empire Builder when it goes into a Demo company in an Enterprise installation.REV
09/01/2014In certain situations, the 'Rounding to Nearest x Cents' in the Invoice modules left a 1 cent imbalance in the Nominal legs.REV
08/01/2014The mods made in Aug'13 to fix the small font size of the Debtor/Creditor CATEGORY fields did not work. Fixed.REV
17/12/2013ADDED: If you input an Inclusive amount on a line in the Import Split screen and then leave the TAXCODE field blank and then input a TAX AMOUNT (other than zero), then Rev will populate that TaxCode field with the TaxCode for Imported Goods. NOTE: This will only happen if the "Use this code for Foreign Purchases" box is ticked in ONE of your list of TaxCodesREV
13/12/2013With Creditor Recurring Charge runs, the Nominal Contra sometimes gets put on the wrong side.REV
11/12/2013Sometimes, when you drill-down on a GRN or Invoice when displaying Drs/Crs transactions, it displays the wrong info if you drill down further to the Nominal legs.REV
10/12/2013ADDED: Capitec Download Bank Statement format for Bank Recon.REV
10/12/2013A mod made on 4Dec13 to send [Cash Rec'd For Debtor a/c's] to a LETTER QUALITY Slip printer used the INVOICE PRINTER setting for Draft or Letter Quality in error resulting in DRAFT Quality slips being printed in LETTER QUALITY. Fixed.REV
09/12/2013If you tried to use the Utilities and Tools option to copy Terminal and User settings to another company, it did NOT work on a 1 Terminal Rev.REV
06/12/2013Mods made in Aug'13 to cater for new Vat mods removed a piece of code that was needed to retain Import Split information when more than one Import Split Creditor was used. This caused the Import Split info to print garbage WHEN REPRINTING AN IMPORT SPLIT GRN. Fixed.REV
05/12/2013A some sites, peculiar corruption of the HeaderKeys in the Movement Header and Movement Tran file happens on rare ocassions where the UserNo character is dropped from the headerkey making it only 17 characters long. This causes Rev to not find Movements, etc when you drill down in enquiries as well as on reports.REV
04/12/2013If you click the [Past Emails] button on Debtor/Creditor records and the Account NUMBER is shorter than 7 characters, it does NOT display any emails (search failure). Fixed.REV
04/12/2013If you are in the Debtor/Creditor Search screen and you press [Arrow-Up] in the NAME field, you get an error 340.REV
02/12/2013Back in 2011, we decided to have a separate CURRENT SYSTEM Date for EACH User so that one or more users could do postings as at a different date without being forced to use the date all the other users were using everytime they went out and back in. Unfortunately, during the Month End Update, it only updates the System Date to the beginning of the new period - NOT the Current System Date for the User that just ran the Month End Update. Fixed. REV
02/12/2013The problem where the 'Round down to nearest x cents' option is set to greater than 5 cents (so that there is a Vat component on the rounded down amount) that was fixed on 20 Oct still left a loophole for a 1c error on certain rounding calculations. FixedREV
28/11/2013When using the SPLIT DATABASE option (Current Year and Last year data in separate files) and you try to IMPORT a Transfer OUT from LAST year into a Transfer In, it did NOT import it. Fixed.REV
27/11/2013If you create a Sales Order, Sales Quote or ProForma invoice for a Debtor that is set to PAY TAX on invoices and then you change their Tax status to NOT pay Tax and you then import the Sales Order or Quote or ProForma into an Invoice, it does NOT update the Tax to show NO TAX.REV
27/11/2013When using the SPLIT DATABASE option (Current Year and Last year data in 2 files), the option to REPRINT old GRNs and Transfer Documents did NOT allow you to reprint documents from LAST year (in the split database file)REV
22/11/2013When you have inputted a MESSAGE line into an Invoice (=S or =T) and you want to amend it by clicking on the #S in the stockcode field, it would clear the contents of the message field. Fixed.REV
22/11/2013Since the mods made in Jul'13 to the [Excel] Analysis CURRENT Year (to add a menu of Analysis options), if you select to EXCLUDE the Balance Sheet, it still includes the Balance Sheet accounts in the Totals shown at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Fixed.REV
21/11/2013ADDED: An option under System Preferences >> [General] tab: 'Do NOT post GRN Stock Value Adjustment legs'. This has the same effect as creating a 'NoValAdj.ini' file in the Rev folder on the File Server. It has this effect: When writing GRNs to disk, if you do NOT want to post Stock Valuation Adjustment legs if OldOnHand was a negative, create a text file (contents not important) named NOVALADJ.INI in the Rev for Windows folder on the Server.REV
19/11/2013When using the WEIGHT option in the IMPORT SPLIT section, if you had more than 10 line items on the GRN, inputting the weight of items beyond line 10 produced weird results that did not calculate correctly.REV
19/11/2013If SLIP PRINTING was enabled and directed to a LETTER QUALITY slip printer, if you selected to print the Cash Up to the Slip Printer, nothing got printed.REV
19/11/2013Under certain condittions, the option to enable Foreign Currency Bank a/c's was NOT available.REV
15/11/2013When using the [Import an Order] option (button) on the Invoice menu screen, there have been reports that it sometimes does not import ALL the lines on the imported Order. Could not reproduce this, but I found some anomalies in the code that I corrected which may fix this.REV
14/11/2013The mods made in Jun/Jul'2013 to update PAST PERIOD Aging in PAST PERIOD Drs/Crs Journals crashed with an error 13 if the Journal was dated more than 7 months ago.REV
13/11/2013When amending Serial Numbers for serialised stock items in a WAREHOUSE environment, sometimes it would NOT allow you to add new serial numbers even if that item had more OnHand than serial numbers in the current warehouse.REV
10/11/2013Modified the "Incorrect Vat amounts (flagged with '*')" Vat Exception report to print the calculated VAT % Rate instead of just the "*" symbol at the end of the line. Note that it only does this on the LETTER QUALITY version of the report (and the Print to Screen option). REV
07/11/2013The Nominal Journal import was programmed to look for the next Narration as soon as the REFCODE changed. It seems that VIP sends the same REFCODE for every leg in their Payroll export. I have changed the import program to use the Narration in EVERY leg from now on.REV
07/11/2013Made provision to Backup and Restore the REVPRO.MDB file from a RevProBU.mdb copy made whenever you exit the PhoneApp module (to prevent the loss of registtry info on Android devices captured in the PhoneApp program)REV
05/11/2013When importing NOMINAL Journals from a TEXT file, you get an error 380 if there are more than 1000 transaction legs in the import file.REV
05/11/2013ADDED: To print the CURRENCY NAME on Sales QUOTES and ORDERS even if it is the LOCAL Currency, create a text file (contents not important) named 'PrintCurrency.ini' in the Rev for Windows folder on the Server.REV
04/11/2013ADDED: When an Auto Release is done via the internet, it now uploads info about the Auto Release to a Remote SQL database on the cloud that will be downloaded by the Registration program to update that Registration Master's Annual Expiry date.REV
03/11/2013If a Revelation company's Financial Year was set to 24 periods, it crashed in the Month End Update.REV
01/11/2013If a 'Print Tax Excl.Invoice and Orders' box was UNticked in a Debtor or Creditor a/c (ie: Inv and Orders would show INclusive Prices), the Outstanding ORDER reports in Debtor and Creditor Report modules) would show those a/c's Exclusive Order Totals as the Inclusive values and then add Tax on again for the INclusive Totals. Fixed.REV
29/10/2013The SQL Search Engine used to find the Transfer OUTWARDS to Import into a Transfer IN was very slow when used over a network with large movement files. Changed it to an Indexed search instead.REV
28/10/2013Since the mods made to the Import Split Vat engine in May'13, you get an Error 13 if one of the Import Split Creditor a/c's is a Foreign a/c and it also sometimes calculated the Vat incorrectly if there was more than one Import SPlit Crs a/c.REV
28/10/2013The option to print a list of Users and Terminals (on the User Preferences screen) sometimes only printed 2 or 3 users.REV
25/10/2013ADDED: A new option to allow a Company to go up to 19 warehouses where this was limited to 15 or 16 by the addition of the extra 3 Supplier fields as well as the ASSET MANAGER fields. It does this by removing only the extra 3 SUPPLIER FIELDS. Under FIX, on the [Extra] dropdown >> select "E. Add Warehouse fields up to max of 19".REV
25/10/2013Since adding the new advanced Excel Stock Import engine, the update Import option from a FTP server did NOT work.REV
22/10/2013If the 'Round down to nearest x cents' option is set to greater than 5 cents (so that there is a Vat component on the rounded down amount), it causes an imbalance in the Nominal legs of the Vat on the rounded down amount. FixedREV
20/10/2013When transactions involving Vat are posted outside the accepted Date Range (Rev complains about the date, but the user forces it through), these entries sometimes do NOT appear on the on some of the Vat reports for that date range UNLESS YOU ENABLE THE AUDIT MODE ON THE [Exceptions] dropdown. The Audit Mode has now been disabled to prevent this anomaly.REV
19/10/2013ADDED: A new option to correct the Vat on Freight on Foreign GRNs which was shown in the FOREIGN Currency: Under FIX, on the [Extra] dropdown >> select "7. Validate Vat Transactions" >> select "Fix Vat on Freight on Foreign GRNs".REV
19/10/2013Since a mod on 22 Aug 13, the VAT on the FREIGHT on Foreign GRNs was incorrectly shown in the FOREIGN Currency on Vat Reports. Fixed.REV
17/10/2013The mod made on 7 Oct 13 caused the following problem: the Vat goes way out when you do a Price Change (=P) on an item that is going to be manufactured on the fly.REV
15/10/2013ADDED: To allow a Manufacture on-the-fly item to appear more than once on an Invoice (prevented since 23 Jul 13), create a blank 'AllowDuplicateRecipe.ini' text file in the Revelation folder ON THE FILE SERVER.REV
14/10/2013You could include an ASSET on a QUOTE or a SALES ORDER - it reported that the Asset stock item had ZERO OnHand.REV
11/10/2013ADDED: An [Import Serial No's from a file] button on the 'Input Serial Numbers' screen in the GRN module. It can import from either a TEXT file or an Excel spreadsheet. The import file simply has a single column of Serial numbers in it.REV
08/10/2013ADDED: When importing Stock List Prices from a spreadsheet, Column A (with the barcode in it) sometimes has been formatted with "ghost" leading zeros. When imported into Rev, these zeros are NOT imported so that code is not found in Rev's stock file. Rev now includes this prompt: "Numeric Stockcodes sometimes lose their leading zeros on import. Pad those stockcodes with leading zeroes up to what length?". Rev will pad the imported stockcodes with zeros up to that length during the import. Note that this will only work if all the stockcodes in the import file are the SAME LENGTH. REV
07/10/2013When doing an 'on-the-fly' manufacture in an Invoice, if one or more items in the Recipe are EXEMPT from tax, it still calculates the Tax based on the FULL Goods Value on that line. Fixed. YOU MUST NOW SET THE INCLUSIVE PRICE OF THE MANUFACTURED ITEM TO THE CORRECT VALUE TAKING THE EXEMPT COMPONENT ITEMS INTO ACCOUNT AS WELL).REV
03/10/2013Doing a Single field Amend across ALL items or a Multiple field Amend in the Stock Master File Updates module did NOT display the correct fields in the Field Selection screen (it included fields that you should NOT be able to amend).REV
03/10/20131) During a FIX - VALIDATE, when checking that a Stock item's Movements add up to the OnHand figure, it is supposed to make sure that ALL Service and Odd items have an OnHand of ZERO. It sometimes missed this and left some service items with a non-zero OnHand. Fixed. 2) Validate Vat program: When it validates a GRN, it uses the ExclPriceAfterDisc to calculate each line's Excl. Line Total. It seems that, for a period of time in April 2013, the ExclPriceAfterDisc on some GRN lines was a zero (although the ExclTotal had a value). This caused the recalculated Goods Value in those GRN's Vat Transactions to be wrong. I now check for this and use the ExclTotal instead if the ExclPriceAfterDisc = 0.REV
30/09/2013When DISASSEMBLING a stock item from its RECIPE (in Bill of Materials), it sometimes recalculates the Average Cost of the manufactured item incorrectly.REV
29/09/2013In a Foreign Invoice, it sometimes places the LOCAL Currency value of each line item into the EXCLUSIVE Total field in the Stock Movement file causing inflated figures to print on Stock Movement reports. It also affected the invoice modules in the Workshop Manager which I have fixed as well. Fixed. ADDED: A new option on the [Extra] dropdown of the FIX module: "D: Fix Foreign Currency LineTotals in Movement files" to correct the inflated Movement totals on Foreign invoices. REV
25/09/2013When doing a BOM QUOTE and all the component items' Selling Prices are ZERO, then it also reports the Manufactured item's Selling Price as ZERO. Made a mod that, if the Manufactured item's Selling Price is ZERO on the Quote, then use the CURRENT Selling price in the Stock file.REV
19/09/2013When printing Outstanding BRANCH ORDERS (Drs/Crs) for warehouses greater than 9, it printed nothing because of a bug in the report code limiting it to a maximum of 9 warehouses. Fixed.REV
18/09/2013ADDED: An option on the Tools >> Restore menu to restore a Company's data from the Revelation FTP Server. It only restores a company data file INTO THE SAME COMPANY NUMBER THAT IT WAS BACKED UP FROM. So, if you are in Company 2 when you initiated the FTP Restore, it will only look for and restore that file from the Company 2 Backup (ie: you cannot choose a company to restore from). The existing data file is renamed to ZProWin.mdb BEFORE the restore. If the Restore is successful, it deletes the ZProWin.mdb - otherwise it renames it back to ProWin.mdb (so you're back where you started BEFORE the Restore process).REV
18/09/2013When creating/amending a Bill-of-Materials Recipe, and you click on the [Profit] button, it does NOT take into account any new items that have been added/amended. You have to first save and exit the Recipe and then amend it again for the [Profit] button to include the amendments. It now saves the new or amended items when you click the [Profit] button and then calculates the Profit.REV
16/09/2013The mods made on 28Aug13 to allow you to IMPORT a Transfer OUTWARDS made by another Warehouse did NOT work if the database was split into Current and LastYear.REV
16/09/2013ADDED: A new option that allows you to amend the Quantity being Manufactured in existing Bill of Materials Jobs.REV
15/09/2013ADDED: It now displays both the Average and Latest COST of a stock item at the bottom of at invoice as well as the Margin% for both Costs.REV
14/09/2013If there was a FREIGHT CHARGED on a Sales Invoice, sometimes the Vat in the Vat Transaction was out by 1 cent.REV
14/09/2013If DELIVERY ADDRESSES had lower case characters in them, then the Incremental Search for a Delivery Address did NOT work properly.REV
13/09/2013The Input Tax Only and Output Tax Only reports did 'overprinting' if a transaction Narration had carriage returns in it.REV
13/09/2013The 'Vat Adjustment Journal' option did not handle the data input correctly. The totals were not updated and it would not move beyond the 6th line.REV
13/09/2013The 10 lines of code necessary to make the PhoneApp look 'prettier' on screen was somehow left out. This caused the module to NOT run on XP computers.REV
13/09/2013When downloading and installing an ADDON module from the Additional Options menu, it sometimes came up with an Error 53 (seemed to only happen with the PhoneApp?).REV
09/09/2013Mod'd the Manual Invoice/CrNote and Adjust.Jnl Nominal Contra engine to default to the Zero Rated Vat Code if the Debtor/Creditor a/c has the 'Pay Vat...' flag UNticked. For DEBTOR Foreign a/c's, it will select Vat Code 06 (which is the new 'Zero-Rated - Export Only' code).REV
06/09/2013Found some small anomalies in the Branch Order module.REV
06/09/2013Since the changes to the DASHBOARD calculations on 2013/07/31, the MTD figure shows Zero when 'hanging over' into the next period.REV
05/09/2013If Financial Year PERIODS did NOT run from the 1st of the month to the end of the month (eg: 26th to 25th), the Month labels at the bottom of the various Bar Charts in the DashBoard sometimes duplicated a month.REV
05/09/2013If you inputted an INCOME a/c as the Nominal a/c for the Branch Transfer (in or out), Rev accepted it, BUT DID NOT CREATE A ZERO-RATED VAT TRANSACTION LEG. Also, if you branch transferred an ODD ITEM and specified an INCOME a/c for it, Rev did NOT create a zero-rated Vat transaction leg for it. REV
02/09/2013ADDED: You are now be able to do a stocktake in more than one warehouse at a time. This is done by creating an additional temporary .MDB file in the company folder named WHCount.mdb. This file holds the stock counted fields for each warehouse. All the Stocktake functions now use this mechanism. The Stock take EXCEPTION report has also been modified to cater for this.REV
