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Add-On Modules

Touch Screen POS Module

This powerful Built-in module, allows most Revelation Packages to be turned into a Cash Register. With features such as a Built-in Credit card switch, it is easy to handle large Point-of-Sales environments such as Supermarkets and Hardware stores.  On-the-fly manufacturing allows accurate stock control in fast-food environments and coffee shops. Our built-in Liquor Store module makes handling of Crates, Six-packs and singles a breeze. Our live stock take feature allows for stock take to take place whilst the store continues to function normally. Touch Screen POS ModuleThe First POS option is our NEW touch screen version of the POS software. This system allows you to call up and se...

01 - Assets Manager

This Module Keeps track of Book and Tax Depreciation and allows for new and Existing Assets. Simply place all existing Assets on a Spreadsheet and import them in one go! You may send your insurance company real-time up to date values of assets as well as control Insurance claims and Warrantee Periods.

You may also use the standard features in Revelation to place a Purchase Order for an asset, GRN the Asset and Sell Assets.

Revelation allows you to either do Depreciation Manually, Monthly with Month-end or Yearly at Year-end. We also offer a stand-alone Asset Manager for Auditors.

02 - Client Communications Manager

The Client Communications Manager allows you to send SMS and E-mail messages to your clients. This may be either accounts specific (Outstanding Balances ect.), specials, ‘work in progress’ completion reports as well as any other information that you need to relay to your accounting database.

As an added option, we also included a Email engine that allows you to communicate Mass Mails (Such as Specials and News Letters). This mass mail picks up all the required information from the Clients account.

03 - Workshop Manager for Windows

This add-on module has been designed for service and manufacturing companies that use a job card system to track and control work-in-progress. Job cards can stay open until the job is completed and may be amended at any time. Once completed, a Job may be invoiced out. If required, an additional Module will also allow Partial Invoicing of the open Job. The Job can then stay open indefinitely. This feature can be used by Auditors, Lawyers and Project Managers to control rolling accounts and Jobs. Also, Up to 9 user definable fields may be added to Job Cards that are application specific. For example, in a vehicle service s...

04 - Auditor's Module

As an added service to you, we have decided to give a Revelation Package to each of our Revelation Client’s Auditors. We have also added a special Auditors Feature that allows you so upload data to your Auditor whenever you need. Once the Data has been uploaded to our FTP Server, your auditor will be notified via an e-mail that the data is available. They will now download the data onto their PC. The Auditor may now post journals, pay VAT, Edit and even add accounts. Once this has been completed, simply hit the upload button. You will be alerted via e-mail that an upload ...

05 - Online Webshop

Revelation Accounting Software is proud to introduce one of the most dynamic features ever introduced into an "off-the-shelf" accounting package. The Online Shop Manager (or Ordering System) allows the Revelation user to setup and maintain an online shop from within Revelation, without the need for highly trained professionals or for huge monthly development fees. For under R 500.00 per month, you may now enjoy the functionality of a professional product, without the usual hassles that accompany such an essential business tool. Your clients will have easy ...

06 - Foreign Currency Reporting Module

The Forex Manager Module allows you to Translate and view your Trial Balance in any Currency that you require. If the Forex Manager is switched on, you will also be able to use the Forex Banking module that will allow you to control your overseas bank accounts within the current Revelation Company. Once this module has been installed, simply add a new Bank account. You will now be prompted for the currency that this account will be trading in. You may then also re-Valuate your Forex Accounts in order to post your Forex Gains and Losses.To Download a Demo of [The Forex Manager], click on [Add-on's] from the Top Tools Bar, or Additional Options, from the Additional Options Menu. Now look for a...