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Innvervation - Value added Services

 Built-in Credit Card Machine

Partnering with Innervation, has placed Revelation Accounting Software's POS on the cutting edge of technology. Together we have come up with a major breakthrough in e-Commerce that does not only safe you huge transaction costs, but also places you in a commanding position over your finances. You may now compete  with the biggest and best in terms of offering your clients the same benefits Hugh Franchise Groups can offer, Regardless your Business size!!!

By building in a live Credit/Debit Card switch into the Revelation POS and Invoice environment, you may now utilize your normal ADSL line as a switch Line to the banks with the following advantages:

      • You get Real time information from the Bank. If the Client is even one cent over their limit, the sale will be declined.
      • The Transaction times are FAST. Between 5 and 10 seconds (Depending in the speed of your lines)
      • Each Card Transaction is linked to an invoice. No Fraudulent transactions can be processed.
      • The average Cost per Credit Card Machine reduces by about R 700.00 per Month - THAT IS  A HUGE SAVING!!!
      • Monitor transactions and trends online in Real-time. (Was a transaction successful, Peak Periods, Trends)
      • Budget on a FIXED Cost per Lane. (Currently only R 250.00 per terminal per Month) - WOW!!!

Once the system is installed, you may also apply for and use the following add-on Service at a marginal Cost:

                                                               Gift Cards 
                                                               Sell Airtime
                                                               Loyalty Rewards
                                                               School Tuck-shop

Contact Details:
Telephone: 0861 111 665
Fax: 0861 427 902

Gauteng                                                                                                         Cape Town
PO Box 2690, Honeydew, 2690                                                                       PO Box X27, Rondebosch, 7701
1st Floor, Cedar Square, Cnr Cedar & Willow  Road,                                         UCS, 7 th Floor, Newlands Terraces, No 8 Boundary Road.
Fourways,                                                                                                        Newlands,
2055                                                                                                               7700"
Vanto Technologies Online Shop

In a market were so many players are competing against each other, it is difficult to distinguish between a normal and an exceptional Web design and hosting company. A company that has most definitely proven themselves worthy of the label “Quality Design”, Vanto Technologies and Revelation has recently partnered in order to produce one of the most exiting innovations to roll of the Design press. The Online Web Ordering System has been designed to interface with Revelation. You will be able to design and setup your own online shop, from within Revelation. Your shop will be populated with Revelation Categories, stock and Clients. (Each with his own user name and password). The orders placed online, will be imported directly into Revelation and click of a button. However, should you require even more Development on your Shop, please don’t hesitate, give Team Vanto a call. You will be up and running with a new Web Design and functionality, in no time.
Contact Details:
Tel: 087 550 1199
Fax: 086 585 5348
Sage VIP Payroll

Although Revelation does not supply and maintain its own Payroll System, we have partner with the leading Payroll Company Sage VIP. This rugged, simple to use payroll has been faithfully servicing the HR Market for many years. Our Partnership has evolved to such a level, that we have now incorporated the Payroll transaction export as a direct import into the Revelation Ledger. This innovation allows your payroll to integrate directly with the Revelation System. Please note that the GL option in VIP is a requirement in order to facilitate an import into Revelation. You may either Contact Revelation or VIP directly for more information.

Contact Details:
Menlyn Woods Office Park,
291 Sprite Avenue,
Faerie Glen,
Tel: +27 (0)12 420 7000
Fax: +27 (0)12 420 7344
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Omega Online Vault - Offsite Backup's

Since its Inception, the Omega Vault has managed to save several businesses from financial ruin. For a fraction of the cost of other Offsite backup services, Omega Vault will make daily backups of all your Revelation Data. The data is kept with one of the largest ISP’s in South Africa. The data is 128bit encrypted and password protected. Additional data may also be sent offsite for a small additional fee. Contact them today for a trial period evaluation. (Please note that this service is not connected to your SLA. You will have to contract with Omega directly. Although Omega is a Sister Company of Revelation, they have no relation or co-responsibility in any way what so ever).

Contact Details:
Tel: 0860 888 000
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Microteq AmiCell (SMS Manager)

AmiCell is one of the leading Software to SMS managers in the country. We have developed the SMS Manager in conjunction with AmiCell. This service is a highly efficient way to notify your Revelation Database of outstanding Balances, Completed Workshop Jobs as well as mailshot specials that you are running. You may also use the SMS Manager as a Standard paging tool in order to send once off messages to clients and employees alike.

Contact Details:
cnr River Rd & Monument Ave
Lyttelton Manor, Centurion
PO Box 40024, Faerie Glen, 0043, South Africa
Tel: (012) 664 0125,
Fax: 086 673 3337
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