31/08/2013If an ASSET appeared on an Invoice, GRN, ORder or Quote and you drilled down on it (double-clicked the stockcode on the document), it would display the Asset record as an ODD ITEM. It now tells you it is an Asset that can only be displayed in the Asset Manager.REV
31/08/2013The Fix option to 'Recalculate Nominal Period Totals' did not always work properly if there was NO Balance Forward in one or more periods for one or more a/c's (it simply bypassed updating the B/F). It now creates Past and Currrent missing Balance Forward entries as well.REV
31/08/2013ADDED: In the 'Search for Errors' program, there are 2 new options where, if a 'missing leg' is found in a group of Nominal transactions, it will create that missing leg as a contra in the Balancing a/c (in the same period in which that posting was made). If the missing leg was in a Past Period, you must then run the Fix >> Recalculate Nominal Period Totals (click [Yes] to updating Balance Forwards) and the also run the Fix >> Validate files only.REV
29/08/2013ADDED: For multi-warehouse environments, a new report to list 'Outstanding Transfer OUTwards' to other warehouses that have not been imported into a Transfer IN.REV
29/08/20131. After a Branch Transfer OUT to another Warehouse, you have the option to immediately book it in to the warehouses you transferred it to. 2. In the Transfer IN modules, you now have a button that allows you to import a Transfer OUT document that was sent to the Warehouse that you are currently in (you chose the Trfr.Out from a list). 3. By default, when you import the Transfer OUT, you may NOT amend it - you can only [Save] it or [Cancel]. If you want to have the option to amend it when you've imported it, go to Setup > System Preferences > [Stock] tab and tick the box on the right: "Allow Amend when Trf.OUT imported into Trfr.IN". Mods are dated 30Jul13 in the code.REV
24/08/2013When scrolling the Recon entries up and down using the UP and DOWN arrow on the Scrollbar, the DOWN arrow did NOT work.REV
23/08/2013A Standard JOURNAL allowed you to leave the REF.CODE field blank. Fixed.REV
23/08/2013Since the check added on 23/7/2013 to prevent you doing a 'Manufacture-on-the-fly' of the same item more than once on an invoice, it used to include the item just entered in the check if that item had an extended description. This caused it to think the item already existed on the invoice.REV
22/08/2013When the Debtor/Creditor TRANSACTION Reports are printed to SCREEN and you clicked on an item on the report, it drilled down to the wrong background info.REV
19/08/2013Since adding the option to NOT enlarge the Font size, the size of the fonts used in the setup of the Debtor/Creditor USER-DEFINED fields was too small.REV
19/08/2013If there was a Supplier Stockcode present in a Stock record, it did NOT display on the Confirm Selling Price screen of the GRN. Fixed.REV
19/08/2013If you run Rev on a PC set to a DECIMAL COMMA, a warning is now displayed on startup. Disable the warning by including 'NOCOMMAWARNING' in the Command Line.REV
18/08/2013If CashSlips are printed in LETTER QUALITY mode and Invoices in DRAFT mode and you use the [Line Up Invoices] button to print a dummy slip to the SLIP PRINTER, it still tried to print the Slip in DRAFT mode.REV
17/08/2013ADDED: the Cost of SERVICE items when Manufacturing a Recipe is put in an INCOME a/c (Wages Recovered in Manufacture), but there was NO zero rated Output Tax entry created in the Vat transaction file. This would cause an imbalance between the Vat Goods value and the Income in the GL. It now creates the Vat Tran. The same applies to Workshop Manager Manufacturing Jobs where Labour is also posted to the Wages Recovered in Manufacture a/c.REV
17/08/2013When running Rev on a PC that is set to a Decimal COMMA instead of a POINT, the main screen sometimes does NOT display fully. Also, the buttons and fonts on the main screen are small. Fixed.REV
16/08/2013If a PC's Currency Decimal is set to a COMMA instead of a POINT, a Revelation with Warehousing ENABLED does NOT pick up the correct Warehouse Number in the Main module when starting up. The symptom of this is NO Warehouse NAME is displayed at the top of the main screen. Fixed. BUT... NEVER RUN REV ON A PC WITH ITS DECIMAL SET TO A COMMA. It now displays a warning on startup if the PC is set to a Decimal COMMA.REV
15/08/2013ADDED: Option to automatically create PDF files of every Debtor Invoice & Cr.Note at a location specified in a file named 'InvPdfPath.ini' in the Rev folder on the File Server. There is one line in the .INI file that starts with the company number followed by an = sign and the path for the PDF's. eg: 2=c:\Rev\PDFREV
15/08/2013In May (due to Online Shop SQL Server access problems at one of our sites), I made the 'Setup FTP and SQL Server' screen available on the [Setup] dropdown. However, the 'Setup FTP and SQL Server' screen loaded and updated the wrong info (the info was for the Rev Website interface in error). Fixed.REV
10/04/2024We added a piece of code that List price and Markup will run through when amending them in Amend selected field only, the piece of code that they use to run of tried to add or subtract something from the figure we inputted causing it to break and not update. The original piece of code is still there so if we need to we can roll back on that Added a If statement so if the program sees that it is List price or Markup it will run through the piece of code we built in, any other thing should still run through the old code or another piece of codeSQL
05/04/2024I moved the following options from the Validate data to the repair program: Under Fix: Check SQL database integrity Rebuild SQL database Emergency SQL Database Repair They have now been moved to the repair program under Database, function has stayed the same they have just been moved.SQL
04/04/2024Changed the working under Validate Fix > BF to beter resemble what it actually does: Wording that has been changed: A. Recalc BF Drs/Crs Balances from Past trans Recalc BF CREDITORS Aging Recalc BF DEBTORS Aging CHANGED TO: 1)Recalculate BALANCES on Accounts Recalculate for Debtors Recalculate for Creditors C. Manually Amend Past BF Drs/Crs Age Analysis CHANGED TO: 2) Amend AGE ANALYSIS (Past Period) W. Recreate missing BF Drs/Crs Archive Trans Recreate missing Creditor B/F's Recreate missing Debtor B/F's CHANGED TO: 3) Recalculate Brought Forwards(Oldest to Latest) Recalculate for Creditors B/F's Recalculate for Debtors B/F's X. Recalc BF Trans from current Blance going backwards CHANGED TO: 4) Recalculate Brought Forwards(Latest to Oldest) Vernon wanted them to say as they are now changed toSQL
04/04/2024Under Utilities and Tools > Validate data (Fix) > Bal_Frwd There were two options: 8. Recalc BF Drs/Crs Age Analysis 9. Allocate BF Drs/Crs Credit Aged Amounts properly These have now been removed as they do not function corretly and nobody uses them so the decision was made to remove them rather than to fix them insteadSQL
03/04/2024When clicking on the dropdown by the stock search the error popped up because it was looking for a string with two or more values but the value being passed was only one character long. So we built in code to check whether the length is greater than 1 if so then run the piece of code, when the length of the string is less than 1 we built in code to set the default value to 0 or Stockcode so it should now not bring up the error.SQL
03/04/2024Was a very complicated case, the overdue interest would not run on accounts that needed it to be run causing the program to crash. The original problem was that it was trying to run 2 different queries at the same time causing the program to break. We now built in a routine that saves the array of SQL queries and then once it has gone through all the queries it needed to releases it and we then "update"/ run the queries so it can run the interest. This was the 4th case that we have needed to do a change like this. There was a calculation that was wrong on debtor accounts brought forward accounts, we have now fixed the calculations through testing it in the demo company. The amounts differ because the calculations have been wrong from wherever it is now calculating correctlySQL
27/03/2024in somne cases the stock window jumps to the back. i have created a routine called settopmost in the stocksearchscreen that sets the window position to the top most position as vb6 does not have such a property.SQL
27/03/2024when doing a slow mosing stock reprot and you select a range of items and select a account range it caused a double where clause in the query. i have restuctured the logic so there cannot be a double where clause in teh query.SQL
27/03/2024fixed problem with cashslip footer that did not print. removed the 2 standards and made them one standard that pulls through on the messsage saves inb the teminal recordSQL
27/03/2024there was an eof bof error when doing outrstanding purchase ordrs.SQL
26/03/2024made changes to the defaults on the bdefault layouts based on parameters received from VernonSQL
26/03/2024enabled the first 2 tick boxes in the nominaltransaction historySQL
26/03/2024there was a problem with treadinjg the formats from the csv and ofc foled from fnb. i have added a new option to the ofc files caaled microdift money fnb onlySQL
15/03/2024when doing a manual credit not for creditors the journal posted all teh legs as debtos. i have corrected this.SQL
15/03/2024loop was removed that selected the serial number. i have redistated the code and added code to fix the original problem where the serial number would go intpo a loop if a serial number was not foundSQL
13/03/2024added additional copy from this company to another coompany option based on case 11539SQL
05/03/2024when doing a backdated exceptions reprot it uised the current onhand to do the calculations on. htis was sue to the changes trhat was implemented in bring a time stamp in. the date original calc was checking to see if the trandate is the same as the exceptions date but it should have been if the4 trandfate is the same or greater than the exceptions date. making this cjhnage now triggers the calculation to the get the stock onhand differenceSQL
01/03/2024swapped the narration and the system not for vat adjustment journalsSQL
29/02/2024reworked the forex age analysis calculation to work correctlySQL
29/02/2024'20240229 removed this piece of code that prompts if this is the final cashup of the day due to many frustrations caused with tills closing when they should not by users clicking the wrong option. users should control their systems internally and we cannot cater and trap for faulty implemantation of internal systemsSQL
29/02/2024there is a problem that if you do multiple cost adjustment after each other it keeps adding the same journal for the amount of journals that has been done. eg, if i post the first journal it posts 1 journal if i post a seconmf journal it post that jourtnal twice if i post a third journal it post that journal 3 times. as a temp quickfix i have now set to vlose the window after the inital journal has been done to prevent thje multiple journals from runningSQL
28/02/2024added copy delivery address to another companySQL
28/02/2024in some cases when u change warehouse form the default warehouse and you do a transaction, when you check the warehouse onhand the field(16) is a null. if it is a null i set it to 0 now which prevents the errorSQL
25/02/2024added option to copy debtorsmaster to anither companySQL
07/02/2024when displaying a sales order from teh past email section for a devbtore the document it displays does not show the correct debtor. this is vbecause the same documnet numbers are used in the email attachements in recurring order, eg. Thurs, WED ect. ands thisdoc nr gets used in all the accounts so when the system looks for that nr it finds the first one and displkays it. i have now chanmged the query to add the accno aswell. there are unfortunately no other parameters to math between the emailtable and the orderhdr tableSQL
04/02/2024added ref1 and ref 2 fields to the serial number engine and made changes to the relecant places in the code to diplay the changesSQL
03/02/2024when amending a branch purchase order the print out displays the earehouses incorrect or if you first reprint the sales order thaen the p[urchase order the variables get mixed up. i have now added code to reset thesae variables based on the selection of the document that has been made.SQL
15/01/2024when importing an invoice into another invoice the =o did not import. i have fixed this by adding a new flg to see if it is an import from an invoice and then i use the movetrn record set instead of the ordertrn record set which now fixed the problemSQL
12/01/2024in some cases the revdatapath becomes OK\. i have now built in a routine that resets the datap[atht and reselects the company data if this is the caseSQL
12/01/2024fixed the delete messges fro this company and added an option to delete messages fro all companiesSQL
12/01/2024in some cases the book in did not pick up the amounts in the nominla based on the work in progress ntran link and because the amount was 0 it did not write the book in leg. i have modified the query to now look for a match of the left soide of the ref with a like query which now picks up an amount and doies what it shouldSQL
09/01/2024made changes to the vat journal screen when you tick the include journal and save. also added a narration stating it is a vat adjustment journal that was postedSQL
09/01/2024changed the default display order of the docs to display in date order desc.SQL
08/01/2024added funstionality that adds vat adjustment journals to the various vat reprots when posts as a vatadjustment journmal. i did this by adding a column in the vat ntrans,ntransarc,vattrans and vattransac to specify the vatadjustment taxtype.SQL
08/01/2024when printing a slow moving reprot it showed no data unless you also ticjk the fiorst block. this should have also worked without the tick because there are last sold dated present on the seconf report which should have printed on the first reprot. it turns out t=o be a error on the sql query that compared the last sales date and the last issue date instead of either or. i have changed the statment from and to or with the correct syntaxing and now it works.SQL
08/01/2024in some cases the headerkey in the movetrn does not match the headerkey in the bom job. this causes the reprint of the bom not to pick up the job. i have now added an additional check that checks for the jobnr if the headerkey could not ppick up the job.SQL
08/01/2024when saving a jobcard with a description that contains a ' or a " in the line it failed to save witha syntax error. i have now added the makeSQL routine to any description that i get to make sure it does not failSQL
02/01/2024when clicking cancel on an assembly the system crashed. this was due to code that was looking for a field on an index that the field did not exixt. added on error resume next to bypass the error. the second problem was if you cancel the assembly it still promprted for the qty to make. i have now fixed this and added a message stating import of assembly cancelled.SQL
02/01/2024when doing a vat adjustment jopurnal and ticking the boix to include in vat reprot then it only diplayed it after runni9ng the report a second time. i have fixed this by moviung the code that recalcs the values needed to the currentvat summary subroutine from the vatsummarynew functionSQL
23/12/2023when printiong a deposit only recon report, any nominal bath import journals diplayd the wroing narration and account detials. i have now fixed this by looking for the narration of DO Import andf then populating the details according to that. when you drill down it still uses the last debtors control account detials but this can oly be fixed with a complete rewrite in alpha.SQL
23/12/2023when scrolling on the orderlist in transfer out or transfer in it came up with a runtime error 5. i have bypassed the error nowSQL
23/12/2023fixed option to refresh demo company. this was caused by tcome new tables that where inserted into the db that is not part of the refresh cemo data companySQL
23/12/2023when printing a receipt or a line up it always went to noverev. this was due to changes i made in the receipt module to switrh receipt emails to the vbmapoi engine due to microso;f removing mapi 32 bit support from office.SQL
22/12/2023made changes to the error handlking of the massages and also added the creation on the tables in the temppic table to the message creation sectionSQL
21/12/2023the message system did not send messages to the users. this was bacuase of a calculation error on the time stamp it check s to see if the message is older than 5 moiinutes to determine if it should be dfelted. the error caused the value to alweays be older that 5 min therefore deleteing the messageSQL
20/12/2023in some cases the narrations dit not print on the uncleared amounts recon report. this was due to the trankey user nr and the usernumber in the ntransarc or ntrans tables not being the same. i have now added a condition in both cases that if it does not find it with both those that it looks for the trankey only.SQL
19/12/2023when doing an import of a nominal journal set the vat got boubled up. i have now changed the code that it only calculates the vat on the entries with a valid vatcode other thatn 00. if no vat code is specified the vat does not calculate.SQL
14/12/2023made changes to the Get taxcDetails routine in the NtaxUbJn.frm where if you do a vat adjustment to the vat received or vat paid it iommits certains redundent info and reprositions the rest of the screen elements to the correct places.SQL
