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Add-On Modules

08 - Stationery Module for Inovocom Clients

An Integrated Inovocom Stock Manager. This module maintains the stock data and prices from the Inovocom's online SQL database.The Inovocom Team have full-time staff that check and update this database. The users that are part of the Inovocom Group have access to this online database through the Revelation Module. This module will then update your Revelation LIST PRICE and Markup.  You may then in turn update your Selling Prices using the updated List Prices.The system will then Export the Revelation Prices to your companies ONLINE store that is also maintained by Inovocom. Soon, all the orders that are placed ONLINE will be downloaded into Revelation as Sales Orders. If you have a stationer...

09 - Phone App Manager for Android

This application can be installed on any Android Phone, Tablet or other device. It ships with a Add-on Module inside Revelation where each users rights may be set up according to their needs.The following Options are available with the Android App Loaded on your device:Dashboard - Here you can check the day or Months Turnover, Cost-of-Sales and GP. See you your top Clients are and how the best payers are. You may also track your Rep Sales based on Invoicing.Clients - View full client account details such as A dress details, Telephone numbers and email address. You may also open new accounts, do Quotes, place Sales Orders, both which can be e-mailed to the client from the device. You may als...

10 - Warrantee Swopout Manager

When clients return faulty stock, usually the item is Credited and then a new Invoice has to be issued for the new item. This causes the client to receive a new warranted period on the new item. The warrentee Swop out Manager allows you to swop out the faulty item within the existing invoice without allowing a extended warrantee period  Together with Serialised Stock Tracking and warehousing, this module allows for the handling and tracking of faulty and swop-out stock within your business. Track the progress of Faulty stock from the time the client books it in, until the supplier returns the repaired or replaced stock. ...

11 - POD Manager

In today's busy transactional environment, it has become imperative that each transaction can be verified. It is also impotent to immunize paper work. The latest buzz word it a Paperless society. Once the Invoice, Quote or Order has been signed by the client, a copy of the document can now be scanned into Revelation and then gets "Married to the clients account as a PDF document.

Once a client requires proof of the original document, simply call up the document either by client or by document number and instantly mail the original to the client.  

Revelation barcodes as registered with the barcode association of South Africa.

12 - LoadSheet Manager

With the Load Sheet Manager you may load each shipment Accurately and Speedily. This module allows you to load each truck with the correct Invoice per load. Combined with the Weight and Volume option Invoice, you will never battle with incorrect deliveries and transport issues again. You may create a Loadsheet per Day, Truck or Route.To Download a Demo of [The Loadsheet Manager], click on [Add-on's] from the Top Tools Bar, or Additional Options, from the Additional Options Menu. Now look for and click on "Install an Add-on Module". This assumes that the Computer you are installing from, has access to the Internet. You will now be connected to the Online Module Installation list. Select Opti...

13 - Gym Access Manager

The Gym Access Manager allows you to Add a Members Picture File against every Debtors Account. This in turn is then linked to a Pre-Printed Members Card, that is issued to the Member. On accessing the Gym, the Members Picture and Account Details will be called up. This will ensure that no Unpaid Access will be allowed. The System may also be linked to the Recurring Invoice Module that will Auto-Bill your Clients. We have also formed a Critual Partnership with Altech NUPay (Pty) Ltd that will collect your Membership fees via a Debit Order. Please check out the Partner Products section for more information on this service.To Download a Demo of [The Gym Access Manager], click on [Add-on's] from...

14 - Remote Invoice Export Manager

In today’s modern world, it is difficult to comprehend that connectivity is still a huge issue in some parts of the World and indeed in our own Country. This is however a reality that many Businesses have to face. In Order to accommodate Remote Businesses to be able to connect back to their Head Office in areas where no or Limited connectivity is available, Revelation has developed this Stand Alone Solution that will overcome the connectivity issues.This module will allow you to Invoice, Quote, Place Sales Orders and Receive Payment at the Remote site. When convenient, you may sent the data to back Head Office via an Email or an FTP Connection. If you are use Warehousing, the stock movement ...