14/12/2023error when printing a Stock items used in manufacturing" - "current" - "All items" to excel. the supplier1 field it was looing for was not specified in the query. i have now added the field to be included in the query and it now worksSQL
13/12/2023when emailing a receipt using office 365 it gave a error 6 overflow. i have changed the rpint routine from teh draft rpint routine to teh letter quality print routine and it fixed teh problem. the actual error is with the mapi send engine that it seems that office has removed compitibility with the 32 bit mapi engine. im using vbmapi and the pdf engine now insteadSQL
13/12/2023when doing a stock exceptions reprot it always used latest cost for the items regardless what the system setting for valuation was set to. i have fixed thius by adding the code to check for the setting and set the variable it uses to calculate to the appropriate variable based on the setting in the system settings.SQL
12/12/2023when importing journals via excel spreadsheet the defualt account was incorrect and on npost the option to select a contra was should not have been there. i have fixed this and also it now desplays the account name caption correctly.SQL
11/12/2023changed the way thye =a calculates teh prices of the items. i now use a formula where a get avariance poercent and then multiply ewach line item with that percent. thanks u tony.SQL
07/12/2023when trying to reprint invoices in an archive period it did not print the document body. this was casued by columns added to the current db tables for the assembly development . i have now added code to the prowin to run thgough the archives aswell ad add the columns to those dbs.SQL
06/12/2023added a new column to indicate if cashup has been done or niot and added the new filed to the reset final cahup option to reset cashup flagSQL
04/12/2023when doing a debtors or crediitors bfwrd recalc it gave bof or eof error.SQL
04/12/2023fixed bug where =a function did not allow to go into negative regardless of the settingsSQL
28/11/2023when clciking anywhere on a stock after entering a price that is lower than cost it does not cancel the line.SQL
27/11/2023changed =A to check if the system allows to go into negativeSQL
17/11/2023added =A function to the invoice module based of the =r function. fixed a few bugs related tot he =r and the printing of the =r where the settings in user preferences did not apply to =r and now it does on the printed docsSQL
15/11/2023when importing bin locations on a warehouse other than warehouse 1 it updates warehouse 1 bins.SQL
13/11/2023when printing a standard vat transaction list it did not print the account names fro some of the acountsSQL
13/11/2023when doing an export of nominal transaction history it did not print the headers or all of the brought forward amountsSQL
13/11/2023made changes to the pstmast variable where i moved it to the module1.bas and renamed it to cpostpstmast and creted a new type derived from the previous type called pstmaster. i then repolaced the pstmast variable throughout the whole cpost moduleSQL
03/11/2023when printing a stocktakelist and u specify from 1 code to another code in some cases it does not print all the stock codes. i have fixed this by removing the logic that checks this parameter and moved it into the actual sql query.SQL
03/11/2023Get BOF or EOF error when drilling down on a transaction in a creditrors drilldown from the age analysis after going backwards.for some odd reson in some cases the rs record set does not work so i changed the arcdate to the enddate variable to fix it because the end date gets set upon loading the info in the gridSQL
02/11/2023when you did a stock sales for debtor and specified a repo range, it the rep on the debtors account was different to the rep on the transaction it left out those sales because record set that was built by the query had both the transaction repcode and the debtorsrepcode sales as repcode and it then used the last one to check parameters. i have remved the debtors rep from the query and all works nowSQL
02/11/2023removed the following options fromt eh help dropdown Support Conmtract Install Adobe Acrobat Reader see case 11172 fro detailsSQL
02/11/2023when you insert a nominal transaction from a downloaded bankl statement and you type in a 5 digit quick ref the leg associated with the quickl ref does not get written causing an imbalance. this has now been fixedSQL
02/11/2023added MasterRep.ini to the build of the dreprots module to fix a bug wehere the outstanding sales order report displays sa;les order for all reps instead of just the sel;ected repSQL
01/11/2023added program lofg voiewer to the systemSQL
30/10/2023Material REquirtement page does not print. it ended up rpinting on the next page that didnt exist. used code supplied by glen to fix thisSQL
27/10/2023when fifnishing the monthend successfully it now comes up with e message stating monthend completted rev will close and then rev closesSQL
26/10/2023added the account balance function to debtors sales printed on cashslips and fixed the line up issues on the gslip headingsSQL
24/10/2023when you exit rev and do an offsite backup you get an error where the system cannot find the temppics table. i suspect htis is due to the revcn connections string changing to the revpro db and there is no such table in the revpro db. i have now disabled the timer2 that send the messages when you exit out of revelation.SQL
23/10/2023changed the set of the bitness to be sclusive to a singlew setting. if you select the local bitness it sets the cloud bitness to none and visa versaSQL
20/10/2023added a new variable tot system.bas called NewExchangeRate and repleced the NewExchangeRate# variable throughout cpost because the invoice module also relies on the allocation screen and the new currncy variable was need in the allocation screen to determine to correct exchange rate in piosting but would not build is i used the variable that determines that in cpost.SQL
20/10/2023when reprinting a cashslip fromt he normal invoice module the reprint did not show the correct time stampSQL
19/10/2023Linked the branch order enabling to the settings for ther the branch order in user settingsSQL
19/10/2023fixed bug that didnt take into account the castegory filters when exporting a creditors transaction listSQL
18/10/2023added funtion to sort sales order the same way it was handeled in accessSQL
18/10/2023when sending an internal message on a remote server with the post set to anything other than the default sql port the message did not send. i have fixed this by changing the way the system handles the messageszx. i now save the message and the message file name into 2 new tablers in the temppics table and then run new routines to get the message from those tables. i stuck to the engine of creating the fioles on the local machine cause i did not want to mess arount with the engine to much. whether a message is comning f4rom a remote terminal or a local terminal they both use the same engine.SQL
12/10/2023age anaylis included items that where doone after end of current period when p[rinting the age anaylis report as at end of current periodSQL
12/10/2023when posting a payment to a forex creditor before a grn was raised and leaving the payment unallocated in the creditors account it saved the system currency rate instead of the newly calculated currency rate which caused an imbalance in the systemSQL
21/09/2023added program version column entry to grn transactions anf all journal entriesSQL
21/09/2023changed the wording in debtors settings tab from "Charge tax on Sales?" to "Tax on Sales?(Tick if Local)" and added to teh notes that thie toickbox should only be unticked if it is a across the border oir forex clientSQL
21/09/2023when doing a order for a client that was set to not charge tax on dsales then it defaulted to tax code 2. this has now been changed to work the sasme as the normal sales orde that it defaults to the tax code set up for export only 0 rateSQL
21/09/2023display issue when clicking finish after adding a =l , it adds vat to the display total but the document processes correctly. i have noe set the vatrate to 0 when it sees it is a labout itemSQL
21/09/2023when u delete a labout item from a manufacturing jobcard during an amend it does not do the contra to the correct account setup in the labour rate but ratrher goes to wages recovered in manufacturing. this had now been fixedSQL
19/09/2023added the code to create program version column to the pro2013SQL
18/09/2023when deleting a delivery address from the system the message says it will no longer print the adress on a reprinted document. this however is not accurate so that part of the message has now been removedSQL
18/09/2023changed the parameter in system preferences that allows unliomitied qty on an invoice to do it for all sales doc and also changed the description of the setting. left sales quotes alonme due to it already being unlimitedSQL
18/09/2023added program verison to the entry of the order tran tableSQL
28/08/2023when pressing f8 or f9 it jumps to the del addressSQL
28/08/2023devision by zero error when pulling stock sales by invoiceSQL
25/08/2023Import journals give errorSQL
25/08/2023Removed the promt to also amend target branch order if the system preference to create target branch order is enabledSQL
25/08/2023fisex multiple bug to do with the creating and amending of branch order.SQL
25/08/2023added f8 f9 and f6 fucntion to the purchase orderSQL
22/08/2023When doing a forex grn the first printout displayed the frieght in local currencySQL
22/08/2023Fixed the problem where the costing and journal entries for a partially booked in manufacturing job was not correctSQL
22/08/2023Added nominal quick reference to the export of nominal master fileSQL
21/08/2023Modified the partial closing of a manufacture jobcard to now promp for a password when u click on the new optiuons button which is now the only way to get to the writing off of make items in a manufacturing job. if you click yes or no and not options it simply partially close the job and no longer auto write off the remianing stock.SQL
21/08/2023when you have a service job with tha same number as a manuffacturiong job and you close the manufacturing job it did not clear the amount in the work in progress.SQL
17/08/2023When pulling a Nominal transaction HISTORY from March 2022 - Feb2023 she is getting a blank reportSQL
10/08/2023when doing a grn with freight and import split and the optionto include freight in cost is enabled, the cost would doubleSQL
10/08/2023Reprint of audit trial in past period showed duplicate entries on some transactionsSQL
10/08/2023forex age analysys not printing correctlySQL
08/08/2023changed the input analysys to show the journal name instead of the first acccno name to prevent confusion if the transaction was an journalSQL
22/10/2021Replaced the MSINET method of downloading updates/addons from our website with the standard FTP Internet protocols (Microsoft are depracating MSINET because of security concerns).SQL
20/10/2021The Totals on Cash Till Recon reports where it is a Mixed Tender and the breakdown is drawn from the Notes field did NOT take REFUNDS into account (where the amount should be regarded as a NEGATIVE amount) resulting in double the value being added to the running total. Fixed.SQL
20/10/2021Recurring Charges print invoices prints the previous Debtor's Delivery Address if a Debtor has NO Delivery Addresses. Fixed.SQL
19/10/2021The Price List Margins for CASH SALES report when printed in CATEGORY sequence printed each category multiple times (each with unique stock items, but this causes confusion). Fixed.SQL
18/10/2021When the Branch Order Transfer tickbox to auto-create the opposite order in the target warehouse is ON, it incremented the target Order No. (Sales or Purchase) TWICE. Fixed.SQL
18/10/2021The Reprint Old Invoices FROM..TO did NOT work. SQL Query was wrong.SQL
18/10/2021Transfer IN. If you leave the Supplier InvoNo field blank, the Nominal REF code is also blank. Rather used the incremental Transfer IN number instead.SQL
15/10/2021When opening a New company in DosPro using the BASIC setup, it now sets up the basic Nominal Asset accounts (before it only did it in AVANCED mode).SQL
15/10/2021Changes made to the WriteInvToDisk routine to overcome the code size limitation did NOT repoen the SQL Database after closing it before the BEGIN TRAN. Fixed.SQL
15/10/2021When doing a Cash IN/OUT, any narration was NOT saved to disk. Fixed.SQL
15/10/2021Recurring Charges did not print the Delivery Address on Recurring Invoices.SQL
12/10/2021When posting Debtor/Creditor Payments in the SUNDRY PAYMENTS/DEPOSITS program and you post more than 1 Creditor or Debtor payments in a single run, SQL hangs. Fixed.SQL
07/10/2021When posting a Transfer OUT to another COMPANY (not another warehouse) and you select the option on the after menu to book it directly into the other company, if the stock record in the target company had ZERO on hand, it left the Average Cost Price as is instead of making it the LATEST Cost that it was transferred at.SQL
07/10/2021Rewrote the Stocktake program as per Vernon's spec (LIVE and BackDated). Also amended the Parm(155) parameter (Synchronize Counted field with OnHand during Movements postings) to have 30 slots - 1 for each warehouse. This involved amending all the modules that posted stock movements. Started development on 22 Sep 2021.SQL
01/10/2021In the 'Amend an Order Number' form, I was checking the ArcDate without using the CAST(ARCDATE AS DATE) directived. Fixed.SQL
01/10/2021There was a problem with sending messages to other Users (on the [Tools] menu) when you are logged in REMOTELY which I have fixed. It tried to delete the message file on the LOCAL terminal which caused the message to keep reappearing.SQL
30/09/2021When posting a VAT ONLY entry, if you cleared the VAT Code field first and then typed in an Amount and then clicked [Finish], Rev accepted the posting, but did NOT update the Vat entries correctly causing imbalances between the Vat Tran report and Vat Summary report.SQL
30/09/2021When using the [F6] key during Payment Allocations (Open Item Drs/Crs), it works correctly until the LAST invoice in the list. It calculates the correct amount, but makes it a MINUS amount. Fixed.SQL
27/09/2021When Selective Transaction reports are printed for a selected User and a selected Warehouse, it did NOT print the correct transactions. Fixed.SQL
27/09/2021Statements did NOT print in NAME sequence if selected (always AccNo sequence). Fixed.SQL
22/09/2021Modified the Cash Till Reconciliation RECALCULATE option to now extract the Mixed Tender breakdown from the transaction's NOTES field so the Cash Till Recon TOTALS at the end of the report agree in both columns. Also added this into the 'Totals by Transaction Type' Recalculate program as well.SQL
19/09/2021The ROSI report also included Asset and Odd items in its calculations. It should only include actual stock items. Fixed. Added the ROSI report to SQL this day as well (was only in Access Rev up to now).SQL
15/09/2021The [INDUSTRY] field on the Debtor Master record screen did NOT always look up the correct Industry from the GenralParms table because it used the Number in the Debtors Industry field as the ComboBox LISTINDEX instead of reading it from the ComboBox ITEMDATA field. Fixed. 2021/09/17: The Debtor DELIVERY METHOD had a similar problem. Fixed.SQL
15/09/2021It appears that a recent Windows 10 update causes the OLD ZipLib.dll that I have used to Zip/Unzip files since Access Rev no longer works? Modified these programs to rather use ExecCmd(7ZA...) to Zip/Unzip these files from now on.SQL
14/09/2021When printing a Past TB for the FIRST period in the current Financial Year, the calculation of the YTD field of a/c's was wrongSQL
13/09/2021If you use the "Import a Transfer Out" option and then select to do another normal (non-import) Transfer IN and you type the Imported DocNo into the 'Supplier Doc.No' field and press [Enter], Rev tells you there already is a TrfIN DocNo like that in the Move file. If you then click [Display] you get an SQL Query syntax error where the Table Name is missing. Fixed.SQL
13/09/2021There have been reports that, when run on Windows Server 2016 and above, the MSINet.ocx in UpdINet no longer connects to our FTP server to download updated Rev programs? Made mods that, when you run UpdINet on a LOCAL terminal, it will also update Rev on the Server. Also added an [Update Server] button to the first screen in UpdINet (that appears if it detects that you are a Terminal on a LAN (by checking the Rev path in your file).SQL
07/09/2021Restoring from an FTP Backup (from the Tools menu) did NOT work. Fixed.SQL
03/09/2021When you import a Transfer OUT into a Transfer IN (top-right button on Trf.IN screen), if the SysParms [Branch] tab is set to NOT allow amendments when importing a Trf.OUT, it displays a red warning and stops amendments. However, if you now click [Cancel] on the Transfer IN screen and the select to Import that Transfer OUT again, this time it does NOT display the red warning and it allows amendments. FIXED.SQL
03/09/2021When DELETING dormant Drs/Crs a/c's, if the a/c was a BALANCE FORWARD a/c, the old BF transactions made it look like there were old transactions and it would NOT delete it. Fixed.SQL
02/09/2021Reports of closing/booking in the same BOM Job by 2 users. When you select to close/complete a BOM Job, Rev only checks the BOM Job's status when you select to close it and it will reject it at that point if is closed. If it is NOT closed, it proceeds to prompt you for the Closing details (Quantity, Date, etc). However, if one user selects to close it, but does NOT complete the action by clicking the [Ok] button and then another User also selects to close that same job, it will allow that user to also proceed. Now, if BOTH users press [Ok] at that point to close the Job, Rev does NOT check the Close status again so Rev would accept and process BOTH instructions to Close the Job. FIXED. It now checks if the Job has been booked in again as you click [Save].SQL
02/09/2021Increase FieldMatch1 thru 5 field lengths in ReportParms (to handle 25 char stockcodes).SQL
02/09/2021When a User selects 'Mixed' Tender for a Payment option, Rev will now store the Tender breakdown in the transaction's NOTES field. Also added to the Receipts option in the Multi-Warehouse Invoice module (InvMWare.exe).SQL
30/08/2021The Advanced Stock Report (Min/Max/ReOrder, etc) did NOT align or treat the OnHand column as a Number when exporting to Excel. Caused by the Align() value being incorrectly set in the Reports.mdb/mdf DB. Just programmed around it.SQL
30/08/2021When you Import a Purchase Order from another warehouse into a Transfer OUT document, it did NOT update the Quantity OWING of stock items on the Purchase Order when the T/Out is processed and it did NOT update the Warehouse Purch Order field in the Stock record either. Fixed.SQL
29/08/2021The calculation of the Brought Forward value in a Past Period Stock Movement report was incorrect resulting in the OnHand (running total) at the END of the report being wrong. Fixed.SQL
26/08/2021When posting a Manual Invoice to a Drs/Crs a/c that has the 'Charge Tax on Sales/Purchases' flag UNticked, and you just press [Enter] on the blank Nominal AccNo field, it defaults to TaxCode 01 instead of 02 (Zero-rated). If you select a Nominal a/c and then press [Enter], it doesn't happen. Fixed.SQL
26/08/2021When you search for and find a [SerialNo] on the Supermenu and you click [View History], it did not display anything. Fixed.SQL
23/08/2021Rewrote the Slow Moving Stock Report to speed it up - at Rudamans it used to take hours (days?) - now it takes under a minute.SQL
20/08/2021On some systems, when you select to input/amend the new Stock Custom Field names, you get an error 380. Fixed.SQL
19/08/2021When on the [Company Details] tab in System preferences and the company is still in Demo mode (numeric serial#), the [Register against another SerialNo] button will now be visible so you can register the company at that point. ALSO: The RevSQL Package SerialNo Prefix character (PTNC) was wrongly set to 'L' for Small Business in the [InsertDisk] s/r. Should be 'N'. Fixed.SQL
19/08/2021Emailing an existing ProForma Invoice did NOT send anything. Fixed.SQL
19/08/2021When selling to a Debtor in the POSTouch module, it did NOT check for Credit Limit Exceeded and call for the Supervisor Password. Fixed.SQL
19/08/2021When switching on Warehousing, set Warehouse field in ALL tables to 1. ADDED: A Fix option ([2] on the [Advanced] dropdown) that sets ALL Warehouse=0 to Warehouse=1 in ALL tables.SQL
18/08/2021The Selective Drs/Crs Audit report sometimes encountered Null errors in the data when checking the Warehouse number field. Also: Found that printing the Selective Drs/Crs reports for a selected a/c still printed ALL accounts. Fixed.SQL
18/08/2021When you create a new document layout file under Terminal Preferences on a REMOTE terminal (when accessing SQL remotely), it now also copies that layout (plus pics) to the Remote Server as well.SQL
17/08/2021Updated VBMAPI64.EXE included in Mods made to vbmapi64 so it'll work with Office 2019.SQL
16/08/2021When you input an out-of-stock item which has a Cross-Index link stockcode in the SQL [Alt] field, it warns you and if you select one of the alternate items, it does NOT update the Line Total (places it in the Address field?). Fixed.SQL
13/08/2021When printing the Valuation report in Category sequence in a multi-warehouse environment, it misses printing the Negative Totals for the LAST Category. Fixed.SQL
10/08/2021Fixed: * Movement Analysis for Category Range left out stock records. * ExcelNumberFormat = "#,##0.00" '20210726 (if not there, numbers have no decmls in spreadsheets) ALSO: Sped up export to ExcelSQL
10/08/2021The calculation of the Adjust Qty fields on the Stock [History] tab was not handled correctly in the MonthEnd/YearEnd Updates. Fixed. This caused problems with the Stock Adjustments (Audit) report in SReports. Added code to recalculate the Adjustment fields on the fly when printing this report.SQL
09/08/2021When setting the NOT Counted Status (under Stocktake) for Warehouse 1 in a multi-warehouse system, it displayed the TOTAL OnHand in the OnHand/Counted fields on the Input Stocktake Count screen instead of calculating the Warehouse 1 OnHand value only. Fixed.SQL
30/07/2021The VAT ONLY posting did NOT appear on the Vat Reports.SQL
29/07/2021Changed the Outstanding SALES Order report back to being in Portrait mode by reducing the width of some of the fields on the report.SQL
21/07/2021When you DISASSEMBLE a manufactured item (BOM), you sometimes get an Overflow error. Fixed. This happened where Cost Price components, etc weren't entered (left as zero) and one of the calculations uses those costs as a divisor.SQL
21/07/2021When amending yhe Company Details in System Prefs, if it was an older company converted from Access, there was NO 'COMPANYNEW' record in SysParms (SQL DOSPRO creates it when creating a NEW comapny) - so data from the Physical Address and Banking Details were lost. Fixed.SQL
20/07/2021When clicking the [PriceList] option on a Debtor Master record, the Stock prices displayed were not always correct (especially those based on the Debtor/Stock Discount Matrix). Fixed.SQL
19/07/2021ADDED: 6 User Defined fields to the Stock Master table. Custom Reports and Master File Export options as well as Amend Selected fields + Amend a field in ALL records.SQL
19/07/2021The Restore of ALL Backups from the Offsite Backup did NOT work. Fixed. The Restore of YearArcs from the Offsite Backup (in ProWin)did NOT work. Fixed.SQL
17/07/2021Sometimes, when processing a Credit Note and selecting to Import the Invoice into the Cr.Note, the [Import] button is NOT displayed on the displayed Invoice screen. This was caused by a mod made on 2015/08/19 to add the "Print a Duplicate Invoice" checkbox under Setup > User Preferences > [System Access] tab > [Invoice] > After Invoice options. If this box is UNticked, this causes the [Print] button to be made invisible on that Find Invoice screen. Unfortunately, that same button is relabelled [Import] to import the Invoice into a Cr.Note on that same screen. I now check if the button label is "Import" and then do NOT make it invisible.SQL
16/07/2021The 'Added Costs for a BOM Job' option allowed component stock items to go into negative (just with a warning) even if the system is set to NO negative stock.SQL
15/07/2021The creation of a temporary Remote link to the TEST SQL Company on our Remote server (in the SQLParms screen) did NOT work if there wasn't an SQLConn.rev file present. Fixed.SQL
15/07/2021The Autit Trail reports (Current + Reprint) to screen sometimes print too wide for the page. Eventually I found that I also use the AUDITCURRENT report layout to print the Dashboard "Top Ten..." reports. When I do that, I reset the report's database record in the Reports.mdf database to fontsize=12 as it is a narrow report. It appears that, although I reset the Fontsize back to 8 when the report is finished, it sometimes doesn't reset??? So, now I reset the Fontsize for the AUDITCURRENT report layout to 8 BEFORE I start the Current or Reprint Audit Trail reports - just in case. That fixed it!!!SQL
14/07/2021Modified the Amend a BOM Job Quantity to handle the allocation of the Difference in Cost.SQL
13/07/2021There was a bug in the MoveAlloc [Select] code when moving a PAST Period Payment (plusOILinked entries) to Current. Fixed.SQL
12/07/2021Increased the length of the Nominal AUDITLINK field to 15 (for Caseware).SQL
12/07/2021When writing an Invoice with Manufacture on the Fly triggered and a Nominal Adjustment entry is needed, it did NOT keep a copy of the current MSQL$ tring before writing those Nominal Adjustment Jnls (where it also uses MSQL$) which causes it to crash with a SQL Syntax error. Fixed.SQL
12/07/2021The modified formula for calculating the New Average Cost when converting a Delivery Receipt to a GRN doesn't always calculate correctly?. Fixed.SQL
09/07/2021When importing Debtor/Creditor data from an Excel spreadsheet that UPDATES existing a/c's, it clears the NOTES field of ALL accounts that it updates. Fixed.SQL
07/07/2021You sometimes get a Division by Zero error when printing the Stock Sales History by Item for a Date range. Fixed.SQL
07/07/2021If you included the REORDER LEVEL field in the Export Stock Master file report, there was a bug where it exported the OnHand value instead. Fixed.SQL
06/07/2021The code I added to recalculate the Warehouse Stock OnOrder fields did NOT work because I should have zeroised those fields in the Stock table FIRST. I have added this now. Also added the Recalc WH OnOrder fields at the start of SREPORTS too.SQL
06/07/2021Mods made to the YEAR END code to Clear Nominal Income/Expenses to the Retained Earnings a/c on 2021/05/07 (the JOINed SQL query) resulted in an Overflow error. It was actually an SQL error where I tried to load the LONG SQL error number into an INTEGER variable (that caused the Overflow). Fixed all the errors and the ClearIncExpAcc s/r now worksSQL
05/07/2021Had reports of Rev NOT incrementing the Invoice number on Cash Sales. Moved the IncrementDocNo code into the BEGIN..COMMIT section to see if that'll help. WTF!!!! Only Venga clients???SQL
05/07/20211. When printing Drs/Crs Selective transactions and transactions (Invoices, etc) appeared both in the Archive and Current periods (eg: invoices not paid yet), they appear more than once on the report. 2. When the 'Show single Credit...' box is ticked, Adjustment Journals show a value of ZERO on the report. Caused by it adding all the nominal legs together to calc the amount (this would naturally be zero). Changed it to only add the leg to Debtors or Creditors Control a/c depending ledger.SQL
02/07/2021Creditor REMITTANCES for Open Item Creditor a/c's did NOT always print transactions in the correct sequence. Changed the ORDER BY in the SQL Query to "by oilink, DATE"SQL
02/07/2021Had a case where the [Current] field in some Nominal a/c's did NOT include ALL the current transactions? Added a query on entering the Nominal Reports module to recalculate the CURRENT field in ALL Nominal a/c's.SQL
02/07/2021The updating of the StockBudget ACTUAL Sales figures for the current period during the MonthEnd Update did NOT work. Fixed.SQL
01/07/2021Rudamans reported a problem with the Retained Earnings a/c amount on a BALANCE SHEET @ end of the last period of LAST year. It turns out that the Year End Update was NOT putting the correct value into the BrFrwdLastYr and BrFrwdPrevYr fields in that Nomina a/c. Fixed the Balance Sheet code and added code to it to recalculate those fields.SQL
30/06/2021When printing a Creditors Stock Purchases report for an AREACODE range, you get an error 3265. Fixed.SQL
30/06/2021When printing Financial Statements and it has to look for LAST years Comparative data inYearArc1, it was referencing the LAST YEAR figures in the Nominal a/c's. In the YearArc1 file, those figures are in the CURRENT Year (Bal01-Bal12). Fixed.SQL
30/06/2021The [Basic] setup option when creating a NEW Company did NOT create the CurrentPeriod (Parm$(30)) or the Document Number records in GeneralParms.FixedSQL
29/06/2021When printing Nominal Transaction reports (P & L, etc) to the screen and you drill down an a manually posted debtor or creditor invoice/credit note, etc (CN, DN, etc), and you then clicked [Detail], it did NOT show the correct Drs/Crs AccNo (it included the 'D' and 'C' ledger prefix when extracting the Contra field in the Nominal transaction record). Fixed.SQL
25/06/2021When doing a Manufacture on the fly in the Invoice module, it uses the LATEST COST when selling the made item. This messes up the parity between the Stock Valuation and the stock control a/c. It should be the Average Cost. Fixed.SQL
23/06/2021You clould close a JobCard (Service Job=one of the Invoice modules - Manfacture Job=WMMOld) even if there were Outstanding Orders allocated to the Job. Fixed.SQL
23/06/2021You could still allocate Stock on a Workshop GRN if the Job is already closed NY TYPING IN THE JOB NUMBBER INTO THE FIELD AT THE BOTTOM LEFT OF THE SEARCH SCREEN. Fixed.SQL
22/06/2021When clicking [Print] on the Stock Transactions screen (in the main module - Stock Enquiry), it reported nothing to print. Fixed.SQL
22/06/2021The Creditors HISTORY TRANSACTIONS list is very slow. Fixed.SQL
22/06/2021The Selective Drs/Crs and Reprint Audit Trail reports only catered for a SINGLE digit warehouse number. Fixed.SQL
18/06/2021There is a bug in the "** IF NOT KEEPORDERS, REMOVE REST OF ANY ORDERS ON GRN..." code at the end of the WriteGrnToDisk s/r (after the SQL COMMIT). When it fails here the SQL ROLLBACK error message is displayed and it terminates. However, it now asks you if you want to CANCEL the GRN. If you say NO and then click Finish/Save again, it writes the GRN a second time (duplicating it).SQL
17/06/2021The BF on Nominal Transactions HISTORY report was incorrect in the Starting Period. The query looking for the BF transaction in that period was incorrect. Fixed.SQL
28/02/2024in some cases trhe repcoed did not pull through on the movetran table insert query casuing an error with the syntax before ' ,'. i have fixed this.SQL W/M
21/02/2024there was a bug that cause the amending of the job not to save the document no corrrectly. i have fixed this now and the query that needs to be run to fix the past period jobs that are brokken can be found with supportSQL W/M
08/01/2024changed the way the system calculates the release code so it mathces with the reg program releases. the reason behind this is the super release uses a starting point it calculates based on a value of a string and i cant get c# to match the starting point vlaue so i used the same starting poinmt as the temp releaese and that works.SQL W/M
08/01/2024when saving a jobcard with a description that contains a ' or a " in the line it failed to save witha syntax error. i have now added the makeSQL routine to any description that i get to make sure it does not failSQL W/M
05/01/2024when trying to amend a jobcard the system came up with an error. the reason for this is it could not find a begin for its commit so i reworked the queries to do teh same as the invoice module wher eit creates an array of queries then runs all of themSQL W/M
11/12/2023when clcing a job with =j totals only it did not take the labour cost ouyt of woork in progressSQL W/M
27/11/2023When Cancelling the password the line did not deleteSQL W/M
24/11/2023added Instructions to all the workshop modulesSQL W/M
18/09/2023fixed a bug where id you add an oddite, service item, =o and =l on a manufacturing job it caused the journal entries to be wrongSQL W/M
15/09/2023there was a bug that kept on adding to the nortes once the document was ameneded.SQL W/M
29/08/2023fixed costing calculations on partial booking in of manufacturing jobcardSQL W/M
29/09/2021When AMENDING a Service Job, it loads the Job into the Amend screen. There was a bug in the LoadJob routine that caused it to sometimes not reread/confirm the Nominal Contra SALES a/c for stock items on the existing job. This caused it to contra the Sales value to the default General Sales a/c. Fixed.SQL W/M
22/08/2021Reports that Internal Jobs were being shows and printed as standard CASH Jobs. The 'InternalJobYN' flag was a new field added to the WMJobMaster table when we introduced Internal Jobs and so it sometimes has a null in it. My code to check if that field contained a 'True' setting was faulty so it kept thinking it was a standard Cash Job. Fixed.SQL W/M
13/08/2021When you reopen more than 1 job card (Credit note is done), the system only populates the Vat on the credit note for the last invoice and not for all the invoices. Fixed.SQL W/M
10/08/2021The W/M Manufacturing Template module did NOT UNlock the fields at the top (from 2 to 18) - these are the Job Type/Status, Custom fields and Notes field. Fixed.SQL W/M
28/07/2021When closing a Manufacturing Job, changes made in June 2021 caused it to post strange double-double entries to Work In Progress a/c. Fixed.SQL W/M
28/07/2021The array size for BMark() in frmJobDisplay (WODispl.frm) was still set at 8 (for Access Rev). Caused peculiar scrolling issues when displaying large jobs. Changed to 17.SQL W/M
13/07/2021When amending Job QUOTES, there have been cases where lines on the Quote were duplicated? Added code to prevent and fix this when you amend a quote.SQL W/M
02/07/2021When reopening a SINGLE Service Job there was a syntax error in the Nominal Credit Note Update queries (I forgot to allow for apostrophes in the Debtor AccNo). Fixed.SQL W/M
24/06/2021When amending a Service or Manufacture Job and you simply delete ALL the lines on the Job Card and click [Save], if the OnHand+the Job Qty =0, you get a division by zero error in the NewAvrgCost calculation. Fixed.SQL W/M
22/06/2021When searching for a Job/Quote and you used the Job Number field at the bottom-left of the Find Job screen, I always padded the number entered with leading zeroes before searching for it. This caused problems where WM was set to use MANUALLY entered Job Numbers. It now only pads with zeroes if the Manually Entered Job numbers is DISABLED.SQL W/M
22/06/2021When a user sets the WM to MANUALLY input Job/Quote numbers, it prompts you to input a unique number when you click [Save]. However, if you input an already used number, Rev is supposed to warn you. This error message did NOT display because of a bug in the Alert message code, so it simply prompts you for a unique number again. Fixed.SQL W/M
25/05/2021When processing a Debtor Receipt in these 2 Workshop Invoice modules, the search by INVOICE No. did NOT work. Fixed.SQL W/M
24/05/2021When printing the Service History by SerialNo report, it did not print it in SerialNo sequence (and the Incremental Key did not work). FixedSQL W/M
24/05/2021ADDED: A new option to REOPEN a CLOSED Job (one only) that prints a DETAILED Invoice (unlike the old =J option) and it reverses the the Nominal and Vat Transactions exactly (as opposed to recalculating those values).SQL W/M
18/05/2021The handling of the Message Line length in LQ Layouts did not work correctly causing a long message to not wrap around. Fixed.SQL W/M
18/05/2021When amending a Workshop Purchase order linked to a Service Job Card, you get and SQL Query syntax error. Fixed.SQL W/M
26/04/2021Since adding the new Job BUDGET field, you sometimes get a fatal (crash) error when you type in a partial stockcode and press [Enter] when amending a Service Job. Fixed.SQL W/M
12/03/2021Also search for Job/Quote numbers that do NOT use leading zeroes (ie: manually entered numbers).SQL W/M
08/03/2021When selecting the [Display Job] option on the initial Job List screen, the Job Display screen defaults to the [Email] button? Changed it to the [Select] button.SQL W/M
05/03/2021In my attempts to speed up the saving of AMENDED JOB CARDS (Service only), I tried using a single concatenated update query that contained multiple queries separated by a ; (in WSQL$). However, the concatenating of the query also took place in the 'NominalUpdate' S/R. Right at the end of the update process, Rev does one more round of Nominal updating (WorkInProgress and Stock Control a/c's) and I did NOT check for and Write the last WSQL Concatenated Query to SQL! Fixed.SQL W/M
16/02/2021When you are closing and invoicing a Job, I now check one more time if the selected Job has already been closed/invoiced AS YOU CLICK THE [SAVE] BUTTON. Rudamans reported being able to close and invoice the same job twice. Before I only checked if the job was already closed when you first select to close it.SQL W/M
11/02/2021The Workshop Work-in-Progress report printed nothing if the ALL Warehouses option is selected. Fixed.SQL W/M
08/02/2021The [Next] and [Prev] Job arrows on the Job Display screen were never enabled in the SQL version. Fixed.SQL W/M
06/02/2021There were problems with the TaxCode field (Invalid Taxcode error) when amending a QUOTE Template. Fixed.SQL W/M
05/02/2021When a WM Job is closed using the abbreviated WM Invoice module (WMsInv), it miscalculated the Total Cost of the Job that is saved in the Invoice Header. Fixed. Also added code to the Form Activate s/r in RepReprt.exe to recalculate ALL Total Costs on Invoices and Credit Notes.SQL W/M
20/01/2021Added a Print option to Manufacturing Job Templates to export a breakdown of any Sub Assemblies in a Job Template.SQL W/M
30/12/2020After Amending a Service Job Card and you select to Close and Invoice that Job from the After Menu and you select the NO PRINT INVOICE option, it still printed the Invoice. Fixed.SQL W/M
23/12/2020In the frmTemplateParse module, the 'WMTemplateMAST' table specified in the SQL Query should have been 'WMTemplateTRANS'. Fixed.SQL W/M
09/12/2020There was a syntax error in the Job Header SQL Query (an extra ' in the DateOpened field). FixedSQL W/M
08/12/2020When using the Workshop abbreviated Invoice module to close/invoice jobs, it applied the TOTAL Cost of the entire job to EACH Job Category (Parts, Outwork and Labour).SQL W/M
27/11/2020When amending a Job Card (Serial or Manufacturing) that has a serialised stock item on it and you select to change to an item with a different serial number, the Serial Number grid only lists NON-SOLD Serial Numbers (so you cannot DE-select the original Serial Number. Fixed.SQL W/M
18/11/2020When you try to REOPEN a CANCELLED Manufacturing Job, you get an error 3265. Fixed.SQL W/M
30/10/2020The Workshop Stock Movements report gave an error 424 when you specified a Stock Category Range. Fixed.SQL W/M
02/09/2020Had reports of the Workshop detailed Invoice value NOT being the same as the actual Job Card value when saved to disk when the Debtor was set to INCLusive Invoices. Added code to check this and abort if found. Also, when you select to Invoice a Job immediately from the Job Card AFTER menu, you get a 3251 error (there was an old Access Index command left in the SQL code).SQL W/M
19/08/2020For CASH Jobs, in the 'Client Details' screen, typing in part of the Client's Name and clicking the downarrow never finds anything (blank screen). Also the Incremental Search option does not always work. Fixed.SQL W/M
15/08/2020Made mods to speed up the writing of Amended Job Cards to disk (2020/08/11). Later fixed a bug caused by those modsSQL W/M
06/08/2020The [ProForma Invoice] option was left out of the Detailed Workshop Invoice module when first converted due to time constraints. It is now there.SQL W/M
29/07/2020When creating a WORKSHOP Purchase Order and you add a NEW Delivery Address, it does NOT appear in the Order's Delivery Address field when you select it. Fixed.SQL W/M
24/07/2020When writing a Workshop GRN to disk, there are references to aRepCode field in the Job record (that was never retrieved) and this causes an error. Fixed.SQL W/M
14/07/2020If you tried to Print/Email a Job Card for a FOREIGN Debtor, you got an error 91 because it was trying to read the Currency Rate from the MoveHdr table (?) instead of GeneralParms. Fixed.SQL W/M
01/07/2020If the Multi-WAREHOUSE mode is enabled and you open a Job Card in a warehouse number > 1 and you then use the Detailed Invoice module to close and invoice it, it always posts the Nominal contra entries from the Stock Category to the Nominal a/c's for Warehouse ONE. Fixed.SQL W/M
01/07/2020When closing/invoicing a Job Card using the TOTALS-ONLY invoice module, itremoved values from the WIP Nominal a/c for Odd/Service items that had NOT been put in the WIP a/c when the Job was created. Fixed.SQL W/M
12/05/2020There was a bug in the WriteInvToDisk routine in the Detailed Job Closure Invoice module when the Debtor concerned was set to the INCLUSIVE Invoice type. This caused the TaxValue figure in the nTrans record to sometimes show an inflated figure. Fixed.SQL W/M
12/05/2020When a JOB CARD was reopened (via a CreditNote in this module), the rounding would sometimes cause the Creditnote to be rejected as it "did not balance" when checked by the value check at the beginning of the WriteInvToDisk routine. Fixed.SQL W/M
28/03/2020When you try to REOPEN a CASH Workshop JobCard, it does nothing (it just exits after selecting the Cash Job). Caused by the code looking for the Contact in a DEBTOR record. Fixed.SQL W/M
11/03/2020There were problems with the Partial Closing/Invoicing of Workshop Service Jobs. Fixed. Also some problems with amending Partially Closed Jobs. Fixed.SQL W/M
09/03/2020ADDED: If you click the [Covert to Debtor] button on the 'Client Details' confirmation screen, it checks for an existing Debtor and asks if you want to convert the Cash Job to an EXISTING Debtor (and displays the Debtor Search grid).SQL W/M
09/03/2020Still getting reports that, when closing/invoicing a Debtor Job )detailed invoice option), it closes the wrong job for the wrong debtor? Made further changes to stop this. Also added a check after you click [Save] when closing and invoicing a Job that checks that it is the correct Job for the correct Debtor account. It will ask for confirmation if it thinks there is a problem and you can cancel the Job closure at that point.SQL W/M
04/03/2020When using the Workshop GRN option to process a GRN WITHOUT importing a Purchase order, it doubled up the COST price that was added to the Job Card.SQL W/M
17/02/2020When amending Job Cards/Quotes, there have been reports that Rev sometimes adds a bunch of blank lines after the last actual lione on the job/quote. This leads to blank lines/pages being printed/emailed when the job is printed. Added code in the Amend routine that now checks for the LAST active line in the job card and sets that Job Line number to the LAST line in the job.SQL W/M
10/02/2020Moved all [Advanced] Workshop System parameters that were .INI file controlled to also be controlled by WPrm$() Workshop System Parms array.SQL W/M
31/01/2020There were still problems with the Contact with Debtor Jobs/Quotes. Added a new 'ContactNo' field to WMJobMaster to cater for this.SQL W/M
28/01/2020When closing and invoicing a Debtor Job (detailed), it would replace the RepCode in the JobCard with the RepCode in the Debtor record. Fixed.SQL W/M
15/01/2020When Contact Names are NOT stored in the Contacts table, Rev is supposed to fall back on using the Contact name in the Job Card/Quote Contact field. This was not working properly which resulted in a '0' appearing in the Contact field on screen (and Client Details screen). Fixed.SQL W/M
15/01/2020When closing and Invoicing a Job, it would replace the RepCode from the Job Card with the default RepCode in User$(69)? Fixed. Also, there was a conflict between setting focus on the txFldNo field (at the bottom) and using the Incremental Search engine to locate a Job. Fixed.SQL W/M
15/01/2020For some reason the old XtraParms$ variable Dim'd at the top of the FindQuote form did NOT retain its contents after leaving the LoadGrid subroutine? This causes the Incremental Search in the Find form to included CLOSED Jobs when in Amend mode. Created a Global variable SQLXtraParms$ and used that instead. Fixed.SQL W/M
10/01/2020Under Workshop Terminal Prefs, on the [Job Labels] tab, if you select a Label Layout and click [Save], it does NOT save it in the correct table (it puts it in the GeneralParms table instead of ReportParms). This causes an error message (You have not set up the Label Parms...) when you try and print Job Tracking Labels. Fixed.SQL W/M
05/12/2019There were problems with the updating of Serial Number records when existing Jobs were updated. This resulted in the Status field in Serial Number records NOT being reset to 'N' (available) if a Serial Number was removed from a Job Card. Also, the size of some of the Serialxxxx fields in the TempFile TYPE array were still at 17 (should be 19).SQL W/M
02/12/2019There is now an option to print ESTIMATE instead of QUOTE on Service Job Quotes. You must enable this function on the [General] tab under Workshop System Prefs (tick the 'Use 'Estimate' as the document title on Job Quotes box).SQL W/M
28/11/2019If you selected to immediately invoice a CASH JOB from the Amend a Job After Menu, you got mixed up error messages because the Invoice module thinks it is a DEBTOR job. Fixed.SQL W/M
25/11/2019You can now add INTERNAL Notes to Service Job Cards and Quotes that are NOT printed on the Job Cards or Quotes - you can only view them when displaying the Job Cards / Quotes.You must enable this function on the [General] tab under Workshop System Prefs (tick the 'Prompt for Internal Notes on Service Jobs + Quotes' box).SQL W/M
25/11/2019You can now 'convert' a CASH Service Job or Quote to a DEBTOR Job/Quote from the Client Details window displayed at the start of editing the CASH Job/Quote. It first opens a NEW Debtor a/c on the fly based on the details you entered into the Client Details screen.SQL W/M
25/11/2019Increased the Workshop Labour Rate Code to 2 chars (was 1) allowing Codes from '00' through 'ZZ'. So now there are 1296 Labour Codes. On entering the Workshop Manager, it checks if the existing Labour Rate Codes are still 1 character and adds a Prefix of '0' (zero) to make them 2 chars long (00 thru 0Z). It also updates Labour Rate Codes to 2 chars in all existing Job Cards/Quotes and Templates. It then adds new Labour Rates from 10 thru ZZ.SQL W/M
24/11/2019When closing/invoicing a Job that has Vat on it, but the Debtor master record is set to NOT charge Vat, Rev tries to backcalculate the EXCLUSIVE values as if the Totals on the Job are INCLUSIVE which makes the Invoice Totals LESS than the Job Card total. Fixed.SQL W/M
12/11/2019If you amended a blank job card and still did NOT add any lines to it, it crashed with an SQL 'COMMIT ERROR' when you tried to save it??? Coded around it...SQL W/M
04/11/2019When opening a CASH JOB/QUOTE, the Cash Till Nominal Account Number saved in the Job Card HEADER record was only 7 digits. This has NO effect on the actual postings to the general ledger.SQL W/M
04/11/2019When closing a Job using the TOTALS ONLY Invoice module, the OnHands in stock items included in the Job Card being closed were reduced AGAIN by the quantity specified on the job card. FixedSQL W/M
28/10/2019When using the Mass Stock option to add stock items to multiple jobs, it did NOT create Nominal ledger entries.SQL W/M
17/10/2019Some of the code related to Labour, #C, PurchOrderLinks, etc still assumed 5 digit Nominal a/c numbers causing the nominal legs associated with Stock Control, etc to NOT get posted.SQL W/M
04/10/2019When you close a CASH JOB (using the Detailed Invoice option), if you added a Narration, it did NOT get attached to the nominal transactions and the Tender Type (K,C,Q,etc) was NOT attached to the RefCode in the Nominal transactions (only the Invoice No.). This meant that the Cash Till Recon report did NOT allocate that invoice to the correct Tender Totals.SQL W/M
18/09/2019When REOPENING a Job Card for an Open Item DEBTOR a/c and the invoice created when the Job Card was closed has NOT been paid (ie: the amount owing on it is the same as the Job Card value), the Credit Note created by the Re-Open process will be Auto-Allocated to that invoice. Before, it always popped up the Allocation window and the operator had to manually allocate it to that invoice.SQL W/M
13/09/2019If the Rev Terminal Preferences are set to print 2 CASH SLIPS for a Cash Sale, the Workshop Detailed Job Invoice module only printed ONE slip. The Abbreviated Invoice module does print 2. Fixed.SQL W/M
03/09/2019ADDED: There is now an option button that allows you to process a Workshop GRN without having to first process a Purchase Order (to import into the Workshop GRN).SQL W/M
05/07/2019Since adding separate Custom Field NAMES for Manufacturing Jobs in SQL, there were some mixups in various modules where some of the Manufacturing modules still looked at the old Service Custom field names. Also, in the Workshop Setup module, the fields in the Job Instructions table got mixed up with the Manufacturing Custom field Names.SQL W/M
02/07/2019When CLOSING a Manufacturing Job, when it created the Stock Movement Inwards record of the item being manufactured, it set the 'Factor' field to -1. This has the effect of making it look like the item was moving OUWARDS instead of INWARDS (the quantity in the movement records shows a NEGATIVE value).SQL W/M
24/06/2019Printing Invoices on a Leter Quality Cash SLIP printer in the DETAILED Workshop Invoice module never worked (both Access and SQL). Fixed.SQL W/M
18/06/2019ADDED: When searching for Job Cards/Quotes, you can now use the old Incremental Search function on the Search screen (by just starting to type the code of job you want). To search a different column, simply click the title field of that column and again type what you are searching for.SQL W/M
12/06/2019When closing and booking in a MANUFACTURING Job, you sometimes get a Syntax Error in one of the SQL Queries. Fixed.SQL W/M
04/06/2019The mods made on 21 May 19 highlighted a long-standing bug where the Sales amount value of ODD (#O) and Labour (#L) items on a Job Card being closed using the Detailed Invoice option were sometimes NOT posted to the Nominal a/c specified when the that item was added to the Job Card originally. FixedSQL W/M
21/05/2019When closing/invoicing a Job Card (detailed), it always used the Nominal a/c in the Job Card's 'NomContra' field for the SALES a/c. Changed it to now used the Sales a/c specified in each Stock item's CATEGORY (in the StockCatBin table). The WMsInv invoice module (Totals ony) worked correctly.SQL W/M
08/05/2019INTERNAL JOBS: If you added a stock item with a zero Cost Price to an Internal Job card (and used =P to change the price during editing), the Totals on the Job Card excluded the value of that item when you CLOSED the job (internal jobs are based on the COST price of line items). Modified the code to place the value in the PRICE column into the COST PRICE field in the database which corrected this.SQL W/M
09/04/2019If you amend the '0' to '9' range of Labour Rate records (Nom. a/c's, VatCode, Cost Price), it kept reverting them to the original default everytime you exited and re-accessed the Workshop System Preferences.SQL W/M
26/03/2019When 'UseCOSaccount.ini' (Use COS a/c in Stock Category in Manufacture instead of Wages Recovered a/c) was set and you amended a SERVICE item on a Man.Job Card from a ZERO quantity to a NON-ZERO quantity, it did NOT update the Stock Control a/c (or WIP a/c) for the Job. However, when the Job was CLOSED, it would take the full value of the Job (including that service item) out of the WIP a/c and book it into the Stock Control a/c.SQL W/M
04/03/2019If you selected to REOPEN a Job Card via a Credit Note and the original Invoice had more items (or another Job Card) on it as well, the Credit Note incorrectly kept the original Invoices' VAT amount causing an imbalance. FixedSQL W/M
01/03/2019ADDED: When printing Outstanding Workshop Quotes, you can now choose the DATE RANGE to be for either the Date EXPIRED or Date ISSUED.SQL W/M
01/03/2019The CUSTOM Search for a Job Card using the QUOTE number did not work properly.SQL W/M
01/03/2019The option to print a PACKING SLIP for the GRN did NOT work in the Workshop GRN module.SQL W/M
18/02/2019If you select to close a Job in the Detailed Invoice module and you import it into an invoice and then click anywhere in the body of the invoice (before finishing it), the body section goes into a scrolling loop.SQL W/M
31/01/2019ADDED: INTERNAL Jobs are now a dedicated option (no longer just a different kind of Cash Job).SQL W/M
30/01/2019ADDED: When ReOpening a CANCELLED Service Job, you now have the option of ReOpening it with the same Job Number as the Cancelled one. If you Click [No], it will allocate a NEW Job Number when the Job is ReOpened.SQL W/M
18/01/2019ADDED: You can now reprint Job Card LABELS for existing Job QUOTES as well.SQL W/M
18/01/2019ADDED: In the CUSTOM Search for a Job Card, you can now search using the Job QUOTE Number that a Job Card was converted from.SQL W/M
16/01/2019ADDED: The '=M' Directive to all Job Card modules in the Workshop Manager (SQL only)SQL W/M
12/11/2018ADDED: You can now allocate a budget to Service Jobs. If you add something to a Service job that causes it to EXCEED that budget, it will be rejected. There is an option on the Workshop System Preferences screen to ENABLE Job Card Budgets.SQL W/M
07/11/20181. When converting an Access Workshop Manager, it did not check for and add the new Labour Rates 0 thru 9. It now does this when going into the Workshop Setup module. 2. The WSysetup Version number did NOT display at the top of the window. 3. When creating a NEW Employee, it gave it an Employee Number of "False". Fixed.SQL W/M
05/11/2018ADDED: The option to print a list of MANUFACTURING Job QUOTES when selecting to print the Outstanding Job Quotes report.SQL W/M
05/11/2018When importing a Manufacturing QUOTE into a Job Card, it did NOT warn you if that Quote had already been imported into a Job Card. Fixed.SQL W/M
05/11/2018The Manufacturing QUOTEs module did NOT print "Manufacturing QUOTE" on the printed quote.SQL W/M
31/10/2018The Workshop Stock Movement report did not report on ALL the workshop movements. Fixed.SQL W/M
07/10/2018You can now amend the Stock item being Manufactured on a MANUFACTURING JOB QUOTE.SQL W/M
04/09/2018After upgrading the maximum number of lines on a Job Card/Quote a few years back, I forgot to increase the length of the LineFlags$ string that I use to flag updated lines when doing a Job Card Amend. Fixed.SQL W/M
02/09/2018When trying to DELETE/CANCEL a Service or Manufacturing Job, it gives an error after you click [Yes] to DELETE it.SQL W/M
30/08/2018If you Amended a Job Card and saved it and then selected to amend ANOTHER job card from the the After Menu, it did NOT remove the Job card line items from memory that you just amended.SQL W/M
30/08/2018ReOpening a Closed Job Card did NOT workSQL W/M
30/08/2018When using 8 digit Nominal AccNo's, the Vat Code on LABOUR entries used an invalid Code resulting in NO vat being charged on the Labour entries.SQL W/M
23/08/2018If you called up a Job Card (to DELETE, etc), it sometimes gives an SQL Query syntax error because it tries to convert the Contact to a number using the VAL() statement. Changed it to a NOT IS NUMERIC()SQL W/M
22/08/2018The printing of STANDARD Stock labels crashed when you tried to print labels for just a SINGLE stock item.SQL W/M
22/08/2018The Workshop Odd Item screen did NOT handle 8 digit Nominal AccNo's properly (gave an error). Fixed.SQL W/M
27/06/2018ADDED Option to MANUALLY input Service JOB Numbers and Job QUOTE NumbersSQL W/M
20/07/2017When you amend the Quantity of an existing item on a Job Card, the values posted to the Nominal WIP a/c and Stock Control a/c were not calculated correctly. Fixed.SQL W/M
01/09/2023in some cases when u import a job quote into a job card the save button calls the cancel functionW/M
13/07/2021When amending Job QUOTES, there have been cases where lines on the Quote were duplicated? Added code to prevent and fix this when you amend a quote.W/M
20/01/2021Added a Print option to Manufacturing Job Templates to export a breakdown of any Sub Assemblies in a Job Template.W/M
08/12/2020When using the Workshop abbreviated Invoice module to close/invoice jobs, it applied the TOTAL Cost of the entire job to EACH Job Category (Parts, Outwork and Labour).W/M
01/07/2020If the Multi-WAREHOUSE mode is enabled and you open a Job Card in a warehouse number > 1 and you then use the Detailed Invoice module to close and invoice it, it always posts the Nominal contra entries from the Stock Category to the Nominal a/c's for Warehouse ONE. Fixed.W/M
01/07/2020When closing/invoicing a Job Card using the TOTALS-ONLY invoice module, itremoved values from the WIP Nominal a/c for Odd/Service items that had NOT been put in the WIP a/c when the Job was created. Fixed.W/M
24/11/2019When closing/invoicing a Job that has Vat on it, but the Debtor master record is set to NOT charge Vat, Rev tries to backcalculate the EXCLUSIVE values as if the Totals on the Job are INCLUSIVE which makes the Invoice Totals LESS than the Job Card total. Fixed.W/M
18/09/2019When REOPENING a Job Card for an Open Item DEBTOR a/c and the invoice created when the Job Card was closed has NOT been paid (ie: the amount owing on it is the same as the Job Card value), the Credit Note created by the Re-Open process will be Auto-Allocated to that invoice. Before, it always popped up the Allocation window and the operator had to manually allocate it to that invoice.W/M
17/09/2019The mod made on 2019/04/05 to ensure that the correct INVOICE (used when closing a Job) was used when REOPENING that Job Card did NOT truncate the Account numbers in the Job Table and the MoveHdr table when comparing them. So, if the Job had a short a/c number (eg: Z99), it showed up as Z99 with 4 trailing spaces in the Job file, but was just Z99 in the MoveHdr table. Rev regarded this as a mismatch this caused it to NOT retrieve the VAT from the Invoice when creating the Credit Note. Fixed.W/M
13/09/2019If the Rev Terminal Preferences are set to print 2 CASH SLIPS for a Cash Sale, the Workshop Detailed Job Invoice module only printed ONE slip. The Abbreviated Invoice module does print 2. Fixed.W/M
24/06/2019Printing Invoices on a Leter Quality Cash SLIP printer in the DETAILED Workshop Invoice module never worked (both Access and SQL). Fixed.W/M
04/06/2019The mods made on 21 May 19 highlighted a long-standing bug where the Sales amount value of ODD (#O) and Labour (#L) items on a Job Card being closed using the Detailed Invoice option were sometimes NOT posted to the Nominal a/c specified when the that item was added to the Job Card originally. FixedW/M
21/05/2019When closing/invoicing a Job Card (detailed), it always used the Nominal a/c in the Job Card's 'NomContra' field for the SALES a/c. Changed it to now used the Sales a/c specified in each Stock item's CATEGORY (in the StockCatBin table). The WMsInv invoice module (Totals ony) worked correctly.W/M
08/05/2019INTERNAL JOBS: If you added a stock item with a zero Cost Price to an Internal Job card (and used =P to change the price during editing), the Totals on the Job Card excluded the value of that item when you CLOSED the job (internal jobs are based on the COST price of line items). Modified the code to place the value in the PRICE column into the COST PRICE field in the database which corrected this.W/M
05/04/2019The code added on 2018/11/30 to try and prevent the reversing of the WRONG invoice/job if a corruption in Rev caused it to issue the same invoice number when closing a number of jobs caused it to have problems when reopeing a CASH job.W/M
26/03/2019When 'UseCOSaccount.ini' (Use COS a/c in Stock Category in Manufacture instead of Wages Recovered a/c) was set and you amended a SERVICE item on a Man.Job Card from a ZERO quantity to a NON-ZERO quantity, it did NOT update the Stock Control a/c (or WIP a/c) for the Job. However, when the Job was CLOSED, it would take the full value of the Job (including that service item) out of the WIP a/c and book it into the Stock Control a/c.W/M
04/03/2019If you selected to REOPEN a Job Card via a Credit Note and the original Invoice had more items (or another Job Card) on it as well, the Credit Note incorrectly kept the original Invoices' VAT amount causing an imbalance. FixedW/M
01/03/2019ADDED: When printing Outstanding Workshop Quotes, you can now choose the DATE RANGE to be for either the Date EXPIRED or Date ISSUED.W/M
01/03/2019The CUSTOM Search for a Job Card using the QUOTE number did not work properly.W/M
01/03/2019The option to print a PACKING SLIP for the GRN did NOT work in the Workshop GRN module.W/M
18/01/2019ADDED: You can now reprint Job Card LABELS for existing Job QUOTES as well.W/M
18/01/2019ADDED: In the CUSTOM Search for a Job Card, you can now search using the Job QUOTE Number that a Job Card was converted from.W/M
20/11/2018If Rev issues the same Invoice number a couple of times when closing a Job Card and you then try to REOPEN that Job card where the Workshop Manager Credits the Invoice, Rev may pick up the WRONG Invoice (because there are more that one with the same number), this causes peculiar things to happen when the wrong invoice is imported. Made mods to check that it imports the right invoice.W/M
05/11/2018ADDED: The option to print a list of MANUFACTURING Job QUOTES when selecting to print the Outstanding Job Quotes report.W/M
05/11/2018When importing a Manufacturing QUOTE into a Job Card, it did NOT warn you if that Quote had already been imported into a Job Card. Also, when converting a Manufacturing QUOTE to a Job Card, it now flags that Quote as having been imported into a Job. Fixed.W/M
05/11/2018The Manufacturing QUOTEs module did NOT print "Manufacturing QUOTE" on the printed quote.W/M
31/10/2018The Workshop Stock Movement report did not report on ALL the workshop movements. Fixed.W/M
09/10/2018If you REprinted a Letter Quality Job Card/Quote and the selected to print another one straight away, the second one would fail with an error 52 (Bad filename or number). This happened because an incorrectly spelled variable name was used which reset the PrintQuality to DRAFT.W/M
07/10/2018You can now amend the Stock item being Manufactured on a MANUFACTURING JOB QUOTE.W/M
04/09/2018After upgrading the maximum number of lines on a Job Card/Quote a few years back, I forgot to increase the length of the LineFlags$ string that I use to flag updated lines when doing a Job Card Amend. Fixed.W/M
22/08/2018The mod made in July 2018 seems to cause a condition where the VAT on a Zero-Rated Job Card ends up being -.01 when you try and close and invoice it. Fixed.W/M
19/07/2018Sometimes get an error message that the Totals do not agree when processing a Credit Note to REOPEN a SERVICE JOB. Fixed this in the normal Rev Invoice module. Applied the same fix to the Workshop Invoice module.W/M
12/07/2018The mods made on 5 July 2018 to fix problems with the Vat calculation when reopening a Job, now caused problems with the Vat when CLSOING a Job. Fixed.W/M
05/07/2018When REOPENING a Job Card, the Vat was sometimes NOT calculated correctly.W/M
09/05/2018Added to both Wrkshop Invoice modules: If a COD Debtor a/c has a Credit Balance large than the Invoice being processed, then do NOT force a PAYMENT as part of the invoice.W/M
06/04/2018If the PRICE and TAXCODE fields are active on a Job Card/Quote, when you press [Enter] in the PRICE field, it jumps to the QUANTITY field (it skips the TAXCODE field). If the PRICE field is NOT active, it does NOT do this. Fixed.W/M
15/11/2017In the ExportQuotesAnalysis option (to Excel) , some Excel variable CONSTANTS were NOT defined which caused the export to crash with an error 1004: Global Const xlEdgeRight As Long = 10, xlEdgeBottom As Long = 9W/M
26/09/2017The MRP report gave an error 3021 if you selected a Report SEQUENCE other than Stockcode. No way around this so the Sequence field is set to Stockcode and greyed out from now on.W/M
13/09/2017When a Manufacturing Job had been partially closed and then the Quantity to be Manufactured was modified (or the Job itself was modified), it did NOT remove all Work In Progress amounts from the WIP Nominal a/c when the Job was finally closed. Fixed.W/M
20/07/2017When you amend the Quantity of an existing item on a Job Card, the values posted to the Nominal WIP a/c and Stock Control a/c were not calculated correctly. Fixed.W/M
27/06/2017When you AMENDED an active Job or Job Quote that had a Date OPENED that was older than the beginning of the LAST Financial Year, the Job's Opened date and Date Promised were set to the CURRENT System Date. This was a mod done in 2004. No idea why it was done. Removed this mod.W/M
02/05/2017If the Round to Nearest x cents was set to a higher value (eg: 50c), the Vat amount posted to the actual Vat Nominal a/c sometimes went out by a few cents. This had been catered for in the standard Rev Invoice module, but it had never been implemented in the Workshop Invoice modules. Fixed.W/M
11/04/2017When using the =J option to close a Debtor Job Card using the TOTALS ONLY Invoice module, it did NOT pull the Trade Discount value from the Debtor Master record through to the Overall Discount field of the Invoice. Fixed.W/M
30/03/2017If you left the Stockcode column out of a LQ Job Card layout, you get an error 380 when trying to print the Job Card/Quote. Fixed.W/M
02/03/2017ADDED: The option (under Workshop Manager > Setup > Workshop User Preferences) to prompt for a Supervisor Password to Amend a Service or Manufacturing Job Card.W/M
01/02/2017The Partial Job Card Invoice module did NOT work properly when the Workshop Manager Invoices were set to SINGLE LINE descriptions - message lines (#S and #T) sometimes acquired values when selected to be invoiced (after scrolling up and down) and NO Vat was charged.W/M
24/01/2017If the "Allow Vat on Foreign Quotes, Orders, Invoices..." box is ticked (Setup > System Prefs > [General] tab) and the "Charge tax on on Sales?" box is UNticked in a LOCAL CURRENCY Debtor a/c, when you add a LABOUR entry (=L) to a Service Job Card/Quote, it defaults to TaxCode 1 thereby charging Vat on the Labour. Fixed.W/M
15/12/2016If more than one =C entry is posted on a CASH Service Job card and you close that job as an INTERNAL Job, it posted an imbalanced set of entries to the Nominal ledger.W/M
13/12/2016The mod made on 16 Nov to prevent Orders being placed against Frozen Debtor a/c's did not take into account CASH Jobs which prevented Orders being linked to CASH Jobs.W/M
18/11/2016The CUSTOM Workshop Reports always printed Manufacturing Jobs regardless of the selection made in the Report Parameters.W/M
16/11/2016From now on, if you try to process a Workshop Purchase Order or Workshop GRN against a Service Job that is linked to a Debtor a/c that is Frozen or OnHold, it will no longer allow it.W/M
04/11/2016When booking the stock derived from a Manufacturing Job into stock and the CURRENT OnHand of that item is a MINUS value and you do NOT want Rev to post Nominal Stock Valuation Adjustment legs to compensate for this, the Booking In module has been modified to also skip the adjustment journal if the checkbox under System Preferences >> [General] tab: 'Do NOT post GRN Stock Value Adjustment legs' is ticked.W/M
22/03/2016ADDED: Weight column to the Manufacturing Job Template Details report. This calculates the Weight of the Manufactured item based on the weight of each of the components x the Quantity.W/M
17/03/2016Changed the "PARTS & SERVICE ITEMS" heading on Job Cards to just "PARTS"W/M
09/03/2016If you tried to REOPEN a Job Card that had only #S and #T messages on it, it gets lost in a loop and eventually gives an error 6.W/M
20/01/2016When allocating a WORKSHOP Purchase Order to a Job and you manually type in the number of Job that has already been CLOSED, it accepted it.W/M
03/12/2015Prevent a user from Converting a JOB CARD to another account with a different Foreign Currency.W/M
25/11/2015When amending a Job QUOTE issued to a FOREIGN debtor and you say YES to update the prices from the stock file, it replaces the prices with LOCAL CURRENCY values.W/M
21/10/2015ADDED: Modified the 'Manufacture from Sales Orders' option to include the Checkbox to "Exclude Sales Orders where there is sufficient stock on hand to meet that Order". This box is ticked by default. Also added another checkbox to "Factor an item's current OnHand status into the equation when calculating how many of that item to manufacture from a Sales Order." If you tick this box and an item has 10 OnHand and there is an Order for 15, it will only create a job to manufacture 5 items. This box is UNticked by default. W/M
29/09/2015When importing a Workshop Purchase Order with Odd Items on it into the Workshop GRN module, it would not calculate the correct TAX VALUE on the Vat Transaction linked to the Odd Item's Nominal contra account.W/M
02/09/2015When you incrementally booked in a MANUFACTURING Job until the full Quantity was booked in, and you then tried to reopen the Job, Rev told you that the Job had NOT been Closed yet (no date in the DateClosed field). If the Quantity Booked in = Quantity to Manufacture, it will now allow you to reopen the Job.W/M
20/08/2015The mod made on 19Mar2015 disabled the option to give OVERALL DISCOUNT on an a Totals Only Job Card Invoice.W/M
18/08/2015ADDED: The option to create Manufacturing Job Cards from Sales Orders has been enhanced. When selected, it now displays a list of the outstanding Sales Orders. You can decide whether to create Manufacturing Job Cards for them based on the Sales order Quantity by ticking a checkbox alongside each order. By default ALL the checkboxes are TICKED and you would UNtick those orders that you do NOT wish to convert to a Job Card. The default Quantity to be manufactured is the Still Owing Quantity on the Sales Order, but you may AMEND the Quantity by simply clicking that Order line on the list.W/M
14/08/2015Still problems with the COMPLETED JOBS report when using the Partial Job Card Manager. Fixed.W/M
03/08/2015When AMENDING a Service Job QUOTE or importing a Job Quote into a Service Job CARD, Rev rounds the Vat PER LINE during the Import process. This sometimes causes the Vat to go out by a few cents after the import. Fixed.W/M
24/07/2015Since the recent mods, the COMPLETED JOBS report for SERVICE items only prints the report totals - no details. Fixed.W/M
14/07/2015When you import a Manufacturing Template into a Job and there are Stock item lines on the Template that have a ZERO Quantity (?), you get an error 11 (division by zero). Fixed.W/M
05/07/2015The mods made on 2July to correct the Completed Jobs report did NOT take Jobs that were partially completed over a period of time (ie: more than one completion date). Fixed.W/M
02/07/2015When printing a COMPLETED JOBS report, NULL values in the DATE CLOSED field confuse Rev and it sometimes prints incorrect info.W/M
24/06/2015The mod made on 19Mar2015 to try and synchronise and reverse the original value of a Manufacturing Job out of the Work in Progress a/c when the Job is closed and booked in had a bug in it. If there was a SERVICE job with the same number, it did a double reversal and moved the second reversal to the Stock Adjustment a/c.W/M
06/05/2015The 'Print Labels' in the Job QUOTES module option only worked for dot matrix printers - NOT the Eltron or Zebra or Samsung Label printers.W/M
28/04/2015The mod made on 19 Mar 15 to sort out some small rounding issues when reopening Jobs caused other problems when reopening Jobs in FOREIGN Currency that involved Vat. It posted the FOREIGN Currency Vat amount to the Vat a/c (instead of the LOCAL Currency Vat amount). Fixed.W/M
23/04/2015ADDED: A Fix option (on the [Workshop Manager [Setup] > Fix dropdown) to 'Reinstate non-invoiced items missing from Partial Jobs' where random lines on a Partially Closed Job Card get flagged as Invoiced when they are still active. NOTE: Also modified code in the Partial Job Amend module and Partial Job Invoicing modules to try and prevent this in future.W/M
19/03/2015When REOPENING a Service Job (by doing a Credit Note) and there was an OVERALL DISCOUNT on the original Invoice, the VAT was not calculated the same way as the invoice and the sum of the Nominal Contra's was sometimes out be a few cents.W/M
19/03/2015ADDED: When a Manufacturing Job is Finished and Booked IN, it now calculates how much was posted to the Nominal Work in Progress a/c for that Job and journalises any residue that may be left over (after the WIP Journals are done) to the manufactured item's Stock Control a/c. If you Amend the Quantity to be booked in, you also now have the option to flag the Job as FINISHED. This sets the Quantity Manufactured to the original Quantity to be Manufactured so the Job is then fully finished.W/M
03/03/2015The MRP report did NOT calculate the Component quantities correctly from Manufacturing templates. Fixed.W/M
02/03/2015In error, the User Access settings for the normal Rev System Preferences tabs were also used for the Workshop System Preferences tabs (so, if you disabled a tab in normal System Prefs, one of the tabs under Workshop System Prefs would also be disabled.W/M
27/02/2015Sometimes, when closing and invoicing a Job Card using the DETAILED invoice option, it calculated the VAT on the invoice slightly differently to the VAT on the Job Card resulting in a difference of a few cents between the Total on the Job Card and the Total on the Invoice. Fixed.W/M
27/02/2015The Variable Nominal Analysis option did NOT work on JOB CARDS.W/M
26/02/2015The mod made on 28Jan2015 to allow you to close MULTIPLE Manufacturing Jobs at the same time now prevents you from amending a Job that had been partially closed. Fixed.W/M
26/02/2015The MRP report parameters settings were only checked for the COMPONENTS section of the report - NOT the actual Manufactured items section. Fixed (and removed the MatchParms check from the Components section).W/M
24/02/2015The new option button on displayed Manufacturing Templates to [Update Costs + Selling Prices] only updated the Costs if the COST PRICE on the Template was wrong - it did NOT check that the Line Total was correct. Now it does.W/M
24/02/2015The option to Update the Stock Prices in Templates (Workshop System Prefs > [Upd.Template] tab) did NOT work properly. Fixed.W/M
24/02/2015After the recent mods to enable the Job Scheduler, exiting the New Manufacturing Template module sometimes brought up 2 Workshop Menus.W/M
24/02/2015When creating Manufacturing Jobs from Sales Orders, the new mods made recently to check the availability of component stock items interfered with the Job Creation process causing lots of prompts about Jobs already in progress, etc. Fixed.W/M
12/02/2015The mods made on 15 Jan 15 to correct a TaxCode issue caused a problem in the Totals calculations when closing or re-opening Jobs for a Debtor set to INCLUSIVE Tax invoices.W/M
15/01/2015There was a bug in the [Close and INTERNAL Job] option where it didn't post the correct contra amount to the Work-in-Progress a/c.W/M
15/01/2015If a Job Card was created while a Debtor a/c was still set to charge VAT on invoices and then a/c was then changed to NOT charge Vat on invoices BEFORE the Job was Invoiced, there was a loophole in the Workshop Manager that only adjusted the Vat Amount on the invoice to ZERO, but did NOT set the tax codes on the individual lines on the invoice to the Zero Rated Tax Code (06). This caused the mixup with the Vat entries. W/M
07/01/2015Made mods to the 'Amend Manufacturing Jobs module' to accommodate the new Job Schedule Manager and added 3 new reports for the Job SchedulerW/M
01/12/2014The JOB TEMPLATE IMPORT from a spreadsheet did not work correctly and gave errors during the import if some of the fields in the spreadsheet were NULLs.W/M
12/11/2014You could NOT Cancel a Partially Completed Manufacturing Job. Modified the program to warn you that it is partially completed, but it allows you to to Cancel the rest of the Job now.W/M
15/10/2014ADDED: You can now prevent selected operators from Cancelling Manufacturing Jobs or Amending Quantities on Manufacturing Jobs. Go to Setup > User Preferences > [System Access] tab > [Workshop Manager].W/M
15/10/2014ADDED: a "Stock has been Issued from Stores" checkbox on the Amend a Manufacturing Job screen that is only visible on a computer (the StoreMan's) where there is a custom 'ShowWMStockIssuedBox.INI' file on that computer. WIP Report has a special parameter to only print outstanding Manufacturing Jobs where that box is NOT ticked .W/M
09/10/2014On the 'Completed Job Cards Report' parameter screen, the 'Only show Jobs that are Partially completed' checkbox is now permanently visible instead of only when the Partial JobCard Manager is installed. This was necessary for Manufacturing Jobs.W/M
07/10/2014In the Create a New Manufacturing Job Card, the mods made on 25Sep14 to list components that don't have sufficient stock did NOT take the 'Allow Stock to go into negative' flag. Fixed.W/M
03/10/2014The mods made to MANUFACTURING WIP report to accommodate Partially completed jobs caused it to print ALL jobs prior to 23Jun2008 as still WIP. Caused by the option to Partially book in Manufacturing Jobs was introduced on that date and it thinks all prior jobs are still WIP. Fixed.W/M
26/09/2014When selecting the option to IMMEDIATELY close and invoice a Job (from the After menu in Create a New Job Card or Amend an Existing Job Card), there is an additional option to Close and Invoice the Job WITHOUT PRINTING IT.W/M
25/09/2014ADDED: When initiating a NEW Manufacturing Job Card by importing a Job TEMPLATE, if there are any insufficient component items, a screen is displayed listing those items and their shortfalls and it tells you how many can be manufactured based on what components are available and it gives you the option to change the Make Quantity to the revised quantity.W/M
23/09/2014ADDED: An option to IMPORT Manufacturing Templates from an Excel spreadsheet.W/M
18/09/2014The mod made on 14Jul2014 to warn you if there are any current Manufacturing Jobs for an item when you select to create a NEW Job for that same item did not take into account Cancelled and Completed jobs.W/M
18/09/2014If you print a MANUFACTURING JOBS Work in progress or Completed report, the TOTAL DUE it shows for Partially Completed Jobs is always the original TOTAL VALUE of the Job.W/M
02/09/2014Extended the number of lines on a SERVICE and MANUFACTURING Job Card to 1999 (was 999).W/M
26/08/2014There was a bug in the Create New MANUFACTURING Templates option that allowed you to create more than one template for the same Stock item. Fixed. Also modified the 'Delete a Manufacturing Template' code to allow you to Delete the duplicated templates (before, it would often delete the wrong duplicate).W/M
22/08/2014The mod made on 14 July to warn users when there are existing Manufacturing Jobs for a selected stock item forgot to check if those jobs were already completed.W/M
13/08/2014When a Job Card is closed and Invoiced using the Detailed Invoice option, it did NOT extract the line item COST PRICES properly resulting in an incorrect Total Cost for the Invoice.W/M
11/08/2014If you do a FOREIGN Job Card and invoice it via the Totals Only invoice module (or ReOpen a Foreign Job Card by doing a Credit Note), and you added an ODD item onto it, the Vat calculation went completely wrong and posted the wrong Vat info.W/M
17/07/2014ADDED: Option to handle INTERNAL Service Jobs. Note that there is actually no such thing in Workshop Manager as an "Internal Job". For an internal job, you would open a normal CASH Service Job card and use a special Internal Job Closing option (in the 'Detailed Job Invoice' module) to close it. You must NOT put ODD (#O) or LABOUR (#L) items on an "internal" job card as it will NOT allow you to close it as an Internal job. However, you can put COST ITEMS (using the =C directive) onto Internal Jobs. Before you can close a Cash Job as an Internal Job, you need to setup a default Nominal Expense a/c to be used when you close an Internal Job. The Cost value of ALL stock items on the internal job is then transferred from the WIP a/c to this Expense a/c. By default, this a/c is set to the MAINT & REPAIR: M/VEHICLES a/c when you first do it. Setup this expense a/c under the [Setup] dropdown in the Workshop Manager >> Workshop System Preferences. You can also setup the Document Number to attached to the closure of an Internal Job (this is used in place of an INVOICE number used when closing standard Cash and Debtor Jobs). You set that up on the [Setup] dropdown in the Workshop Manager >> Workshop System Preferences >> [DocNums] tab W/M
15/07/2014If you ticked the Workshop User Preferences box to 'Prompt for Price on Job Cards', it sometimes did NOT allow access to the Price field on some lines. This was caused partially by a bug as well as it was using the wrong User parameter (it used User$(38) which is for Price fields on INVOICES instead of User$(165) which the parameter for JOB CARDS). Fixed.W/M
15/07/2014When you amend a Job Card and you press [Enter] through the existing stock items on the job card, if any of those items have LESS OnHand than what was originally supplied to the job card, you get the 'Not enough stock' message that has to be overridden. It now compares the Quantity with that line of the existing job card - if the same, it simply moves on (no OnHand prompt).W/M
14/07/2014ADDED: When you open a New MANUFACTURING Job Card, it will now check if there are any current Jobs that are manufacturing that same item and warn you. You then have the option to continue or abort.W/M
01/07/2014Rare system error 5 when trying to close and invoice a job card. Fixed.W/M
25/06/2014ADDED: From now on, if you add an ODD ITEM that is in your Stock file into a Manufacturing JobCard, you will be prompted that you need to open an 'Odd Items used in Manufacture' a/c in the Nominal ledger before it will accept Odd Items in Manufacturing JobCards. This is to ensure that the amount going in and out of the Work in Progress a/c as part of the manufacture process is posted to meaningful a/c's. Up to now, Odd Item amounts were posted to General Purchases. Once you have opened the Odd Item Manufacture a/c, go to Setup > System Preferences > [Accounts] tab and link the newly opened 'Nom.a/c for Odd Items used in Manufacture' to that a/c.W/M
11/06/2014If you used the [Close a JobCard Manually] option to close a CASH JobCard without actually invoicing it, it did it, but it flagged the JobCard as a Debtor JobCard as part of the process which then prevents you from displaying or reprinting that job card.W/M
11/06/2014ADDED: The same option to input a message for the body of an email that is going to be sent to a client with their invoice attached as is available in the normal Rev invoice module.W/M
26/05/2014The mod made on 17May2014 did NOT update the totals if the PRICE was changed. Fixed.W/M
17/05/2014When pressing [Enter] through an existing Job Card that has a lot of ODD ITEMS on it, the Overall Total sometimes changes by a few cents as you pass each line. This is caused by Rev recalculating the VAT on each line which sometimes changes the overall total due to rounding. It now only recalculates the Totals (and Vat) if the Quantity or Price changes.W/M
13/05/2014The EXTENDED Description of the MANUFACTURED item will now also be printed at the top of a Manufacturing Job Card.W/M
26/03/2014Odd Items on Manufacturing Jobs still cause problems on rarae occasions. When a Manufacturing Job is amended and Odd Items that were already on the Job Card are rewritten to the file, but are still linked to the old General Sales a/c instead of an Expense a/c (as catered for by the mods I made in December), it added an extra leg cancelling out the WIP leg. This causes an imbalance in the journal legs and also the TB.W/M
25/03/2014If AMEND a Service Job Card and it is blank and you click the [Full Job Display] button, you get an error 30016.W/M
06/03/2014In NON Warehouse environments, when you removed a Stock item from a Job Card, it did NOT update the item's COUNTED field (used by the Input Stocktake Count mechanism)W/M
18/02/2014Fixed some small problems in the JobCard Batch Stock Item Capture section.W/M
29/01/2014Mods made to the Partial JobCard Invoice module in Sep'13 caused it to journalise the wrong amount out of the nominal WIP a/c for the Job lines that were invoiced.W/M
27/01/2014The MRP Workshop Report did NOT list component items required if they had a ZERO ON HAND.W/M
22/01/2014If you disabled a User's access to System, User and/or Terminal Preferences in Rev's User Preferences >> [System Access], a User could still access them in the Workshop Manager.W/M
20/12/2013When ODD ITEMS were added to MANUFACTURING Jobs, nothing was posted to the Work in Progress a/c. Consequently, when you Finished the Job and booked it in, the sum total of all Odd Items on the job card was omitted from the Nominal Journal crediting the WIP a/c causing an imbalance in the GL. The Odd Item screen in Manufacturing jobs now prompts you for an Expense a/c and that a/c is credited with the Odd Item value and the WIP is debited. When you close and book in the job, the Odd Item amounts are included in the WIP a/c leg. For old job cards (with NO expense a/c), when you book the job in, it creates a dummy journal from General Purchases to WIP before closing the job.W/M
04/12/2013Ticking/UNticking the 'Prompt for Serial Number' and 'Prompt for RepCode' on JOB CARDS/QUOTES did NOT have any effect - it still prompted for them. Fixed.W/M
07/11/2013In the mods made on 2013/01/20 (to allow a Terminal to set all printer output to the Windows DEFAULT Printer), I forgot to apply that same mod to the JOB CARD printer. FixedW/M
09/10/2013Since the mod on 17 Sep 13, the Partial Job Card Invoice module sometimes duplicated the posting to the Expense a/c for Odd Items. Fixed.W/M
30/09/2013When you REOPEN a Closed Service Job Card (and the original invoice is imported into a Credit Note), if there was an OVERALL DISCOUNT on the invoice, it was NOT carried through into the Credit Note.W/M
27/09/2013When booking a completed MANUFACTURE Job into Stock and you amended the Selling Price, it did NOT always update the Selling Price in the manufactured Stock Item record.W/M
21/09/2013When a PARTIAL Job Card is AMENDED, the Cost Prices of existing items on the job card are set to an arbitary amount when the amended job card is written to disk.W/M
17/09/2013Partial Invoice module: If the 'Use Single Line on Invoice' is ticked, partially invoicing one or more items on a Partial JobCard did NOT generate the Sales a/c leg in the Nominal ledger resulting in an imbalance. ADDED: There are 2 new checkboxes on the screen where you 'tick' the job line items to be invoiced. 1. Fully close this Job (will no longer be partially closed): This automatically ticks ALL UNticked job line items still on the partially closed job and the flags the Job as CLOSED when invoiced. 2. Make a Zero value Invoice - only Costs are posted: This only appears if the 1st box (above) is ticked and it only posts the Cost-of-Sales entries on the Invoice - NOT the Sales legs - ie: it produces an Invoice where the Total value is ZERO. You can now also tick NEGATIVE Quantity items on the Job Card when partially invoiving it.W/M
19/08/2013If a Job is flagged as CANCELLED, but the Date CLOSED field is blank, Rev still displays the Job in the Search for Job screen when selecting to AMEND the job. The Date Closed field should have the Date Cancelled in it, but I've come across a few cases where the Date Closed in Cancelled Jobs is blank??W/M
19/07/2013The MRP report only allowed you to base the search on Sales Orders in the CURRENT period. Now allows any period.W/M
19/06/2013When running the MRP report based on SALES ORDERS (to work out how many items to manufacture to meet outstanding Sales Orders), it also took Sales QUOTES into account. Fixed.W/M
12/06/2013Modified the AMEND a MANUFACTURING JOB CARD module to check if the Labour Date Worked (entered in the Labour Input window) is different to the current Job Date. If it is, it will post a separate double entry between the WAGES RECOVERED a/c and the WORK-IN-PROGRESS a/c using the actual Date Worked instead of the default Job Date (as it did before).W/M
09/06/2013If the System option to 'Update Item Prices on Sales Orders imported into Invoices' is ticked and you import a Sales Quote or Sales Order with ODD ITEMS on it into a Workshop Manager TOTALS ONLY Invoice, the Odd Items are imported with a ZERO Price and Total.W/M
02/06/2013Due to continuing problems with Workshop Manager package randomly switching back to a Service Manager, the Service Manager has been discontinued. All existing Service Managers will automatically become Workshop Managers.W/M
21/05/2013Modified the Manufacturing modules to post Labour entries to the Wages Recovered in Manufacture (Credit) and Work-in-Progress (Debit). When the Job is closed, it Credits the Work-in-Progress with the TOTAL Job Cost and debits Stock Control. W/M
13/05/2013When you added LABOUR to a Manufacturing Job during the Job AMEND mode, it posted the Labour to the Nominal 'Wages Recovered in Manufacture' a/c. This had been removed from the Open a NEW Manufacturing Job module in March 2012, but had not been removed from the AMEND module.W/M
09/05/2013If you converted a Service Job Card with Serialized items on it to another Debtor a/c, the Sales Account number in the serialized records do NOT get updated to the new a/c number.W/M
07/05/2013In a recent update, the 'Update' instruction that writes the Nominal Ledger legs of a newly created Manufacturing Job was removed so, although the Nominal Transaction legs were written to disk, the actual Nominal account BALANCES were NOT updated. A Fix - Validate corrected this.W/M
05/05/2013When you have ODD items on a MANUFACTURING job and you go back to Amend them, it sets the Nominal a/c back to the GENERAL PURCHASES a/c and you have to input it again.W/M
10/04/2013ADDED: To the Workshop Manager NEW Job Quote module: Prompt the User to confirm the Rep and Job Type on the Job Quote after they click [Save]. This is triggered by the presence of a blank text file named "WQConfirmRep.ini" in the Rev folder ON THE FILE SERVER. W/M
18/03/2013ADDED: For the Zambia Tax authorities: When inputting a Petty Cash COST entry into a Job Card, there is now a button that allows you to input the Supplier's Name, their VAT number and their TPIN. This is saved with the Description in the Journal's NARRATION which can then be extracted when printing the Input Tax Only report under Vat Reports.W/M
05/03/2013If 2 operators select to close and invoice the SAME job at the SAME time (?), Rev allows it and invoices it twice. It now checks if the Job is already closed when you click the [Save] button.W/M
03/03/2013When adding a LABOUR item to a MANUFACTURING Job Card, it ignored the Nominal COST a/c setting in the Labour Rates setup screen (Workshop System Parameters) and always seemed to used the General Purchases a/c. Also, it displayed the Labour SELLING Price in the Manufacturing Job instead of the COST Price.W/M
18/02/2013The Petty Cash COST entries on Jon Cards did NOT increment or attach a Sequential Number to the Journal transactions.W/M
06/02/2013ADDED: The option to amend the QUANTITY being Manufactured in an existing Manufacturing Job. Select to amend the Job and then double-click on the Quantity field at the top left of the JobCard window. Follow the displayed instructions.W/M
28/01/2013Partial Job Invoicing Amend module: There was a bug that caused it to replicate previously invoiced lines on the partially closed job card whenever you amended the job.W/M
17/01/2013ADDED: The =C Cost option now has the ability to post the VAT on the =C Cost entries.W/M
09/01/2013When printing a SUMMARISED version of a Job Card (Ox Drilling only), it sometimes came up with an Overflow error during the Grouping process.W/M
21/12/2012Odd Items (#O) on Workshop Purchase Orders were NOT handled correctly when the Creditor a/c was set to INCLusive. Also, Rev now prompts the operator to select the Job Card Nominal SALES a/c for Odd Items when the Order is imported into the GRN.W/M
27/11/2012In Aug'2012 we removed the ability include the item being manufactured by a Manufacturing Job Card as a component on the same job card. This has caused problems for a number of Rev users who relied on this bug. If you now create a blank text file named 'AllowAllComponents.ini' into the Rev folder on the FILE SERVER, it will allow this 'feature' again.W/M
23/11/2012Added code to prevent you using the stock item being MANUFACTURED as one of the components inside the Job Card manufacturing it.W/M
12/11/2012When printing Work-in-Progress reports for MANUFACTURING Jobs and the Stock Item being manufactured is no longer in the Stock file, you get an error 3021 (No Current Record). Fixed.W/M
08/11/2012ADDED: When you select to do "Close & Invoice Jobs - Totals Only", and you get to the screen where you import the Job (after entering =J), there is now a checkbox underneath the list of Jobs to "Import as a Single Line Job" which can be ticked. If you have ticked the "Single Line Job" checkbox under Workshop System Preferences, this box will be ticked by default - otherwise it is UNticked.W/M
05/11/2012ADDED: An option to add a NARRATION to =C entries in Job Cards. There is a [Narration] button at the bottom of the Odd Costs window.W/M
01/11/2012ADDED: When Workshop Purchase Orders with ODD ITEMs are printed or displayed, it shows the Nominal Purchase a/c No. in brackets next to the #O.W/M
12/10/2012ADDED: When amending a Workshop Purchase order, you can now allocate it to another Job by clicking the [Another Job] button at the bottom of the Order screen.W/M
11/10/2012When you select to print a Workshop STOCK MOVEMENTS report for a SINGLE Stock item, nothing happened.W/M
27/09/2012Modified the =H option so that, if you typed =H over an existing item on the Job Card, it would simply make that item's Prices and Totals ZERO and not erase the item like before.W/M
17/09/2012When a Workshop Purchase Order placed against a FOREIGN Supplier for a MANUFACTURING Job was GRN'd, it did NOT calculate the LOCAL Currency value on the Job Card.W/M
16/09/2012Since adding the option to attach Orders to MANUFACTURING jobs, there were some problems when displaying outstanding orders linked to jobs. Fixed. Also, one of the problems has been that, when displaying Orders linked to a Job, it shows ALL the Orders (including the ones that have already been fulfilled). It now only shows jobs with outstanding StillOwings.W/M
31/08/2012The PARTIAL JOB CLOSING Invoice module did NOT post the Sales a/c leg (or the COS and WIP legs) when it partially closed a Job causing an imbalance in the GL. Been like this since inception?W/M
14/08/2012When displaying the list of Outstanding Workshop Orders linked to a Job, it did not scroll properly.W/M
14/08/2012The Outstanding Workshop Orders Reports did NOT work properly since adding the Workshop Orders to Manufacturing Jobs.W/M
13/08/2012When importing a Workshop Purchase Order into a Workshop GRN, it imported each item's COST Price from the STOCK file. One of our clients (Ox) used to use the SAME STOCK Code on multiple items just changing the Derscription and Cost Price. When Rev imports them into the GRN, it sets all the items with the same stockcode to the same price (from the stock file). Changed this to leave the price that is imported from the Order.W/M
13/08/2012The new JobCard Stock Capture module has been calculating VAT on MANUFACTURING Job Cards when adding stock items to Manufacturing Jobs. The effect it had was mostly cosmetic (it included the Vat amount when it was displayed on the screen, but it printed correctly without the Vat). Fixed. To correct the Jobs, one just has to select to AMEND each outstanding MANUFACTURING Job and then immediately click [Finish] and [Save]. This will write it back without the Vat component. W/M
10/08/2012Serialised stock items captured in the new Workshop BATCH Stock Capture module did NOT get flagged as Serialised items in the job card. When one of these job cards got amended later, Rev's logic assumed it wasn't a serialised item and removed the "#Serial No.." line (with the actual serial number) from the job card. It also set that Serial Number back to being available again, but did NOT add it back into that item's OnHand.W/M
24/07/2012When creating a NEW MANUFACTURING job and you use the SAME Stock Item more than once on the Job Card (just changing the Description and the Price), when the Job Card is saved, Rev fetches the (Cost) Price from the Stock record and replaces the Prices entered by the User. This was fixed on the AMEND a Manufacturing Job Card on 1 March 2012.W/M
12/07/2012ADDED: When the Work in Progress Nominal Journals are processed they now have a Narration of 'Job Card Journal'W/M
03/07/2012ADDED: =C option to allow the capture of Cost Items on Job Cards.W/M
24/06/2012ADDED: The ability to print the Client's VAT NUMBER on a Job Card. Just add a heading line into the Layout file that reads "Client Vat Number" and it will replace this with the client's Vat number.W/M
31/05/2012When inputting Labour into the Labour window on JobCards, if you pressed [F5] in the Labour RATES field and then pressed [Esc] without selecting anything, it cleared the Labour Rates variable resulting in it NOT putting a TaxCode ib to the Labout entry and did NOT charge VAT on that line.W/M
29/05/2012Since the mods on 2012/02/28, when a User is set to Print Job Cards in RAW sequence, it would reset the Job Cards Totals to ZERO. This was caused by a mod made for Ox Drilling to recalculate the Job Card Totals when it loaded the Job (in LoadJobForPrint s/r).W/M
29/05/2012Since the Foreign Currency mods in 12/2011, the VAT TRANSACTIONS entries were NOT created in the Vat Transaction file although they were created in the Accounting files. Fixed. If you go into the REPAIR program and run the 'Validate VAT' option and answer NO to the 'Do you only want to Validate the Vat file', it will recreate ANY missing Vat Transactions.W/M
29/05/2012The code added on 28/2/2012 to recalculate the JOB CARD TOTALS when you selected the option to PRINT a Job Card (LoadJobForPrint s/r) skipped some of the totals when the User parameter was set to print Jobs in RAW JobCard sequence.W/M
23/05/2012When using the LABOUR TIME CALCULATOR, if you left the Minutes field blank and clicked [Ok], you get an error 13.W/M
16/05/2012The mechanism to allow the of 2 Logo Pictures in the Order Layout was never added to the Workshop Purchase Order module. This caused it to print the LQ Orders out of alignment.W/M
09/05/2012ADDED: When creating/amending a MANUFACTURING TEMPLATE you can now 'hover' the mouse over the COST PRICE field in the body of the template and the Exclusive Selling Price of the item on that line will popup. It will also PRINT the Selling Price in the Selling Price Column of the Job Template.W/M
24/04/2012When booking in Finished MANUFACTURING Jobs, and you selected to NOT update the Selling Price (if there was a Markup%), it still updated the Selling Prices regardless. Fixed.W/M
21/04/2012ADDED: Now LQ Job Cards cater for TWO Logo pictures. If the LINE ITEM TAX was printed, the LINE TOTAL that is printed is now INCLUSIVE of tax.W/M
09/04/2012ADDED: To Allocate the FIRST Employee to Labour entries when importing Job Templates into New MANUFACTURING Jobs (so as not to prompt operator to select Employees when clicking the [Save] button), create a blank text file named: EmployeeDefault.ini in the Rev for Windows folder ON THE FILE SERVER.W/M
09/04/2012When creating a new Manufacturing Job by importing a Manufacturing TEMPLATE with an ODD ITEM on it, the PRICE field of the Odd Item is left at ZERO. Fixed. Also, the Unit-of-Sale (fUnitSale) variable was NOT cleared in 'ClearDocFields' resulting in Odd Items picking up the UnitOfSale field of the previous stock item added to the job.W/M
09/04/2012The mods to add COST ACCOUNTS when processing LABOUR on Manufacturing Jobs caused some confusion because it keeps prompting the User that there is NO Cost a/c everytime you add a Labour entry UNTIL YOU GO TO Setup and add a Cost a/c. It now still warns you that it is not set, but it then sets the COST a/c to General Purchases a/c for future Labour entries using that Labour Rate.W/M
29/03/2012ADDED: When setting up LABOUR RATES in Workshop Manager, you can now specify a Nominal COST ACCOUNT to be used when processing Labour on MANUFACTURING Jobs. Those expenses (along with Odd Items) get credited when CLOSING the Job abd the cumulative Job Value is debited to the Stock Control a/c. For example, in the following Manufacturing Job... Stock on JobCard= 5000 Odd Item=2000 (for Nom.Acc 29260) Labour=1000 (for Nom Cost a/c 29250) When Job is OPENED, a Journals is processed: Stock Control a/c= -5000 W.I.P a/c= 5000 When the job is CLOSED, these Journals are passed: Work-In-Progress: -5000 Nom.Acc 29260 (Odd item) -2000 Nom.Acc 29250 (Labour) -1000 Stock Control 8000 W/M
22/03/2012Since the adding of Workshop Purchase Orders against MANUFACTURING Jobs, Rev sometimes gets confused between Orders linked to Service Jobs and those with the same job number linked to manufacturing jobs.W/M
13/03/2012ADDED: All Workshop EXPORTS can now be exported directly to an Excel Spreadsheet.W/M
12/03/2012When you FINISHED and Booked in a Manufacturing Job, if there were ODD ITEMs (OUTWORK) on the Job Card, the Nominal Contra accounts specified in the Odd Item records were ignored and the entries were always contra'd against the Work In progress a/c. This meant that the amount journalised OUT of the WIP a/c on completion of the job did not agree with what was journalised Into the WIP a/c when the job was opened.W/M
07/03/2012When I added the Foreign Currency Job Cards functionality in Dec'2011, a bug crept in that caused it to post a ZERO to the Debtors Control a/c when you REOPENED a CLOSED Job (and issued a Credit Note).W/M
06/03/20121. When invoicing JobCards using the Totals Only Invoice module and the SINGLE LINE JOB option is enabled (Workshop System Preferences), it will now import ALL message lines (=S) found at the top of the Job Card instead of just the first 4 message lines. 2. If the SINGLE LINE JOB option is enabled, when you select the JobCard to invoice, on the 'Find the JobCard' window, there is a new CheckBox underneath the list of job cards: 'Import as a Single Line Job' - if you UNtick that box, it imports the jobcard in its normal 3 line format.W/M
05/03/2012ADDED: You can now import a TEMPLATE into an EXISTING Service Job Card/Quote.W/M
04/03/2012ADDED: In MANUFACTURING Job Cards, when importing a Template, you can now also tick/UNtick the items in the template that you want to import.W/M
27/02/2012When Workshop PURCHASE Orders against MANUFACTURING Jobs were GRN'd in, it used the SELLING Price on the Job Card instead of the COST Price.W/M
27/02/2012The 'Prompt for Variable Nominal Analysis' on Job Cards/Quotes checked the INVOICE User parameter (User$(45)) instead of the Workshop User parameter - User$(168)W/M
26/02/2012An extra subscript was added to the LABOUR window (1 to 10) for Foreign Currency Job Cards, but it was never added to these modules resulting in Bad Subscript errors.W/M
22/02/2012Finally found and fixed the problem that caused the 'Total' column heading to print over the 'Date' heading on letter quality Job Cards/QuotesW/M
22/02/2012There were a number of problems in the JobCard Batch Stock Capture module: 1) Scrolling down below line 8 caused it to lose lines below line 8 2) Looking for duplicate items in the batch to check the overall OnHand status did NOT work 3) The Debtor Price List link did NOT pick up ACTUAL prices in a PriceList - only %W/M
20/02/2012ADDED: Functionality to allow Workshop Purchase Orders to be linked to MANUFACTURING Jobs as well.W/M
17/02/2012There were problems with the Nominal BLOCKED ACCOUNT mechanism in the ODD ITEMS window - it sometimes thought an account was blocked when it wasn't.W/M